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The approach of Science in the Vedas is that of searching for the ultimate truth, absolute knowledge. The knowledge encompassed there is an expression of omniscience. The Vedic Cosmology and Science of Nature is therefore derived from Brahm Vidya  Supreme Knowledge, which is the nucleus of all the knowledge. The search of Vedic Science finds the eternal truth in the cosmic as well as the sublime. It begins with "Athato  Brahmajigyasa"; meaning: let us now enquire about the Brahm. In other words, the quest of Vedic Science is top-down whereas that of the modern science is bottom-up. The latter has begun its journey from the gross, physically perceivable and has reached only up to the subtle atoms of matter and physically perceivable energy and accepted the fact that there do exist subtler particles and all pervading energy. 

The omnipresent perpetual Consciousness Energy is referred in the Vedic literature as Brahm  the self-existent cause of all existence, of all experiences, of all knowledge, of all manifested and sublime truth. The Brahma Sutra remarks  "That which exists in the infinite cosmos also exists within the tiny atom. This is how the Brahm is indwelling in the infinite cosmos". The Brahma Sutra (2-2-4) and Newtons Law of motion have a striking similarity in explaining the cause of motion as the (gravitational) force applied. Newton and Keppler also agree with each other in this context with regard to the motion of the planets but they do not explain the source of the mutual gravitation of the different planets. Here again the Vedic concept of "enormous levels and forms of the unified Cosmic Force" provides the complete answer. 
According to the Ryle theory whole universe was born about 10,000 billion years ago as a result of very great explosion (big bang) of a solid mass. Another theory - The Steady State Theory was propounded by Bondy and Hoyle that whatever is being born is emerging from naught. It is dynamic and the space left by it is filled by another creation also arising from vacuum. But the Vedic science holds a different, rather more comprehensive view explaining the relativity and perennial complementarity of creation and non-creation, matter and non-matter and existence beyond time and space. The Shwetashwatar Upanishad for example states that  the perpetual sat (the pure eternal light, the infinite impulse, of Brahm) manifests itself in three forms (called three gunas, three intrinsic faculties of Nature) namely sat, raja and tama.

Scientific Verification of Ancient knowledge

~Loka Samastha Sukino Bhavanthu~

~Sat Chit Ananda~

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what an amazing blog adam. i would love to read more of the vedic view of creation. i have meditated on how the universe came about and wrote about it. here is the image i saw when i asked that question. looks kinda like the graph above?

hehe...Nice image!....Science is slowly accepting vedic knowledge. But why should man go so far after years of research for something already is found. You start with these three pdf files and two videos and this video. You should first watch and understand clearly the video "Vedic theories of the universe"

haha thats what i started with, im half way into it. (8min).

than second video

than pdf was the plan .

really awesome post adam. 

Theres alot more to uncover anki. What we know is very less. In the other discusion i have posted almost every related video here:)..

I feel the ages of blunder is to realize the truth or it sums up that we need to be an instrument of truth due to ages of blunder!

just finished the first video.. wow. it indeed makes me think how little we know. how little we can see and realize. also what a perfect organism all this is in its entirely. would be so curious to know what life is in one of these other dimensions or planes.

off to watch second video.

Exactly anki and through yoga you can enter all these dimensions..Everything is possible if we change our thinking as this is science we are talking and not religion!

                                   As is the human body

                                       So is the cosmis body

                                  As is the human mind

                                      So is the Cosmic mind

                                  As is the microcosm

                                       So the macrocosm

                                  As is the atom

                                        So is the universe

                                                              ~ Upanishads everything is said and done but human nature is to question the truth and will stay in that loop without believing!. Thats the problem!

everything can be understood just by understanding ourselves and the simple things right under our noses that we overlook.

True Anki but even this the scientiest will overlook and will take a 100 years to prove:)

thats ok. beter late than never :) and from what u presented here the people back than knew all this anyway and so much more. i love all this info. so much to learn here. the eastern teachings give me this nice serene feeling.

I love Eastern teachings, there are so much feelings than knowledge.

Only feelings and love will take you back to your source, nothing else.

Om shanti.


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