Esoteric Online


<SnodocAND>: just in the last couple of weeks - new members from Somalia, UAE

<Kaemwaszet>: It is a great effort

<Kaemwaszet>: I'm new, and I'm surprised all you can do in this community

<anki>: i want to say thanks to snod and aksis for wlecoming ppl

<anki>: it has been great

<Aksis>: im here not afk

<anki>: its important to do so on time

<Aksis>: i agree it is important

<Aksis>: i believe it helps

*** Kris joined #esoteric_online

<Kris>: sry for being late.  I lost track of the time

<Kris>: Hi guys

<Tris>: it can become very important yes

<SnodocAND>: you are right on time, kris

<anki>: hi kris

<Aksis>: hi Kris thanks for coming

<Kaemwaszet>: Hi Kris

<Tris>: so many community are cold and dry, a good welcome creates warmth, community

<Kris>: my pleasure.  I live to serve

<SnodocAND>: i enjoy my new capacity as accepter and welcomer very much

<Tris>: heya Kris

<Aksis>: the more people welcome then it wont end up being too repetitive


<Tris>: thank you for your help guys, it means a lot

<anki>: i use this a lot

<SnodocAND>: it's a vibe tho - i cannot rubber-stamp welcomes to everyone, just got to go as moved

<Kris>: a warm welcome is why I stayed so long.  My first experience online was great and thus I stayed 5 years now

<Kris>: a warm welcome to you all!

<Tris>: thanks for the link anki

<anki>: np

<Tris>: the forum in the architects group, and in community support, has several great topics

<Tris>: SnoDOC mentioned earlier, instead of being re-written, many can be shared

<SnodocAND>: yes, very vice link

<Tris>: and should be, to let new members know

<SnodocAND>: exactly, "reposting"

<Tris>: if anyone is wondering, new members can be seen on homepage, middle left side

<Tris>: and also on seekers page

<anki>: and if u click seekers the top is always new

<anki>: also u can see when they joined

<anki>: than u know if they are new

<Tris>: otherwise, if you approve a new member, that is usually a good time to do that also

<anki>: yep

<anki>: i usually share path portals link

<anki>: as well

<Kris>: on the home page I would put that sorta thing but not on the seekers page.  We want people to discover great content, not near empty newer profiles

<anki>: than ppl are helped along

<Kris>: we should weight the seekers page to show those that are more active or more senior

<Tris>: the seekers page is simply a list of all members

<Tris>: nothing was put there

<anki>: its just to find who is new

<Tris>: simply an option for filtering

<Kris>: ok understood

<Tris>: I think its just called "latest"

<Tris>: if anyone hasnt used our search functionality, its really pretty great

<SnodocAND>: indeed

<Tris>: can search by profile information too

<anki>: yep

<anki>: i sometimes do that when i need someone for a group

<Aksis>: nice

<Tris>: yep, or finding a good Path Portal page that fits them

<anki>: yep

<anki>: its usually on their page interests

<Tris>: it also allows searching for badges, or tags

<Tris>: such as Shaman, as anki mentioned

<SnodocAND>: until one offers more, what they say on their profile page is what we have tog o by

<Tris>: exactly sno

<SnodocAND>: sometimes it's pretty thin

<Tris>: those are perhaps opportunities to welcome, and suggest to let the community know a little about yourself

<Tris>: and builds up the profile info

<SnodocAND>: which reminds me of how specific AND expansive our directions are as a community function

<Kris>: Is there a way we can influence the members to add more to their profiles? 

<Tris>: I'd like you to feel its expansive as you wish, or feel comfortable

<SnodocAND>: interesting question, something to think on

<Tris>: sure Kris, I'd simply reach out to them via comment

<SnodocAND>: 4:20 east coast, i'm preloaded to keep this flow going!

