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<anki>: like there are blogs often with no comments

<anki>: groups on great topics.. slow

<Tris>: can understand that, in either case we could still use involvement organizing it, letting people know, helping them get involved, etc

<anki>: yesss

<anki>: like in th seeker section top line is new members

<anki>: go and say welcome to eo to a new member

<anki>: thats all

<Duke>: yes if you put up a blog and no reply it is disheartening

<anki>: i bet u the person will love it

<Tris>: we want to give others a sense of community ownership whenever we can

<anki>: yess

<Tris>: really, as anki said, this is everyones site, no matter how much people are involved in the day to day

<anki>: its like going home to me

<anki>: eo

<anki>: u have to tidy uo to organize who does what

<anki>: to pay bills

<Duke>: there are enough members if they took part at all

<anki>: eo is the same

<anki>: yesss

<Tris>: right, a lot of people simply don't know how to let others know they posted a blog, or how to share with friends, or use tagging/keywords, etc

<anki>: u see i hoped with a meeting and lettign it know openly

<anki>: it will be more clear to people

<anki>: what they can do to help the community

<Eyemthewon1111>: What about scheduled chats with just intriguing topics?

<anki>: sure go for it

<anki>: chose a topic and we scedual it in

<Tris>: that would be cool to bring back Eye

<Eyemthewon1111>: To get people more involved and meet others

<anki>: we had those on

<anki>: yes

<Tris>: you can be involved in that group, to make it fair for everyone on the topics we normally asked for input, then ran a voting Pol

<VickieWashington>: can I share about eo on my blog and twitter pages?

<Tris>: absolutely Vickie

<anki>: that would be great

<anki>: def do

<VickieWashington>: cool...

<Tris>: we greatly encourage that, and many can help you if there are some technicals you would like to learn more about

<anki>: is there anything anyone wants changed or thinks they can do to help?

<anki>: on eo?

<Duke>: I could share EO on facebook to the friends.

<anki>: thanks duke

<Eyemthewon1111>: that would be awesome and I would love to be involved I can't conntribute setting up technicals on the site unless taught

<Tris>: yes, think of a time you may have thought "geez, I wish this was like this, or I wish I could do this here..."

<Duke>: only recently joined there for certain groups.

<VickieWashington>: can I just share my eo page to let my network know we are here learn rich content here?

<Duke>: I will try that, you can share a post to all friends.

<anki>: yes

<anki>: share whatever u wish frim the site

<Tris>: in the architects group I have posted several blogs that may be of interest, I mean, you came to this meeting, and thank you - that shows us you have the initiative to be an architect


<anki>: u can di the main page or a blog or soemthn

<anki>: yes

<Duke>: people do often ignore posts on facebook also, I do too

<anki>: there u can also comment about things u can do

<Tris>: on every blog, every page, every photo, on the bottom left there is a basic share link

<anki>: but by all means if u can go ahad

<anki>: ahead*

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<Duke>: All my 'friends' on facebook have similar interests so would be into this site.

<anki>: o very nice

<anki>: thanks a lot for sharing it than duke

<anki>: it is very apprciated

<Tris>: excellent Duke, is everyone also a member of our FB page?

<anki>: this place is a jewel of knowledge

<anki>: eo is like our own alexandria library

<anki>: it is worth taking care of

<Eyemthewon1111>: Yes

<anki>: and working on it as family

<Duke>: doing it now

<anki>: it is our site so we need to tidy up and treat it as a home

<anki>: i think

<Tris>: sometimes it makes sense to invite friends there also, and then we can start improving sharing content from here in to that group, and it will automatically be shared with any friends there

<VickieWashington>: Yes, it is like a big library

<anki>: i have been online a lot

<anki>: on many sites

<anki>: none has such a deep knowledge base

<anki>: and such smart people

<Tris>: but yes to your question Vickie, nearly all content here is able to be shared in some way, on your blogs, with friends here, or on social

