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A Two-Part Interview about Crop Circles with Chet Snow:
The Hopi Prophecies and Messages from the Stars

by Diane M. Cooper

Crop Circles: The Hopi Prophecies

Diane: I understand you've had contact with Hopi Elders about the similarities between their sacred symbols and the glyphs appearing in the fields in England. How did this come about?

Chet: In the early 1980s I was officially a historian, archivist, and administrative officer for the US Air Force at Travis Air Force Base in California. At that time, two things occurred that were life changing. I had an industrial accident that wrenched my back, which allopathic medicine couldn't seem to resolve. And my grandmother died. She had been a very important force in my adult life, and although she didn't raise me, she was my closest living relative and emotional support.

These two things set into motion a chain of events, one of which got me interested in the subject of past lives. My grandmother quite literally decided that I needed instruction from the other side. She was very clear in what she said to me — I was to meet a woman named Helen, who worked in Berkeley — which wasn't far from where I lived — and it would be a very important meeting to help me understand why certain things had happened to me.

Within a week someone mentioned psychologist Dr. Helen Wambach, who was at Berkeley and had written some of the very first books on past-life therapy. I met Helen, and first I was her patient. Within six months, through the help of regression therapy, my back problem went away.

My association with her led me to write Mass Dreams of the Future,[1] which was Helen's original idea. Not only can we use states of higher consciousness to go into the past, but we can also look at the most probable lines of the future. This was, of course, a really incredible idea, particularly for the mid-1980s. Unfortunately, just as we were starting to collaborate, Helen passed away from a heart attack, and I inherited the project.

It was around this point in time that crop circles began to become a little more public. As I think you know, crop circles have been here probably forever, but certainly in modern times there have been photographs and reports of them in the media, scattered, as far back as the late 1970s. But it wasn't until the late 1980s that they became more prominent and more complex.

Part of Mass Dreams of the Future talked about the prophecies of Edgar Cayce as well as the Hopi Prophecies. And my book had been published for about a year or so when I was invited over by the Cayce Institute in England to do some lectures there. It was at a lecture in London that I first heard of crop circles. This was in 1990, I think.

I didn't have a chance to visit any circles at the time. But someone told me that some of the new crop circles that were appearing, that year and the year before, resembled some of the Southwestern Pueblo Indian petroglyphs.

Although I wasn't an expert, I had studied the Hopi Prophecy, and I knew about the Hopi Tablets and the Hopi Prophecy Rock. So I put two and two together, and thought there might be a connection between crop circles and the Hopi traditions.

In January or February of 1991, I moved to Arizona. And about that time someone gave me one of the very first books on crop circles from the Center for Crop Circle Studies. It was filled with line drawings, and I was very intrigued with these. I thought, Gee, some day I've got to show these to some Native people — if I ever meet any. I had known one or two Hopi, but I really wasn't "involved" with the Hopi tribe.

Then out of the blue I got a phone call, and it was a young man who was working with one of the Hopi traditional elders. He said, "I read your book, and we know you're in Arizona. Are you free this afternoon, because Grandfather Martin would like to meet you and would like you to come and hear what our prophecies really say."

So I said, sure. And he told me to plan to come up for a couple of days. So I grabbed some photocopies I had made of the diagrams in the crop circle book, stuffed them in my suitcase, and friend and I got in his truck and went there.

The Hopi were very polite and a little bit reserved. They seemed to be operating on the idea that we could help with a land dispute that was going on with them. They seemed to feel that if someone could find their ancient missing tablets, these might persuade Uncle Sam that there was a stronger case for these lands than the government's representatives realized.

The Hopi also seemed to be interested in the fact that I had mentioned their prophecy in my book. They were very concerned about what was coming — "the purification," as they call it — which they see in negative terms as a great disruption of civilization.

They were unhappy that the world was to be turned upside down, but they also realized that from a spiritual perspective our world is no longer meeting the conditions set up by Creator. We've taken a wrong turn somewhere, and something has to happen to shake us out of our complacency, they said.

