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I know this is probably a technical issue of, rather than of the forum administrator. I found the "follow" link (follow someone's blog or group...) not good enough. It only allows the user to "follow" by sending new posts to the user's email. 

Well, I personally just don't like forum messages sent to my personal email account. 

It (Follow) is related to the platform for each seeker (or forum user). I found the structure of this site (supported by lack of user center focus. In a forum, the users may have interests only in certain groups and certain blogs, they would like to follow. Instead of providing a 'page' which captures all newest activities from the interested groups or blogs, the users on this forum have to go to EACH group or EACH blog to check out all informations. "My page" does not provide this function, because it only shows the activities or discussion that I am involved, and does not include other news messages sent by others (not directly sent to me or any specific user). 

To be more specific, this forum should have a page like "News Feed" on facebook. That is what I mean.

It is a little bit technical, just a habit of continuous improvement. 


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Ho Alex - No, actually they do, as there is a huge "Main Feed" on the home-page just under videos called "Latest Activity", featuring information on:

  • Site / Member Blogs
  • Status updates of all members, including
  • The ability to post new status right there (including photo or video too, like facebook)
  • Important community updates
  • Notifications of new images or video postings
  • New group activity
  • Main forum of group forum activity
  • Connected to and displays activity shared on our Facebook page
  • Auto-updating, pushing new notifications to the feed (like facebook)
  • By participating in any of this it will only increase the amount of information all can receive.
  • And quite a bit more

In addition, there are also added features such as the ability to quickly/instantly create and share a Blog Post, Discussion, Event, Music, Photos, or Video

The entire content of the Main Feed can be access and use all over the place, even on other sites by use of the RSS/Atom Feed URL, just find the little blue RSS icon all over the site, copy the link address:

And you don't want the notification forum messages sent you like that, then go to you settings ( ) and change it to "Daily/Digest Format", many do just that.

Indeed there are some aspects limited by Ning, but nothing that can be worked around or actually did exist in the first place - So perhaps things are indeed working better than you had initially thought :)

OK, this is my screen shot when I pull down "Main" or "Video," I don't see "Latest Activity" as you described. Do we have very different portal? 

It is on the main page.....

The "Latest Activities" on the main page is in the middle of the "main" page, which means the users have to scroll to view. Also, the "Latest Activities" on the main page is not customizable. It shows all users, on all groups, whatever..... The type of "news feed" should only show what a user is involved. 

It is the limitation of The administrators probably cannot do anything at all. (Sorry to be picky!)

1. Yes users have to show some effort sometimes...i mean here is a huge site with a lot of info and its not too much to ask to show effort in seekign what u need. 

2. Yes it is very easy to use. But its just not what you seem to expect from us. 

3. 'should only" no it should nothing.. it is what it is. 

4. the news feed on ur profile does show only what a user does and is interested in, the fact that u dont want to comment and just expect to read and have it all easy and ready without having to do anything is another question. 

Well, not as I thought it should be. But from the other perspective, it just gives seekers an opportunity to bump into other ideas that (s)he does not expect. 


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