<Tris>: "let the community know a little about yourself"

<Tris>: that will help friends and othgers help you find your way around

<Tris>: and find something of interest for you

<Kris>: Agreed. I could not think of any better way than a personal conversation with each noobie

<Kaemwaszet>: Maybe host induction activities to new members

<Tris>: many dont feel comfortable doing that until theyve been here a while, sometimes they give ALOT right away

<Tris>: and everywhere between

<Kris>: thats a good idea Kaemwaszet

<anki>: i signed up wiyh very little yes and than i felt comfy and added

<anki>: so yes ur right

<Tris>: def a good idea, is one thing that Theater is meant for, hence every week, new members that week have an event

<Tris>: keeps things fresh for new members

<anki>: would be nice to have guided meditation events often

<SnodocAND>: when people sign on, is it without the chat - more are signing up than showing up there

<anki>: by ppl who are good at this

<Tris>: and I will do a better job on site broadcasts in welcoming members, giving "how-to's"

<Kris>: perhaps a few minutes between videos we pause to do a meet and greet ?

<Tris>: chat is default once signed up

<Tris>: only not showing if they havent registered

<Tris>: after that, they get a beep, but many dont know what the beep is, so education there too perhaps

<Kris>: yeah that beep threw me for a while!

<SnodocAND>: to me that means we have a lot of people to reach out to who do not want to chat

<Tris>: again, we have blogs that discuss this, mainly need to be re-shared

<Kris>: what is that sound?!?

<SnodocAND>: i hear it now even when the computer's off!

<Kris>: maybe we need a new new member area?

<Tris>: some dont Sno, thats true, many just want the beep to go away, and dont know how to mute

<anki>: under main there is using the website

<Tris>: anyone who doesnt know, its the little speaker under the member list for chat

<anki>: which is also for new members

<SnodocAND>: i've come to really like that sound

<Tris>:  me too

<SnodocAND>: it lets you know there's life out there!

<Aksis>: ha yea

<Tris>: yup

<Kris>: yep

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<SnodocAND>: both Kaem and anki raised good ideas

<anki>: also a music evening would be nice sometimes we have many musicians

<anki>: could do a small concert here


<Tris>: so during the week, be thinking of these types of things, and post to community architects group for some pre-thought maybe

<anki>: jam evenings

<Tris>: yes, I think the youtube live is a great opportunity for musicians

<Kris>: love the idea of Jam night

<anki>: i love to listen to jam.. i cant play not a musican

<Tris>: id also like to do a non-esoteric movie night, as a treat

<Kris>: we can help to promote up and coming artists

<anki>: yes

<Tris>: sure, or have as a chance for people to show their artwork

<Tris>: we can live stream anyones webcam

<anki>: can be linked bk with the market group

<anki>: yes

<Tris>: yep, back to market for amazon links, etc

<anki>: i dislike the music industruy for what t does to the small musicians

<Tris>: weve wrote several blogs to help musicians and authors get self-published

<anki>: so it would be great to give ppl a chance

<Tris>: we can share those with it

<Aksis>: nice idea

<anki>: yes

<Kris>: these are great ideas for promoting community.  I approve.  Now how do we reach outside of the site to potential members?

<anki>: use fb

<anki>: share blogs of eo

<anki>: on ur fb page

<anki>: i do that

<anki>: or tell ppl at work

<Tris>: yes I'd say reaching out on social media of any types

<anki>: two are already following eo on fb

<Aksis>: run down street

<Kris>: I don't FB and more and more and being turned off to it every day.  It's a good idea, but what else?

<Tris>: only thing I dont want us to do, is go to other communities and tell people to come here, its in bad taste IMO

<SnodocAND>: people rotate - we must remember that as with the Theater, just a few present is a success

<anki>: any other media page

<Aksis>: making friends in real life that share interests

<anki>: or just tell ppl

<Tris>: FB has many purposes, its all in how you use it

<anki>: yep

*** Kaemwaszet joined #esoteric_online

<Tris>: I have many pages and groups simply to help with businesses

<anki>: i would share theater sometimes on my personal fb

<anki>: and it attracks ppl

<Aksis>: welcome back kaem

<anki>: wb

<Kaemwaszet>: Thanks, I lost connection

<Kaemwaszet>: I'm on mobile access

<Tris>: things will be getting a lot easier to do that, but we have many ways to share on FB here, without going to FB

<anki>: np good to have u with us

<Tris>: the share link at the bottom of content

<anki>: btw a question

<Tris>: also, the bar across top

<anki>: is there a way to have chat on a phone easier?