<anki>: as eo has

<anki>: the egregore of eo is so high vibration

<anki>: it is beautiful to see what beautiful souls we have here

<anki>: but we have to actually do th work

<Tris>: you may have came on later, but we also have the largest collection of esoteric PDF's and ebooks we used to have in a digital library also

<anki>: and work on it

<Tris>: that could be brought back if there is enough interest

<anki>: yess

<Tris>: that is what this link used to lead to

<anki>: also i feel i need to bring up donations too i mean al that helped we are thankful for but all the bits that come in help

<Tris>: and all of those books could be downloaded or shared as well

<anki>: and this way we could get that library back sooner too

<anki>: that library was a golden mine

<VickieWashington>: Were is the link to donate to EO?

<Duke>: I have downloaded thousands of esoteric books over the years from many sources.

<anki>: i need to find dit onemoment

<Tris>: yes, an unfortunately reality of the situation, is that doing that takes a lot of hosting space and bandwidth, but if the word is spread it would be so little per month between members

<Tris>: on teh homepage widget for paypal also

<anki>: yea

<Tris>: and on our community operations page

<anki>: i cant find another i use main page

<anki>: thanks

<anki>: oh ya

<Tris>: we are very transparent and honest about costs

<anki>: duh

<anki>: sorry

<anki>: i feel stupid lol

<anki>: i knew about this page

<Tris>: everything donated simply goes directly to paying ning and other costs automatically

<anki>: yes

<Tris>: all under a register non-profit in kansas

<Tris>: ...usa*

<Duke>: I have never paid for anything online. I am a cah person.

<Duke>: cash

<anki>: its just every little bit would be great

<anki>: cause now it falls on th shoulders of one person

<Eyemthewon1111>: I think and this I am sure has been deeply discussed and one of the points of this meeting is that this place is a hive mind of brilliant people and....

<anki>: and i personally feel that isnt fair

<Eyemthewon1111>: It is underperforming in the sense of activity

<Tris>: we totally understand, and know times are often rough, but as architects we can all work together to let OTHERS know, and that can be even more effective than donating yourselves

<anki>: eo has a great team as a community

<anki>: we all are very smart group

<Eyemthewon1111>: So how do we turn up this already vibrant vibration?

<anki>: but its like  boat full of captains

<anki>: we need to learn how to also be a sailor

<Duke>: good point, a lot of people do like to donate on live streams!

<Tris>: by increasing what anki mentioned and is known as our egregore

<anki>: yess

<Tris>: indeed duke

<Eyemthewon1111>: Bi weekly live chats  with voted topic

<anki>: would u set up that event?

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<anki>: or make a discussion in the architects groups

<anki>: with suggesttions ppl can vote on

<Tris>: yep, all of these things, which are also a great opportunity to have a quick live part in the beginning or at the end like public television, "EO is brought to you by members like you, help support your community if it's ever possible, etc"

<anki>: than we will share around

<Eyemthewon1111>: I am not super computer savvy but I will do anything I can

<Eyemthewon1111>: Yes

<anki>: i can help u with it

<anki>: so u can learn it

<Tris>: Eye, anything you would like to learn, for here or for personal aspirations, I can help anyone here with

<Tris>: yup

<anki>: hehe tris is beter at it

<Tris>: well, team

<anki>: great minds think alike

<anki>: tris here is brilliant with software

<anki>: beautiful mind

<Tris>: anki learned how to do EO Youtube Live streaming and did it with great success

<Eyemthewon1111>: Ok I would love to learn

<anki>: haha it took me 2 days

<anki>: but i did learn it

<Tris>: we do have a channel, and its also there for our members, esp architects

<anki>: yess

<Duke>: have you being doing livestream?

<anki>: we used to use it as tehater replacement

<anki>: yes

<Tris>: for example, any content that could be a subject we talk about here esp

<Tris>: we can host and market for you

<Tris>: as well as any products, we have the infrastructure to do all of these, and I have the servers etc

<Tris>: is just ready to go

<Duke>: i mean streaming and talking yourself with a chat alongside.