Later, after spending some time together, we came together for dinner at a kind of town hall in one of the Hopi villages on Second Mesa. There were about twenty of us in this room having dinner, mostly men and a couple of women. They were very reserved . . . polite . . . not very forthcoming.

Sometime after dinner, I thought of the crop circle diagrams I had been carrying around in my briefcase. I pulled these papers out — and everything changed. You should have seen the look on their faces when they saw these designs. They lit up. There was recognition involved, and it was quite amazing.

One man, formerly reserved and dignified, in his late sixties, became excited just like a little kid. He grabbed one of the diagrams out of my hand, turned it upside down, and said, "No, no, no, this is put the wrong way, it should be looked at like this." He then started to explain it in Hopi terms.

The glyph had been titled Mother Earth Goddess and had appeared in 1989. When he took it, he said, "No, this is the womb, and here is the birth canal, and here is life coming out into our Fourth World — this dimension. We have this inscribed on some of our sacred rocks in our Sacred Canyon." For the Hopi, it was a representation of the birth or creation process.

Another glyph I showed them came from the same time period and was called the Dumbbell series. The Hopi man said, "This is our story of how the ancestors came from the sky." Of course, I was all ears by this time.

Coincidentally, while this talk was taking place, it was announced that we were bombing Bhagdad.

Here we are, out in the middle of nowhere, in a place with modern but rudimentary comforts, up on the Mesa, almost in another world, and the Hopi are telling me stories of how this world must be purified and will come to an end, and they are looking at these drawings of crop circles as a sign that this time is approaching — and at the same time, we are being told that the U.S. is going to war with Iraq. At the very same time.

So along with talk of land disputes and wanting people to testify in court, there was this other layer happening at the same time. There were even people there with videocameras, and we were allowed to take pictures. Normally the Hopi are a very reserved people, so this was a really great opportunity, and something which has never occurred since.

The next day, we went out to one of the canyons on their land. We were asked not to reveal where it was. We got out of the 4-by-4s, and after walking 20 minutes we suddenly found ourselves at a rock cliff face that went up about 100 feet with a mesa on top. All along the base of this, probably as far as a man on another man's shoulders could reach, were petroglyphs inscribed in the rock.

We were told that normally non-Hopi people are not allowed to come here, but they made an exception for us because of the crop circle diagrams I had shown them. They wanted me to see how some of the crop circles related to their petroglyphs.

Sure enough, the ones like the Mother Earth Goddess and the Dumbbell were there, inscribed on the rocks. Not necessarily in the same proportions, but the pattern was quite clear. They gave us a quick lesson in what I would call The Hopi Story of Genesis — the Creation story of our world as it occurs at three different levels: inside the earth, on the earth's surface, and above or in the Cosmic dimension.

All three were depicted, and the two that had images similar to the crop circles were levels within the earth depicting what they called Sipapu: a round room believed to exist somewhere in the ground. The entrance to it, they feel, is located in a very deep sinkhole in the valley of the Little Colorado River in northern Arizona, near what used to be their land before it was taken away so long ago. I guess it is now part of the Navaho reservation.

In this round room or Sipapu, as they call it, every time there has been a major world catastrophe, what we call earth changes (the Hopi say we move from one world to another), those people who are following the role that Creator has given them are taken in safety to this room, to be held there in order to start or populate the new world. Sipapu was one of the things they recognized as the round circles in the glyphs.

At the sky level of the wall, the more complex crop circle glyphs came into play. There was one called The Earth, which, in the Hopi designs, is a series of concentric circles which are mated with a star symbol — a very beautiful disc with a ring around it. At the edge of this picture is the Hopi symbol for the moon. The moon is a symbol of time for them — very important because they count by "moons."

The Hopi gave me to understand, from their point of view, that it is Mother Earth herself, giving us warning that not only have we taken a wrong turn, but also we are about to pay the consequences for the error of our ways. Somehow we have adopted the mindset that the Earth is ours to utilize and plunder as we wish, instead of the philosophy that we belong to the Earth and we are her caretakers.

