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  This above graphic shows all the asteroid's orbit which are a potential threat to Earth.

   Here is a list of all 1397 Asteroids that could be a potential threat to earth

The largest PHA (based on absolute magnitude H) discovered in a given year:[8]


Name/Year (H)
(4179) Toutatis (1989 AC) 15.3
(4953) 1990 MU 14.1
(7341) 1991 VK 16.7
(5604) 1992 FE 16.4
(39572) 1993 DQ1 16.4
(136618) 1994 CN2 16.6
(243566) 1995 SA 17.3
(8566) 1996 EN 16.5
(35396) 1997 XF11 16.9
(16960) 1998 QS52 14.3
(137427) 1999 TF211 15.0
(23187) 2000 PN9 16.1
(111253) 2001 XU10 14.9
2002 CE 14.7
(242216) 2003 RN10 15.7
(242450) 2004 QY2 14.7
(308242) 2005 GO21 16.4
2006 VV2 16.8
(214869) 2007 PA8 16.2
(294739) 2008 CM 17.15
2009 MS 16.0
2010 CL19 17.55
2011 UL21 15.7
2012 LK9 17.8
2013 EW27 18.0

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Ten Thousandth Near-Earth Object Unearthed in Space

Further Study Of Near-Earth Objects Considered To Be A WISE Move By NASA

NASA Reviews Asteroid Capture Mission Ideas

NASA Reviews Asteroid Capture Mission Ideas

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Fear is a great attractor. Love and fear cannot co-exist. Potential threats can be actualized in anyone's reality by focusing on it.  Our fear thoughts today go up to the future and creates our tomorrow in a figure 8 pattern.

Sending out the Love energy from a healed 1st chakra of safety and security is 5000 times stronger than the fear of mind.

Let's surround all asteroids - with love as well as Gaia and fill our oceans and all water sources with love and all the fault lines .....let's  fill them with love....and all the ley lines....and the very chakras of the Earth in particular in the middle east....where there is a known energy vortex that at one time was strong domination energy.

We can see the effects of the dominion energy that many of us have been sending there consciously daily for over 25 years and over many lifetimes. This dominion energy is the support the Egyptian people have been drawing upon to stand for democracy that is freedom of speech and Justice.

Let us all use our voice to be a stand for Justice...bless all.....and fill the world and the skies and all worlds and Universes with Love.



   Swan i know Love can heal but lets be practical since we all are connected. How many people u think have 1st Chakra healed and how many people dont follow the news.

          Almost everyone of us follow the media and the news and since NASA or any other news are always filled with fear.

           So how many people you think will give out the love energy which can heal the planet when so much of fear has been spread and so little strength of love is left which is very much needed I agree.

            In this news I got yesterday is already everywhere spreading like fire and half the planet knows about it that NASA is trying to construct Capsules to prevent asteroids. 


            So there is no fear and I think the people got used on that after 21/12..So all this types of theories of fear will bring much more ideas to prevent further obstruction.

              And plus staying with the love energy and not completely believing in it will not work. We still need to work together to harness love energy than taking such a big risk!

            Good you spoke to me...Hope you know about this>

And this...

Much Love..Love should Reign!

Hi dear - heart.....glad to know about the meteors!

Most of the agencies of the government have a vested interest in keeping fear alive - and at the same time reducing freedom of speech.

Things like chem trails - poisoning the water supply and crops - and causing sterility in men and women (Documented - see the documentary Thrive- it is on youtube -  not to mention severe weather anomolies is a much more real threat than an asteroid hitting earth in my view.

Why? This is happening to us now and it is affecting the lives and well being of the Earth and its people. Oh and Homeland much to get into here.

So keep sending the Light of love.....

As to my way of thinking as I expressed above it brings me peace. I know that it does not take a majority...the tipping point has been reached. Heartmath Science shows that every I love you is 5000 times stronger than one I hate you. 

I also know the power of the AEON and we live in the century of it. The Archetype of the #20 is the energy of the 2nd chakra: 20/11/2 = 33 Mastery.  This is the time of advancing sexual expression in all the forms that is creativity.....