<Aksis>: yea i use the shar function often

<Aksis>: share*

<anki>: on eo

<anki>: on the mobile vrsion

<Tris>: for some chat yes

<anki>: i use the /chat page

<Aksis>: for the vidchat room it works on tinychat app

<anki>: it goes better

<Tris>: aksis tested our mobile video chat

<Tris>: actually works fairly well, and ties/syncs with "Video Chat" page

<anki>: im slow on a phone and if i open desktop its hard

<anki>: how about the normal chat

<Tris>: for non chat content on mobile, I suggest our mobile version

*** Kaemwaszet quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

<anki>: yes that works great

<anki>: i have used it often


<anki>: but i had trouble with chat

<anki>: but the /chat verstion does work

<Tris>: basically everything BUT chat there

<Tris>: pre-formatted for mobile

*** Kaemwaszet joined #esoteric_online

<Aksis>: you can change to desktop view

<Aksis>: then zoom in to click the chat button on the main bar

<anki>: ooo

<anki>: ok

<SnodocAND>: flag you're hanging in Kaem

<Tris>: ahh nice

*** steve joined #esoteric_online

<anki>: ty

<steve>: hi

<Aksis>: welcome

<anki>: hi steve

<Kaemwaszet>: Thanks again

<Aksis>: hey steve

<SnodocAND>: steve namaste

<anki>: we just had welcome topic covered

<steve>: namaste

<anki>: also mentioned jam music nighs

<anki>: what do u thnk

<anki>: as a musician

<Tris>: I think as we have more meetings like this, it will get much easier each time for us to share ideas and implement them

<steve>: sure

<Aksis>: what about sat

<Tris>: know some local bands?

<SnodocAND>: will think on Kaems and Kris's ideas more thru week

<anki>: im for it def

<steve>: ok

*** steve is now known as Guest63749

<Guest63749>: yeah i know some

<Aksis>: agreed tris

<anki>: btw can we save and post this later

<anki>: for ppl who arent here?

<Aksis>: good idea

<anki>: is it saving everything?

<Tris>: any laptop/phone with 3G+ or wifi should be able to stream from anywhere

<Tris>: even concert locations

<Kris>: neat

<anki>: EO jam night

<anki>: imagine

<anki>: haha

<anki>: so cool

<Kris>: awesome!!!

<Aksis>: lol

<anki>: u do the playin id be dancing

<Kaemwaszet>: Sounds nice

<Tris>: many artists here

<Tris>: authors we can tie into community book club

<Guest63749>: yeah it could work with drums or if everyone tunes up

<Tris>: get that more active

<Tris>: man, a multi-member jam would rock

<anki>: yessss

<Tris>: if we could sync well

<Aksis>: would be interesting

<Kaemwaszet>: A member overseas jam

<Tris>: we could also try other options, like ustream

<Guest63749>: lots of guitar players, vocals

<SnodocAND>: get Venutius (Barra) in on it

<Tris>: and give access to moderation panel

<Tris>: anything would rock, I do suggest we start small, and work up to large engagements

<Guest63749>: ok so how do we share a link in this

<Kaemwaszet>: Maybe have an Esoteric Online Got Talent show

<Tris>: IE: some practice hehe

<SnodocAND>: yeah!

<Tris>: haha

<Tris>: many here have vast talent indeed

<Aksis>: lol

<Tris>: many artists of varying types, painters

<SnodocAND>: yes, and everyone can feel loose

<Tris>: agree sno

<Aksis>: ive started picking up guitar again recently

<Tris>: and get loose without worry of scrutiny

<SnodocAND>: as an idealist, i can imagine small splinter groupd

<Tris>: I have an acoustic, I need to practice

<SnodocAND>: people get to know each other

<Aksis>: just whatever sticks to the wall

<SnodocAND>: and then splinter off according to a mood or humor

<Tris>: I can play house of rising sun, and silent lucidity, a few others, thats about it lol

<Kris>: In regards the sync issue.  I have an idea of how to get the music to be in sync, it would take a bit of programming but I think I have a solution

<Kaemwaszet>: Nice Tris, you have to broadcast that!!!

<Tris>: great

<Kris>: think : local and server side cache matching

<Tris>: well thats what our new youtube streaming does, but sure

<Kris>: I love both those songs Tris.  would love to hear you play them 

<Aksis>: nice

<Tris>: we currently use xsplit

<Kris>: would the Fraunfoffer (mp3) encoder work?

<Tris>: awesome steve, pics worked now!

