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ive been hanging around for a few months now, long enough to know our budget crisis. ive made my small monthly contributions to show my appreciation.

BUT...  the process can  be perceived as impersonal, dry, boring and forgettable. 

people enjoy immediate results and acknowledgement.

i have some suggestions for improving the donation attraction.

   a)show a front page real time tally 

   b)show the amount of the donations listed as they come in

   c)let the giver have an option to "name" their donation, such as:  

             1)in appreciation of a group  ie:  "gnosis" or  "the philosophers stone" $10.00

             2) "sharing my snack, lol, instead of eating it" $3.49

             3) "im skipping a new nail polish this month" $6.99.

             4)"<3" love you guys!" $8.00

    d) an option to be an anonymous giver or use your name

this could be done compactly by any web tech so it wouldnt  take up much more room than the donation link does now.

these options could personalize donations, make them more fun. itd be a member uniting experience, regardless of specific group interests.

theyd  make the budget more interactive and obvious.

it would also demonstrate that even a small donation is an important contribution. 

so, just a few  suggestions from a marketing perspective and my own personal experiences

in giving.  



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Great idea! I work for a non-profit and I have to say, the "warm and fuzzy" thank yous help with keeping people engaged.

Another good idea would be to branch out a bit. I just learned of esotericonline late last year. I think a step towards pushing community involvement would be posting some of the online events on other online meetup sites to encourage traffic back to this site.

Also, trying events at different times might help and tracking which times have a higher attendance rate (I tend to get distracted on Sunday afternoons and show up after the event has already taken place).


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