<Tris>: but we need to do some of what we have talked about here, essentially it is grass-roots community organizing, just online instead

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<anki>: hello dionesia

<anki>: i love ur name

<anki>: i was very into the god dionisius for a while

<Tris>: yes, our streaming has integrated chat also, to answer questions live etc, so does youtube and our BlogTalk account

<Duke>: about certain subject, it is popular right now

<Tris>: greetings

<Tris>: and welcome save thanks for coming

<Duke>: you can also donate there

<Tris>: *sav

<anki>: dionesia we have been talking about ways to improve our community

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<sav>: bloomin' wi-fi dropped out for half-hour when i logged back on

<Dionesia>: Hello, thought I'd check in. It is late in the day here, but I think I am still in the bounds for participating in the chat.

<anki>: and how to actively take part of its improvement

<Tris>: our live streaming can utilize all 3 options, and coordinate with scheduled chat for subject matter

<sav>: EO is a living organism

<anki>: is there any part of eo u would like to see better or something u htought ud love to see here?

<anki>: anything u feel u can contribute on eo with?

<sav>: there is an archival aspect and there is all this potential for participatory futures

<Dionesia>: Understood. When I first joined Esoteric on line, I was looking for a chat board, but I realize chat boards are kind of a thing of the past. 

<Dionesia>: I really did enjoy tuning in to the Sunday afternoon theater.

<Tris>: indeed sav, I like to think of architects and our architects group as being the vehicle which can facilitate this, through-out the community

<VickieWashington>: I am still learning my way around EO...

<anki>: eo is the people

<sav>: Sunday Theater has accumulated my knowledge in these fields more than anything else these last couple years

<anki>: they bring life into it

*** Eyemthewon1111 joined #esoteric_online

<Tris>: yes I understand Vickie, it may not seem so much like it initially, but there is a TON of areas and content here, going back to april 2009 (our first blog)

<sav>: plus the experiential with community - altho luckily i've grown in other ways, but the point is that EO would be a part of that, according to the homepage

<Dionesia>: How do you choose content for the Theater? 

<anki>: people can suggest per inbox or comment in the tehater group

<anki>: with a link

<anki>: its always played

<anki>: if no suggestion we chose

<Dionesia>: good to know

<anki>: also we used ti have polls where ppl can vote too

<Tris>: and we can also have polls based on those suggestions, but so little were participating in those, however thats somethign we can change

<sav>: sometimes there's a theme in the air and anki kinda gravitates to it

<anki>: yes hehe

<VickieWashington>: thanks Tris

<Tris>: indeed sav, and that can ripple out from theater into scheduled chats, Live broadcasts, etc

<anki>: i gotta say it warms my heart to see u all here

<anki>: on this meeting

<anki>: so important eo is to all of us

<anki>: its home

<Tris>: this is what creates egregore and increases our overall community vibration

<anki>: yess

<Dionesia>: I'm a bit an old timer from the occult chat board and personal blog days--but now it seems that people want to view YoutTubes and vlogs. That you have married that on instant chat is great.

<Tris>: egregore is sort of the opposite of the type of "group mind" normally used against people, it is also used for good purposes

<anki>: egregore to me is the unity of all our minds

<anki>: on eo

<sav>: yes

<anki>: withtout anyone losing their individualtiy

<anki>: more even adding to eo with the individuality

<Tris>: in mystical societies, RC, freemasons, etc.. ancient greece, ancient india

<sav>: sociality itself is not a priority, in a way

<anki>: so a spiderweb of minds

<Tris>: it coulod be found everywhere

<anki>: beautiful teaching

<Tris>: this is how knowledge has been passed down

<anki>: yes

<anki>: to preserve and protect it

<anki>: frm long time ago

<Tris>: we like to consider ourselves part of that long, eternal link/flame

<Tris>: carrying a torch so to speak, to light peoples paths/journeys

<sav>: when Al reminded me of the links to all those other Rosicrucian links, it was impressive yet also reinforced my sense of how important the community EO serves