<Tris>: click the pic everyone

<anki>: idk took me ages to learn this one

<Guest63749>: yeah except the thumbnail

<Tris>: should get full size

<anki>: ooo

<anki>: works

<anki>: big one

<Kris>: I see the pic. Nice

<Tris>: this is why we do lessons here instead

<Tris>: one reason

<Kris>: Steve : do you have a tree with the correct planatary aspects on it. I find many but they all seem 'wrong'

<Guest63749>: some

<Guest63749>: my personal is binah saturn

<Tris>: I suggest the ones in common

<anki>: also i wanna mention many groups are not really active and need mods

<Tris>: normally the right ones

<anki>: or someone to keep them active

<Kaemwaszet>: What is the main purpose of Esoteric Online?

<Guest63749>: depends how you look at it

<Tris>: agree, so if there is a group you are interested in taking a larger role in, let us know

<SnodocAND>: what i've been thinking about in prep for this meeting

<SnodocAND>: why i said that before about specific and expansive

<Tris>: many purposes, primarily to bring together the many out there that have felt there is no where to call home in discussing these subjects

<Kaemwaszet>: I ask because I think that depending on the answer there are actions that can be taken to strenghten it

<Kris>: That is a fair question Kaem. I would say it's different needs for different folks. Many find what they seek here tho they look at different things

<Kaemwaszet>: That's right Kris

<Tris>: once here for a bit, im sure lots will come to you concerning this

<Guest63749>: kris from 1 - 8 these planets have been allotted the same path shown in art and literature, moon mercury venus mars jupiter saturn

<anki>: id say it is a site to learn and share ideas about the sacred sciences and mystic and spiriutuality in general

<anki>: together woth others or alone

<Tris>: for those who dont know, steve will be giving a lesson on this next wed - still on for that?

<Kris>: steve : Thank you! I'll draw it out

<Guest63749>: the moon is the closest to earth

<Guest63749>: mercury is closest to the sun

<Kaemwaszet>: So we want people who are already seekers, or are we expecting people who are beginning to awake too?

<anki>: id say both

<SnodocAND>: the whole range is there

<Tris>: any and all

<Tris>: yes

<Guest63749>: yes Tris it's still on, I'll hold it in the focus room Chat

<anki>: but usually eo is too advanced for ppl who just start so they dont really stick around

<Tris>: by default, if they find us, they are looking for something we likely have

<anki>: but its meant for all

<SnodocAND>: there is an accumulation

<Kaemwaszet>: For attracting newbies to consciousness shift maybe we could host online talks

<SnodocAND>: i friended Sun Mover, didn't hear back

<Tris>: many find us simply by browsing pics

<anki>: we had radio yes

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<Tris>: radio will return

<SnodocAND>: she's an example of someone who is not beginning

<anki>: yaay

<Tris>: we need to keep library online first though

<anki>: yes thats another important thing

*** steve joined #esoteric_online

<anki>: finances

<Tris>: been friends with her for a long time

<SnodocAND>: newbies to consciousness shift... i like that

<Tris>: almost 10 years now

<Kaemwaszet>: Yeah, i was lured to the site by the library

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<anki>: she has great blogs

<SnodocAND>: i too am interested in how we help people who care enough to join if only in passing

<Tris>: lured by intuition, library is an extra treat

<SnodocAND>: because the time demands it

<anki>: talk about it


<anki>: share blogs on social media

<Kaemwaszet>: Hahaha, right Tris

<anki>: thats how i do it

<anki>: add tags to ur blogs

<Tris>: id like to get to the point where we are more than Chat, more than Library, or even Theater

<anki>: so when someone does google seatch on alchemy for ex

<anki>: than they find eo

<anki>: on google

<Tris>: but simply all parts of a thriving community

*** steve joined #esoteric_online

<steve>: nice you've got chat log on

<Tris>: but "it takes a village"

<anki>: ooh so its not needed to save it all ??

<Kaemwaszet>: Talking about finances, how many members are we?

<anki>: cause aksis and me have been saving it

<steve>: the library is nice

<SnodocAND>: we're always talking about consciousness, but by degrees

<Aksis>: over 13k

*** steve is now known as Guest4913

<Tris>: we can set it to save past discussions, by number of lines

<anki>: is there autmatic log on?

