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When: Wednesday, Oct. 24th 6pm CST (Central Standard Time)

Overview: Please join us for our Community Architects meeting kick-off, where will will begin to discuss openly as a community how we can work together to improve our community for the benefit of all seekers.

These planning meetings will be focused around the efforts being made the theCommunity Architects Group, as an extension to allow more community involvement and transparency.

If you are interesting and seeing our community here improve, and would like to be a part of this positive change, please join us - we all make the community here great, and each one of us is responsible in our own ways for making this the most beneficial network for Esoteric Studies on the web.

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Cant't make the event due to time restraints? Please feel free to reply to this with any ideas you may have had, or create a new discussion in the Group here. We value all input knowing that we are all in this together, and would absolutely love to hear how ALL seekers feel we could improve.

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since i cant make it because of time difference here is my thoughts on improving the site.
to see how we can improve it first i wanna see what is wrong to be improved. 

so what is not going so well?

1. not many reply's in the topics in the groups. can be better.

2. too much rude behavior on chat. pushing believes on others and not respecting others.

Now what can we do about it?

so if i start with first one. i see some topics do have many reply's but most dont or stay with one or two. many people share their thoughts with blogs and i feel more attention to these should be brought. people often also dont see the blogs. may be if the people who write it  or read it send a check it out more often we would be able to see the blogs and reply to it. i think because site is too big people just dont get to see it, there is tons of great info that stays unnoticed. this way we can educate ourselves more and create some good discussions about it.

2. our behavior, possible feedback/communication training?

i feel and see many act rude with trying to speak their mind. i think we all are strong in our believe but often it seems like pushing believe on others and act like if they dont agree with u they are stupid. this happens and is rude and disrespectful. we are family and should be able to speak our mind in respectful way. i feel many here can use some lessons in communicating with others. may be a lesson on communication would do us all well?  in the focus room. like a feedback training. how we deal with feedback weather that is positive or negative. i am more than willing to give one. i feel communication training and feedback training lessons on focus room can improve the way we bring our believe over on to others and talk to others. as a family we should be able to talk without harming.

well uhm thats all for now. :) im truely sorry i cant be there for the meeting. i hope this input was useful.

I agree with the rudeness. If you're having a chat with someone then you need to go to a private chat. How is someone to know if you're talking in general. to them, or to someone in particular when you're in the public chat. LOL just saying...

Thanks for coming everyone, I think although small turn-out, we had a great first discussion on how to improve the community. Unfortunately I lost the tab with the transcript, but will attempt to summarize what was discussed below:

  • First subject was issues addressed by and seconded by others, people being rude and disrespectful in chat, speaking down to other who might not share their opinions. Esoteric Online has been as of lately, and will be much more dilligent in taking action moving forward, we need this to be a place where all feel are welcome, and those that make others feel unwelcome, more and more will find there welcome expired here. A group is also going to be created for the purpose of reporting these individuals by the community as a whole.
  • We further discussed the creation of a Seeker Portal, that will be designed with a custom app, to help new Seeker find their subjects of interest. For example if someone is interested in Alchemy, soon they will be provided with a wide range of materials associated with the Alchemical Tradition - in a way that allows them to move easier through the subject, and navigate through EO's vast amount of information in a more organized manner.
  • In this regard, the importance of tagging content with keywords was discussed, and new campaigns will be created to raise awareness of this feature, so that we can begin to implement custom features based on community data.
  • A group is going to be created for the purpose of reporting dead links for videos, pics, websites, etc...
  • Re-iterated the purpose of these meetings, and decided to continue them every two weeks - this will allow us to add new items to our improvement implementations, review progress of previous discussion, provide time for questions and input from the community, and keep the ball rolling with consistent, community-collaborated enhancement.

Thanks again to everyone for coming and to those for providing ideas, I look forward to our next get together - and in seeing how we can all work together to help make EO as beneficial as possible on the Seekers Path.

sounds good, thanks for giving us all a chance to speak our minds. its deeply appreciated


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