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Tris appointed me to Esoteric Online Council. This is an honor, a recognition I will always take seriously. There are many areas to mull, ideas hover over the future … however in terms of the present, my thoughts turn to moderation. To moderate is a capacity of mine proven over years of diplomatic humor. Since long before any notions of alchemical meditation. Progress made since the days when my moderating influence could well have been taken for outright placation can be attributed to a better practice of the firming and the yielding.

Spiritual communities are stuck with same foibles and faux pas, hypocrisies and clashes of chemistry, as any other group dynamic. An example is the tension between various aides serving a beloved guru, sometimes at workshops. Online communities are as well subject to disputes ocassionally in need of a tranquilizing force. Spriritual communities are willing to moderate in the spirit of liberation, to call freedom what it is and consider it a power. It’s always a risk to want to accumulate and harness such power, especially while exposing one’s day-to-day vulnerabilities (including arrogance) as the internal processes slowly develop. The wise are traditionally known to say less - yet we need to spill ourselves. Word has it that it’s time for open secrets to be openly revealed.

We’re very open here. Sacred Sciences is a broad term. Consciousness is changing fast on this planet. Everyone has something to say. And just like in states and countries based on longstanding religious institutions, conflicts can be traced to competing belief systems. Sure, we’re going for a patch-work quilt of spiritual diversity, but it doesn’t always go that way. Excess is beautiful, still, sometimes a discussion has to be moderated. Believe what you like, but please don’t cram it down our throat chakras. Moderation is linked to humility, modesty, limitation, and the Middle Way. It’s a foundation in the alchemy, which is itself magical, and thus hard to link with the great plodding elephant of moderation. Magic is sexy and awesome and impossible to sustain without the discipline that comes from stretching boundaries through knowing them.

To conclude, I admit I come here seeking therapy, offering it, and seeing basically all my relationships as a form of coping with a society dedicated to the illnesses caused by war. The notion becomes a guideline for behavior. We expect each other to be at least a little crazy - madness can be compatible with an exchange full of understanding and sensitivity. But sometimes it’s about small personal issues, not the debate between Apocalypse and Utopia. A common danger is to project one’s insecurities onto somebody’s chat - to hear the tone a certain way when a much different sense was being used, quickly printed word open to a spectrum of meaning an unheard voice delivered. These are comments I’m throwing out for discussion. It’s not in my nature to monitor conversations. I would only interfere if I happened to find someone being hurtful. For the most part we are all very serious here about mysticism, evolution, and finding out where this race is going in the long run. And while I’m serious about humor, I’m still working on making it clear when I’m being ironic.

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As predicted, chat behavior of course did crop up a few times in the 9 months since posting these words. Just drawing attention to what I wrote here, represents my view fine. namaste happy 2018


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