<anki>: can aksis stop saving this?

<Tris>: right now I think its set to save last 500 lines

<Kris>: ok. Now that's an issue Tags. we need a better way to autotag. People are too lazy and it's sorta hardwork to tag your own work

<Kaemwaszet>: So if around 2 percent donated a dollar per month we would be smooth and running

<anki>: i keep forgetting

<Tris>: tagging is easy

<anki>: yes kaem

<Tris>: weve written a couple blogs about it too

<Aksis>: yea

<Tris>: every time content is posted, there is a tag box

<Kris>: uh huh, you say that. so why so few doing it?

<Tris>: simply add a few words that are relevant to the content

<Guest4913>: i think people should be responsible to tag their own stuff, or if there's a way we could tag from the title

<Kaemwaszet>: Yeah, that is the point

<Tris>: because you arent telling them?


<SnodocAND>: i was a cyber-idiot; now my ambitions compel me to tag!

<Kris>: we need to enforce a certain minimal number of tags before the post is accepted

<Kaemwaszet>: One thing to consider is how many are really active

<Tris>: no we dont, we will not "enforce" tags"

<SnodocAND>: i agree tris

<Tris>: or much for that matter

<Tris>: people simply dont know what they are, like RSS

<Kaemwaszet>: And from those how many are really commited to Esoteric Online

<Kris>: fine, not enforce but can we put up a reminder that explains tags if they don't meet the minimal number of tag words?

<SnodocAND>: ....because we as well provide a service to all those who can't afford to contribute

<Kaemwaszet>: I see


<Tris>: and for the previous question:

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<SnodocAND>: i've got to say, tris respects people's intelligence

<SnodocAND>: he posts the blog tips pretty regularly

<SnodocAND>: i'm old school - if i were navigating by phone, i'd be lost

*** steve joined #esoteric_online

<Tris>: so, Ive shared the blog I did on tagging site-wide, but its of little consequence if its just me

<SnodocAND>: but from a laptop it was easy to digest what tris has offered about blogging

<Tris>: again, unless people know, it's not their fault

<Kris>: agreed much respect is given but how does that help people that are unaware

<SnodocAND>: i feel more like a writer here than a musician

<Tris>: people dont know how tags work, or why they are important here

*** steve is now known as Guest48794

<anki>: i need to remember i just forget doing it

<SnodocAND>: if people wanted help with their writing, i could offer that more quickly than breathing tips or whatever

<Tris>: but weve given content to explain this in detail

<Guest48794>: what is the purpose of esoteric online

<anki>: ur welcome to help me edit sav

<anki>: lol

<Tris>: I agree sno

<Guest48794>: to divulge occult information

<anki>: i need english grammar checks

<Kris>: Tags are super important to us as they get us noticed by the search engines. How do we convey this to the average user?



<Guest48794>: to make it available for those who seek it

<Guest48794>: a refuge for hermetic art and opinoin

<Tris>: or tips on how to write a good blog

<SnodocAND>: seriously, i'll step my offering on that level, to complement your already written posts

<SnodocAND>: i can hype tags savstylee


<Tris>: Kris, thats well understood, but doesn;t need to be conveyed to teh average user

<Tris>: we have reasons to tag simply for EO

<Tris>: more importantly, that work as an addition on search engines

<Tris>: we convey this, by reading and sharing the blog I just posted

<Kaemwaszet>: Ok Guest48794

<Kris>: I have to depart. I'll try to pop in for the next meeting. Merry Met

<Guest48794>: i think i'm going to take off

<Guest48794>: peace


<Kaemwaszet>: Thanks for the answer

<SnodocAND>: thanks kris and guest

<Guest48794>: thats only my opinion of it, Kaemwazet

<anki>: have a great day

<Guest48794>: Kaemwaszet *

<Aksis>: ok steve see you later

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<Guest48794>: bye

*** Guest48794 quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

<Kaemwaszet>: Bye Guest

<Aksis>: and kris

<SnodocAND>: again, Tris wrote a charter

<SnodocAND>: it included a personal as well as academic reflection on the nature of esotericism

<SnodocAND>: some people read seriously, others do not -

<Tris>: all we can do is share our knowledge, esoteric or site technicals

<Tris>: thats where sharing helps...some

<Tris>: and equally important, in order to get some good share activity, its important to make friends here

