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This will be a dynamic document and community discussion, with the purpose of working together as a community to enhance the content that can found on Esoteric Online, as well as means to let seekers know about content that may be beneficial to their individual growth, in a more efficient manner.

Esoteric Online is truly about Community, built for and by each and every one of us when we contribute, or let others know about contributions or activities that may interest them. Seekers here are truly the life-blood of the community's growth and benefit to others.

Who are you?

I know it can be exciting and many of you may have filled in minimal information on your profile page or customized it, please remember this is a great way to let others know who you are and to find others who may share similar interests with you.

  • If you haven't yet done so, go ahead and update your profile fields with information you want to let others know about you, don't be shy, seekers here are historically very accepting of others
  • In our forums, we have a category for introductions, please feel free to introduce yourself or welcome others who may have done so, its a great way to meet new people or let others know more about you.
  • Customize your profile and add some of your own personality to your page, seekers often notice or comment on a cool profile when they see one. 


As we find ourselves studying in particular areas of a Sacred Science, we can rest assured that we will find like minds and hearts in these areas. One of the reasons Esoteric Online was created, was to as Terence Mckenna stated: "Find the others", as we grow, so does the amount of other seekers who share interest with us.

  • See a blog post that interests you, notice some aspects on a seeker's profile that you resonate with? Send them a friend request!
  • Know someone who might find interest in another seeker? Let your friend know to check them out - it may turn out to be a great friendship or perhaps something more. We are an spiritual community, but that doesn't mean that serious and very personal relationships aren't formed here often.
  • The mutual benefits when we create relationships here are vast, we provide the means of easily letting our friends know about content of shared interest, and we can grow together with others, and share in supporting each other on our journey.
  • Want an easy way to find another of shared interest? Use the Advanced Search, it allows you to find another of like mind or heart based on anything they have made available on their profile.


One of our most efficient ways of providing specific subject matter that Seekers may use on their path, is through our Groups feature. Some of the ways we may be able to accomplish our goals in this areas might be:

  • Start a group of interest to you on your path, and invite your friends on EO and elsewhere. Chances are, those you know will also personally benefit on their path as well from similar content.
  • Share a favorite or relevant quote as a comment, many love to hear the words of the wise that echo their personal experience, they can be both inspiring and confirming. This can help keep the group from getting stale and provide some interesting reading at the same time.


There are many who are already blogging, but there are ways we can all work to make things a little easier to find for someone, especially if they are interested in specific content on their path.

  • Write your first blog - Some of you are uncomfortable in writing a blog because of the exposure, and end up not writing a blog because of it. Please feel rest assured that the community as a whole, will be accepting of your ideas and thought and would love to hear them.
  • Tag your Blog with relevant keywords, this is becoming more and more important as information moves quickly, tagging will allow easy blog categorization now and in the future, providing a more direct route to the content someone might find most beneficial.
  • Share your new blog or another one that you found beneficial with your friends, again chances are they will benefit as well if you share interests.


Frequently Esoteric Online hosts events, as well as other seekers adding individual events in specific areas, events can be a great way to learn more about a specific subject, or enjoy time with others in Esoteric discussion.

  • If there is an event you plan to attend, or may attend, be sure to choose an RSVP option on the event page. This lets your friends and event hosts know your attending or may attend, and is a great way to spread the word of shared interests.
  • In addition to RSVP, in the same way as blogs, you can share an event or invite friends on Esoteric Online, Facebook, and other places where you feel others may also be interested.

More to come soon, feel free to share your ideas - all are welcome and will be utilized of possible and offers benefit.

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There is implicit organicism in everything encouraged here. As a blueprint for a community that transcends geography while extending every individual into a shared commitment, this is tops. Not just a blueprint, obviously, but nevertheless idealistic...we imagine an immense thoroughfare of alchemists creating a microcosm for society here while the hustle and bustle of jobs, bureaucracy, entangled personal relationships, illnesses, and more compete for computer use. But as with all those iPalms and iPads, we hold the world in our hands. 


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