<Tris>: yes

<anki>: in a lodge everyone has theor own task that betters the group

<anki>: in my unit at work its the same

<anki>: so it should be here too

<anki>: everyone has theor talent

<Tris>: we are all from various traditions, yes have a common thread here, it unites us

<anki>: things they like and are good in

<anki>: so we can all chose something we can do and like

<Tris>: yep

<anki>: and do it

<anki>: bring in to eo

<anki>: it can be as small as click a like on a blog

<Eyemthewon1111>: Nicely said Anki

<anki>: that would make the poster very happy

<Tris>: its the same how rosicrucians do this by everyone shoosing to study/meditate on thursday evenings

<anki>: yess

<sav>: we're prepared to instigate or otherwise ride various waves of online enlightenment

<Tris>: a student knows others are doing the same, and creates the energetic link

<Tris>: same with theater in a smaller way, and the more we add to that, it strengthens this link we have here

<Tris>: and down into each member of the community and their own tradition or journey

<anki>: like coming in chat is dead

<Tris>: esp if we add on a community meditation or similar to this

<anki>: what do we do? certainly not leave

<anki>: that way it stays dead

<anki>: start chatting on

<Tris>: yup exactly

<anki>: ppl will join

<Eyemthewon1111>: We need topics

<Tris>: yes or share something you found awesome today or this week, open things up for discussion with others

<anki>: yes

<Eyemthewon1111>: Most people are shy and see no activity and don't start conversation

<anki>: topics we all have it is responsibility we need

<Tris>: we can do topics on a scheduled basis

<anki>: and participation

<sav>: i feel comfortable with my level of familiarity with people who post and pop up occasionally, like Eleanore

<Tris>: however

<sav>: but if there is a way to appeal more to the thirst people have for knowledge and exchange ...

<Tris>: it is up to architects and then out into individual members to spark things up

<anki>: thats true

<Eyemthewon1111>: I will start posting topics in chat to insight conversation

<sav>: the one breathing session i held didn't go so great

<Tris>: because we have to be careful with this, or iyt may appear as though we are trying to push a subject on others, etc

<VickieWashington>: I like to participate more often in eo

<Tris>: things can be misinterpreted, we are an open community

<sav>: i was glad no one showed up because i couldn't;t log into the video chat, i had to go to the theater!

<Tris>: thank you eye

<Eyemthewon1111>: Ok I see what you are saying tris

<Tris>: and sav, thats why we need to build the egregore here

<Tris>: so when we do things like that, they work, and are participated in

<anki>: thats why the meeting indeed tris

<sav>: yes, it's like a direction of mood


<Tris>: indeed

<anki>: its awesome when u just know without me needing to say it

<Tris>: there are times too when there was few if any people in theater, but anki and yourself have done a great job of building that egregore for theater

<sav>: 15 members online (chat log-on only) on Sunday - that's good

<Tris>: hasnt been empty often and people look forward to it

<sav>: Sundays are busy here

<anki>: aweee thanks

<sav>: amazing job anki

<anki>: thanks

<Tris>: yes, it is sav

<sav>: for as long as i've been here

<anki>: now im gonna cry hahah

<Tris>: since 2009, it has gone from 5 members online to 35, fluctuating, we have much greater potential now than ever before

<Tris>: i8f...we work together

<anki>: yes

<anki>: always

<anki>: does anyone have anything to add

<anki>: or say

<sav>: i'm thinking

<anki>: eyem? vicky?

<Tris>: personally im usually better suited to make things work, create what needs to be created, set things into motions, spread knowledge, etc

<anki>: and im chatter so i talk a lot to ppl

<Eyemthewon1111>: I will do my part and I believe I can assist with the sewing and then emmergence of the community.

<anki>: and brng ppl together for music and movies

<Eyemthewon1111>: It is the right time

<VickieWashington>: nothing...

<anki>: thanks a lot for teh efford eyem

<anki>: all right

<Tris>: but you both do whats needed after this, and if you started getting a lot of community help with your direction, things could really flourish

<anki>: mark polo?