The Lion's Gate is opening tomorrow 8/8 as it does every year.

It is about achieving more of the Nature of the Universe: Balance


8:8 Gateway: The Lions Gate 8 (inner): 8 (outer) Justice

 The Power of 8: Archetype of Justice or Bringing Into Being

it is the anchoring of the 13th Crystal Skull


Each year when the Star Sirius rises on July 23rd a Gateway of Light opens and this Light is the Light of find Heart.....the Heart of the Lion.

Love and Fear cannot co-exist....

True Swan...I definitely agree and i have watched Thrive it has a good message!

     We are being constantly manipulated and i agree with you that Love can heal all problems. The question is how? How can we make people love when there is so much of constant fear around.How can we make them believe that this is the solution!


       Lets create a group Swan and focus on sending Love energy when such catastrophes are going to occur or places with disaster:)...And this will help us to keep our chakras aligned!

        Something needs to be done and someone needs to do something and focus on Love than fear!

                  You are right but how will the masses do that when everyone is manipulated by the media....News or NASA..or some doom's day prophet!

   Let me know what you think...Much Love~

Adam as your handle suggests we are to get back to the garden....Lilith the snake was the friend of Eve and offered her the secrets of the Universe contained in the apple - the five elements......of creation.It has every thing to do with LIGHT and the focusing of the elements in the way I mentioned in my original reply above.

So few have figured out what this means and why Eve was painted as the cause of all sin and suffering for her quest of knowledge....the hampering of freedom of speech that we see STILL going on now but even more insidious.

Eve represents the feminine in all of us....then the Masculine Adam can take this and provide the action....and the two together Adam and Eve create actualization. 1+ 2 =3 the true Trinity.

As to asteroids check out Chiron (time of the wounded healer is over) and Ceres the energy of the feminine - we all have to heal these wounds so the masculine can truly be active and we can participate in the marriage of respect: the Hieros Gamos - to be actualized. Also check out the Asteroid Lilith...more to the point her meaning....also there is a Lilith that is the Dark Side of the Moon.

Awareness - information and the questioning this brings - is the first step to being conscious. Being conscious is not regurgitating others thoughts from the we see so much of on these pages.

And thats ok.... but some of the stuff just because it is considered Esoteric was incorrect then and is still now. It seems when someone presents something as a blog they would want to pick out salient points and ask is it valid - if so why and if not why not. Then there is a real discussion.

As you know few here seem to read anybody's stuff and maybe for that reason. However if you add anything original it is dismissed especially if it is outside of "well Herodotus (or somebody) did not say that" I have gotten!

So as to your idea about a group effort here on the Esoteric site to pray - had not been my success when I have asked this participation with the different blogs I have left over the years. But I am a seed planter and hopefully in the back of one's brain they will germinate.... when the time is right.

I do not know if it is now - you can perhaps do a test blog to see how that is received...meaning the level of interest in people even taking the time to leave a comment.

So I know we cannot make people is an inside job first.....and it takes work to heal the inner child to have unconditioned love - (Bruce Lipton, Cellular Biologist research of 30 years in the book  - Biology of Belief - shows that we are only 5% conscious until we heal the inner child - it is the root of all ill health in all the areas of our life.)

Blessings, SwanRa

  Yes Swan, you maybe right all will come when the time is right and the urgency for such situations will increase on our planet or when like minded people like us see through the illusion of fear and will know the importance of praying,sending love or staying in the state of love being uneffected.


                We will give it some more time but i doubt years Swan! We need to do things ourselves what we think is important for our planet. We need to water our seeds with a fertile soil than be in waiting.


             And this is what i learnt in my experience helping people through a charitable cause or anything what i say which required help from the masses.


              We need to do something...start somewhere, a group, blogs...To plant the seed atleast in a few thousand people!

      Let all your seeds grow...Blessings!!!

Engineers Identify 12 Asteroids We Could Capture With Existing Rocket Technology


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