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When I watched this it made me wonder about souls being embodied for the first time and what it must have been like to be outside of our creation looking back at it and interacting in tangible ways.  You know I do past life regressions and it's quite fascinating when people don't access a physical lifetime but are energy describing what they are experiencing. That is very commonplace these days.  One example was a lady describing how she was beside or 'in' the mane of a horse that was running and she could feel the wind and the waves of the  movement of the horses mane.  She spoke in awe,  wonder and complete delight.  She didn't just say what she was doing, but began by describing the feeling and I had to ask the questions to allow her experience to be voiced so that I could understand.......another quick example is someone describing 'musical sounds' only to discover that it was the sounds of nature.....the grass was very  sharp as her body was not very dense......

What I 've discovered is that it's not so much between lives but the parts of us that are not incarnated in a 3d body still has freedom and are the same consciousness as the incarnated part except the full consciousness is non-physical.  In meditation, hypnosis or active imagination we can link with those parts of our awareness.  Sometimes a person thinks of their non-physical parts as different people or a different being.  I can't tell you how many times in a session people describe another 'being' and what they are doing and when asked to find out their name or some such say quite startled 'oh it's me'.   Many meet their higher selves this way.  I myself when being the client in a LBL (Newton) was describing a teacher at the front of the room as I sat in the back at a class learning about the heart only to find out as things progressed that the teacher was me and when asked what I was teaching I told the  facilitator.  Not surprising then in my 'real' 3D life that I do the work I do or as you know have the chart I have with all that I've needed to learn about the human condition and keep my heart intact.......

One reason why many are no longer accessing 'past lives' is that those aren't as important as this cycle of karma ends and the need to  reintegrate with the truth of us as light and energy far outweighs the past entanglements of an emotional interaction with others of our soul family.  Many individuals also go into light forms or other such interactions with the Light and it truly is trans formative for them, and the facilitator participating as often the quality of the light is very tangible. 


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