<SnodocAND>: the shades of personal tone ... so important

<Kaemwaszet>: Guys, I have to leave, count me in in any way I can help

<Kaemwaszet>: It was nice to meet you

<anki>: ty for all ur suppoer kaem

<SnodocAND>: you rock, Kaem

<anki>: good to meet u too

<Tris>: excellent, thanks for coming and all your great questions/advice

<Tris>: look forward to meeting you more

<Kaemwaszet>: May the light be with you

<Tris>: meeting is wrapping up anyhow, but thank you all for coming, we can all make these meetings better and more productive each time

<SnodocAND>: thank you

<Tris>: takes time to get comfortable

<SnodocAND>: i do feel like our group mind is one of the most important things we share and provide

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<Tris>: yes indeed

<Tris>: nice share aksis

<Tris>: I need to share more of those, but gives a good idea

<SnodocAND>: thanks aksis

<Aksis>: it was to kaemwaszet but he disconnected probably

<Tris>: the ratios dont change much, only main numbers

<Aksis>: he asked how many people are active

<Tris>: ahh

<Tris>: widely varies from month to months

<Aksis>: but 2011 was a minute ago

<Tris>: yep

<Tris>: started to get redundant, and people werent checking anyhow

<anki>: may be share once a 3 months

<Aksis>: well im just thinking on a monthly basis is it like 50 people or 250

<anki>: like 4 times a year

<anki>: to get genral idea

<Tris>: between 30 and 70 members every 10 days

<Tris>: sign up

<Tris>: its everyone job from that point to help make active, and keep active

<anki>: yep

<Tris>: there is such a wide variance of reasons why someone stops being as active

<anki>: many do return too

<Aksis>: yea

<Tris>: but the newer they are, the greater chance we have

<Tris>: then we arent playing catch up, and the members dont feel like they wasted time

<anki>: i think eo and chat have been much more active latelt

<anki>: its great to see

<anki>: and good for when new ppl come

<Tris>: if everyone knew everything that was here, and what they could do, we would always remain quite active

<anki>: usually they are attrackted by activity

<Tris>: yep

<anki>: if they see it active they stay too

<anki>: chat same

<Tris>: yes, is why many posts youtubes or similar to chat

<anki>: yes

<Tris>: helps keep it fresh, I used to post esoteric quotes a lot to chat, i'll try and pick that up again

<anki>: yes

<anki>: i liked those

<Aksis>: ah love quotes

<Aksis>: little nuggets of wisdom

<SnodocAND>: in a way, a group is like a toy

<SnodocAND>: a nice young woman like Star joins

<SnodocAND>: starts a few groups

<SnodocAND>: and then leaves

<Aksis>: ye

<Tris>: id watch groups like that and try to contribute something if possible, even a thank you for creating/inviting helps a lot

<SnodocAND>: that's the thing - in her case, i was active

<Tris>: if there is only a few there, and you know others are interested, id suggest we invite ourselves

<anki>: we dont know why she left though

<Tris>: invite others that is

<anki>: and there was a lot of replies on her blog

<anki>: i read it

<SnodocAND>: the day before she left, she wrote me a personal note, a reply, in no way an indication she was about to leave

<anki>: well good luck to her on her path

<Aksis>: theres no death of a group if its been abandoned it can still be picked up

<SnodocAND>: right, we don't know -

<Tris>: indeed aksis

<SnodocAND>: true - the transience of members is a topic tho

<Tris>: that may have been her primary purpose, never know

<Aksis>: but groups also shouldnt be approved imo if it is very similar to one thats already there

<Aksis>: things that we cant control snodoc

<Tris>: just depends sure, often they can be consolidated

<Tris>: but is up to them not us

<Tris>: often they dont like the info one group is presenting on a subject, and thats why they create another

<Tris>: so all depends

<Tris>: Tarot is a good example of this

<Tris>: two people had different views

<anki>: well in the past someone wanted a group about themselves called with their own name too

<Aksis>: i did notice

<anki>: so in that case approving it

<anki>: ot not lol

<Tris>: haha

<anki>: was agood thng

<anki>: ya it was.. no comment

<SnodocAND>: there's a base of longstanding members, and then rolls or waves of active types

<anki>: yes

<SnodocAND>: and the nature of cyber-space allows for new groups to be created

<Tris>: yup for sure

<Tris>: brb

<Aksis>: so maybe the base of longstanding members is about 250 ish?