<anki>: dionesia?

<sav>: i just want to leave you with an alternative word for momentum

<sav>: it's called monmonteum

<anki>: ok

<Tris>: I hope everyone is kind of getting an idea about where things are and could be going, if we do a similar but new subject matter architects meeting regularly, we will all very quickly be on the same page

<Tris>: yup save exactly

<anki>: indeed

<sav>: and the reason it's here is cause too much momentum is associated with downward spiral, slides down, all that

<Eyemthewon1111>: I will join the architect group and stay in contact with you tris about scheduled chat

<sav>: but this momentum is positive

<Eyemthewon1111>: I will do some thinking on the matter

<anki>: thanks eyem

<Tris>: great, thank you eye, we really appreciate your initiative in stepping forward about it

<sav>: this is the core group

<Eyemthewon1111>: Awesome I am excited to be a part

<Tris>: there are some others I know of already that are interested in helping with that also

<anki>: i have copy pasted this

<sav>: we radiate out to other groups, and we continue to grow EO

<anki>: and will post it in architects group

<anki>: the chat

<sav>: exactly, thesis the modern age, the meeting is far from over

<sav>: everyone else who reads it is here too

<anki>: exactly

<anki>: all right if everyone has said all they wish

<anki>: we can round up

<Tris>: anyone who takes up the reins on things has an opportunity right now to be sort of the "driver" of a feature of EO, I dont want to say leader as we are all equals here in that sense, but yeah

<Tris>: things includes what anki has said about new ideas

<Eyemthewon1111>: Understood


<sav>: "The future's so bright we're going to need shades"

<Eyemthewon1111>: Lol

<VickieWashington>: lol

<anki>: id love to bathe in that light

<Tris>: if you have an idea, bring it to anki, sav or myself, and if it can work, we'll make that shit happen and you can run the shit out of it if you want, and if it works for the community


<sav>: absolutely


<anki>: im a chatter and basically live here lolol

<anki>: so u can find me daily

<anki>: on here

<sav>: my ideas are really internal, i'm kind of out of 'em for here

<sav>: except for what i can add according to my personal tao from here

<anki>: its ok sav there is time

<Dionesia>: I'm still here. Sort of multitasking and catching up with the chat

<Tris>: right sav, I think we will see more of a cumulative effect in those regards

<Tris>: where certain things simply begin to flow, and new ideas will spring up around us

<Tris>: "this has been great, know what would be cool?..." etc

<anki>: also before i forget we are all great ppl but if it happens that someone here isnt treating u well

<sav>: it's a great place for learning about the good vibes of group mind

<anki>: know we are here for u

<anki>: we can talk to u about it

<sav>: we're very clean

<anki>: or even if u just need tot alk aboiut whatever

<Tris>: indeed

<anki>: know u can ask our help with thungs like this

<sav>: a few good people of a sound morality is a beautiful thing

<anki>: we wont say anything to anyone

<Dionesia>: Have you thought about teaching modules?

<Tris>: we went a long time without any guidelines or rules, and the ones we have currently are community member centered, and only because we really had to have them

<anki>: indeed

<Tris>: YES dion

<anki>: we want ppl to feel at home for a reason

<Tris>: are you interested in being a part of a certain one?

<anki>: we have given alchemy and kabbalah lessons by tris and steve

<Tris>: or just interested in seeing that happen

<anki>: yes u have any irea t talk about/

<anki>: ?

<Tris>: yes, and Tarot and Lucid dreaming also, and astrology lessons as well

<anki>: yes

<Dionesia>: Many years ago when I was working with a local neopagan group, I had created some PowerPoints on different topics.