The last thing that Grandfather Martin told me before I left was, "I want you to understand this about prophecy and about the future. You think that just because you have all these sophisticated weapons and technology you are going to bomb and beat back the people with Sadam Hussein. Our prophecy says that this is the beginning of the purification, and this war is going to last for decades, and 10 years from now Sadam Hussein is still going to be in power, and he is still going to be causing your government trouble."

Of course, at the time I didn't think too much about it. But boy when you think about 2001 and whoever is behind the terrorism happening in the world, Sadam Hussein must certainly be privy to it. It is very prophetic that Grandfather Martin would have made that very bold statement.

By the way, did you know that the word Jihad actually means "cleansing" or "purification" in Arabic? When I heard this I remembered what the Hopi said ten years ago.

The year after meeting the Hopi, I went back to England and made sure I went into a crop circle. And that's the story of how I got drawn into the Crop Circle mysteries.

Diane: What a great story! Thanks for sharing that.

Crop Circles: Messages from the Stars

Diane: It appears to me that something very deep and meaningful is occurring within the Crop Circle phenomenon.

Chet: Well, there is.

The Hopi experiences got me interested, but they've taken a backseat for me as I continue to appreciate the phenomenon for itself, in its own right. Because there is something quite incredible happening. I do think it is one of the world's great mysteries, yet very few people are paying attention.

Since that time with the Hopi, ten years ago, I've researched crop circles every summer, and have kept watch on the symbols that have appeared. I've noticed certain symbols appearing that I believe are very important.

For example, in 1992 a crop design occurred in England that included a crescent moon for the first time. In fact, it was very close to the Hopi moon symbol which is a full moon with a crescent moon in the middle of it. It was in the petroglyphs I was shown but it had never been seen in a crop circle. Yet here it was in a crop circle two years later.

I showed it to one of the elders, and his answer was , "The time is growing nearer. This is the sign of the People of the Moon, the ones you were fighting with in the Gulf War." The People of the Moon are the Islamic people — their symbol is the Star of Venus with the crescent moon.

It is also interesting to note that before 1992 there had never been a crescent moon symbol in the crop fields, and after 1992, every single year since, we've had at least one design that incorporates it.

Crop circles seem to be multidimentional in nature, due in part to the fact that they utilize Sacred Geometry. They can be fascinating to mathematicians, interesting to architects, and I've even known engineers to be interested in crop circles because they feel that certain of the designs could be blueprints for different types of motors.

There have been crop circles that have represented the Tree of Life of the Kaballah, and there was one that was looked like a Menorah. There have been Stars of David, or Seal of Solomon-type designs. And so the symbols of different religions have been represented in the crop circles.

Diane: Is there a sense of an international language?

Chet: Yes, in a way. It appeals to so many types of people. I think the crop circles work on our subconscious mind, similar to the way a mandala does.

What many people don't realize is that even though the modern day phenomenon has centered around southern England, there have been crop circles in many different countries including America and Canada.

Diane: Where have crop circles shown up here in the United States?

Chet: Well, mostly in the Northwest — Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, and Montana — although there also have been some in the midwest, particularly in Oklahoma and Kansas. I know of one set in South Carolina, and in Maryland there have been a number, also in upstate New York.

One very interesting design that couldn't be called a crop circle but certainly seems to fit in to the same category was a sand circle that occurred outside of Albuquerque some years ago and came on a very significant date to the Navajo people. It was shaped like a spiral. There was also a sand image reported in Egypt one year.

Most of the designs seem to be based on what is called Sacred Geometry — starting with a simple circle, triangle, rectangle, and square, and their relationships. It takes someone with mathematical or geometric understanding to put them together and break them down into their individual components.