<anki>: u know eo is probably one of the most mature and deep communities online

<Aksis>: definitely

<Aksis>: its unprecedented

<anki>: yes

<Aksis>: we're in uncharted waters captain

<SnodocAND>: from what i've seen, i agree

<anki>: it should be seen more

<SnodocAND>: that's why it's good for us to be discussing

<anki>: it is already but u know

<anki>: yes

<Aksis>: i think its exposure is at a good level

<Aksis>: not too many

<anki>: well a lot arent ready for this maturity

<Aksis>: can still be personable to new members

<SnodocAND>: since tris is away for now i'll whisper it aloud

<anki>: they are still at im alien level

<SnodocAND>: tris is a genius

<anki>: ys

<SnodocAND>: so between the technological potential and the consciousness potential

<SnodocAND>: forms of field unification loom

<Aksis>: ill brb cigarette

<anki>: ok

<Aksis>: tris is smart i agree mucho respect

<anki>: may be we should wrap this up ?

<SnodocAND>: ok

<anki>: id wait untill tris and aksis are bk thogh

<SnodocAND>: ok

<anki>: may be they have something to add

<SnodocAND>: getting a little late for u?

<anki>: nah is ok



<anki>: im stuck on bed all day anyway

<anki>: enough energy

<SnodocAND>: and steve will teach online this week?

<anki>: but i would really like a meditation events or that jam night

<anki>: would be so nice

<anki>: yes

<anki>: wendesday

<anki>: i will miss it its to late for me

<anki>: but ppl in usa and canada can see it

<SnodocAND>: that's what we're trying to do

<SnodocAND>: have you seen or heard him teach

<anki>: i can read the repost

<anki>: i have yes

<anki>: in the past

<anki>: he did great kabbalah lessosn

<anki>: tris did too amazing alchemy lessons

<anki>: both very smart

<anki>: know their thing well

<Aksis>: back

<SnodocAND>: smokin'

<Aksis>: I watch new members and if they comment into a discussion i try to keep the discussion rolling

<Aksis>: i think thats important

<Aksis>: even older discussions without a reply in 3 years can be revived

<Aksis>: fairly easily with a share

<SnodocAND>: there's gold in them thar discussions

<Aksis>: or a comment

<Aksis>: seriously there is its awesome

<Aksis>: i have a whiteboard at home

<Aksis>: i wrote down a daily checklist for eo

<Aksis>: to remind me of parts of the site to look at cause the site is so big

<SnodocAND>: ohh

<Aksis>: like check welcome new memebers, comment on 1 discussion, bring up 1 esoteric topic in main chat

<SnodocAND>: i'm still making my way thru every page of Laughology

<Aksis>: ha nice

<Aksis>: anki how about something on a sat night

<anki>: im for it

<Aksis>: or sav eh guys what you think about a sat event

<Aksis>: off topic movies or music or both

<SnodocAND>: usually i'm saving up my eo for the following day

<Aksis>: maybe have some music from youtube playing in the theater room

<SnodocAND>: that's a good idea

<Aksis>: for the day

<anki>: sorry frienf from work is on whatsapp

<anki>: haha spiritual talk

<anki>: auras

<Aksis>: and if we want an event at one point amidst that

<SnodocAND>: when spontaneity comes that much into play

<SnodocAND>: EO will know something join' on

<Aksis>: so like sat is hang out chill music day with possible movie or event

<Aksis>: just throwing it out there

<SnodocAND>: it sounds great - as long as it's loose

<SnodocAND>: i think of people who we chat with lately

<Aksis>: it could get people that wouldnt otherwise be able to connect with community on sunday

<SnodocAND>: law students don't have tons of time, but yes, saturdays could easily be better for some

<SnodocAND>: i have to soak up some unexpected water

<Aksis>: ah

<SnodocAND>: yes indeed, this was a good meeting

<SnodocAND>: i think we're wrapping up now

<SnodocAND>: will be back online with y'all tomorrow

<Aksis>: ok sav glad you could make it

<Aksis>: good meeting indeed


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Great meeting everyone - thanks to all who made it out today!


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