<sav>: btw, i'm not on FB, but it's evident you have a following there

<anki>: oh yes

<sav>: we, that is

<anki>: our fb is doing very well too

<Tris>: all lesson based, with scheduled chats, live podcasts, etc - which make up the modules for those subjects

<Dionesia>: I now sometimes create ppts for my YouTube channel. I would be willing to coordinate with folks who want to create

<Tris>: wow thats awesome Dion

<Dionesia>: short teaching programs that could be viewed as videos based on PPTs

<Tris>: would be very beneficial

<sav>: i love the idea of a live breathing session

<Tris>: currently we have done some work in the following areas, the passive version of this we call Path Portals currently

<Tris>: yes indeed Dion and Sav on both

<Tris>: we have plenty of room to grow, and make everything very interactive as well

<anki>: i believe we can grow

<Tris>: for example, the breathing could be integrated into several other modules also

<anki>: because eo is already gold mind

<Tris>: yup

<anki>: mine haha but mind too

<anki>: mind


<Dionesia>: Even content from the portals could be extracted for a PPT based video

<anki>: aag hahahhaha u know what i mean

<anki>: hmm commercial video

<anki>: for the portals

<Tris>: yes, or live broadcast and podcasts, plus we DO have a mystery school to integrate

<anki>: iooo

<Tris>: university level software for self learning/self testing online

<Dionesia>: Indeed, you could sell advertising or sponsorship

<Tris>: like an online college for esoterics

<sav>: the sponsorship idea, very appealing Dionesia

<Eyemthewon1111>: Yes the school needs to be activated

<Dionesia>: I have background in use of some of that, too--online testing

<Tris>: we could do some of that Dion, we'd def lean more towards a type of sponsorship

<Tris>: weve gone 10 years without ads, we can do another 10

<Dionesia>: The software is an investment though.  I have it on a work computer that I have to turn in when my contract with that company is up.

<Tris>: haha, good thing ive already built it

<Dionesia>: Excellent Tris

<Tris>: really, both could be well utilized

<Dionesia>: Also, I get your pt about ads, sometimes it can dilute the content

<sav>: it really is about activation

<Tris>: think of it like a knowledge river, with some reseviors for people to stop, and take a drink

<sav>: yes, the Well

<Tris>: each of these need to be connected to make a fluent system

<Tris>: yup

<Tris>: or else one part dries up and the other floods

<Tris>: lets make it flow from one aspect to another

<anki>: lets

<sav>: the teacher establishes the authority to teach, the shy can still study through many modalities

<Tris>: for beginners on their journey, to advanced students, to mere community member who might have a path yet

<Tris>: yep

<Tris>: who *might not

<anki>: def so

<Tris>: we dont want people to either feel overwhelmed or held back (bored)

<sav>: right, or in a mild exasperation... who might have a path YET

<Tris>: but to be comfortable where ever they wish to be or are at, without any coercion

<sav>: people have lots of places to go

<sav>: yes, tris

<Tris>: indeed, exactly

<anki>: shall we do this again next month/

<Tris>: hard to build a good home if someone is going to be looking for new homes, hard for personal growth that way if the ground is shifting under feet

<anki>: to see how things have improved

<Tris>: sure, does everyone feel a monthly is appropriate for this, any ideas?

<sav>: weekend of June 8-10 i'm in NYC with Mom and Meg

<anki>: or more time? less time?

<Dionesia>: For these reasons, I think your theater/chat is great and the addition of short instructional modules that air once or twice a week at different times for instant chat, would be useful

<Tris>: thank you dionesia, youve helped a lot already...

<sav>: just always remember that a couple of really interested people is way better than 100 thumbs up

<anki>: it has been awesome hearing all ur ideas

<sav>: heartfelt gratitude

<Tris>: thats the exact purposes of these meetings, so that everyone can soon feel comfortable sayin "our theater/chat"

<anki>: anyone has anything to add before we stop?

<anki>: anything u want to ask or say?

<Dionesia>: Thank you all, I am glad I participated.

<anki>: if we dont know how to help we cant help

<Tris>: thank you all for coming and sharing your great ideas

<anki>: so feel free to ask

<sav>: love/namaste

<Eyemthewon1111>: Ok

<anki>: namaste

<Tris>: really looking forward to how we can all work together to make this a community everyone can feel at home with

*** sav quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

<anki>: me too

<Tris>: thanks again

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