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Vedic Science -- The Solar System and Ancient Atlantean Cycle

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Large-scale structure of the Universe

....does anyone else find it intriguing that the universe looks a lot like neurons in the brain..........features of the universe on a macroscopic scale often resemble features of the human and microscopic scale

Kali Yuga length confused with the

Ancient Atlantean Cycle




Laurie Pratt

(Tara Mata)


(excerpted from "Astrological World Cycles" November, 1932)





There are cycles within cycles—cycles of inconceivably long as well as of unimaginably short duration. It is not, therefore, my aim to contend that the cycle (rather, half-cycle) of 4,320,000 years (Mahayuga or Manvantara) which the Kali Yuga scholars brought into prominence, has no basis in fact. In truth, a solar cycle of that length is recorded in ancient Hindu almanacs as having been preserved from the chronological compilations of a great astronomer-astrologer, Asuramaya, but I do wish to point out that, whatever the astrological import of the 4,320,000 year cycle, it should not be confused, as it has been since the dark days of Kali Yuga of the Descending Arc, with the Equinoctial 24,000 year Cycle with its two sets of four World Ages.


At that time a colossal mistake crept into the Hindu almanacs and has been blindly perpetrated ever since. Reference to the Diagram below will show that the year 700, B.C., marked the completion of Dwapara Yuga, and the beginning of Kali Yuga, of the Descending Arc.

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Exactly even Nassim disagrees with a heliocentric model>


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