One of the best experts in this particular aspect of crop circles research is a fellow named Zef Damen. He starts with the final product and works backward. It's very complex. Most of the more intricate crop circles of the last few years require at least 20 to 22 steps starting from a circle to arrive at the design. And some of the steps are incredible to think could happen out in a field, especially in the middle of the night. Even a crew of relatively skilled people would have a hard time creating some of the designs. I'm not saying it would be impossible, but they would have a hard time doing it.

Diane: Even if there were humans that made it, there still seems to be something guiding the process, don't you think?

Chet: Well, there would almost have to be. First of all, if you look at the young men in England who claim to be making these, none of them has the background, by their own admission, to design these extraordinarily complex geometric iterations that have to take place in order to end up with the final design. That alone is very interesting, because it says that even if some of these designs are made by these young men, something somewhere is influencing them. Maybe they've opened themselves to allow this force. . . this intelligence. . . to work with them or through them.

I do believe, however, that there are crop circles that have been created in the last six years that could not be manmade due to the conditions in which they occurred — that is to say, in a short amount of time. Some of them have been clocked at happening within 30 minutes to an hour, in the middle of the night, without any lights and with no physical evidence of significant human presence.

By significant human presence, I mean that one person might be able to make it through a field without being detected, but there is no way to hide the fact that ten people walked through a field. Which is what it would take to create some of the circles.

Some really incredible designs have been made by humans, but the farmer is aware of what's going on, there are lights involved, and there is always evidence of many people working in a field. You can see where they walked or you see where they laid down poles to make surveys.

There are crop circles however, that have been found that don't have any of that kind of evidence and yet are of incredible, beautiful design. Certainly one of the most extraordinary ones of this year is the one on Milk Hill. They call it the Mega Julia after a French mathematician. It is a nautilus-kind of curve that occurs in many living structures, like a seashell for instance.

It has 409 circles. It's 850 feet in diameter, and the center circle is big enough to put a house in — so it covers about half an acre.

It was estimated that if you took the time when the sun went down on August 12 to the time the sun came out the next morning, and divided it by 409, you would have to have made a circle every 30 seconds to create that formation.

Anyway, it was situated on a hill where a lot of people go hiking, and there were people out there the night before, so it couldn't have been made by a team of people, otherwise they would have been noticed.

And to boot, I understand that it was also the nastiest weather night of the month of August. It was a stormy, rainy night by all accounts.

So when you add things up, it just doesn't compute that these could be done entirely by human beings.

Diane: Did any of the crop circles have a correlation with September 11 in your estimation?

Chet: Crop circles are finished by that date. Even in bad weather years, the harvest takes place late in the month of August or early September. The latest crop circle that has come up in England was the 5th or 6th of September.

Milk Hill was August 11 or 12.

The next night after that — August 13, what they call the Face appeared. That was one of the two that came in the same field next to Britain's major radio telescope observatory. They both seem to tie in with what one might call, for want of a better word, "glyphs" concerning other parts of our solar system.

Many people have tied this glyph to the Face on Mars that was viewed by the Viking Orbitor in the '70s. And The Face is qualitatively different from other crop circles. It's very interesting, because it is not really made of circles. It is made like a honeycomb. If you were to slice through a honey comb you'd find hexagonal shapes. The pixels that are on The Face, are not hexagonal, they are actually diamond shaped, like squares turned on one corner, and each diamond is enclosed by a circle.

The most intriguing thing about The Face is that the further back you get from it, the better the perspective of the picture. So when we were close to it, particularly when we were inside — it was impossible to tell what the design was. It was like walking through a whole series of dots in circular frames. Some of the dots were closely packed together making a darker portion, because there was less flattened and more standing crop.

But when you take an aerial view from far away, the dots arrange themselves, just as they do in a printed photograph, into a recognizable pattern of light and shadow that becomes a face.

In my mind, making this crop circle by hand would have required a brilliant designer and a team of very skilled persons who were adept in working with feathery materials such as wheat stock, and all this in a field at night next to an observatory that is fenced in. People were working there the day before. There was even a night crew, and no one saw or heard anything. It was discovered the next morning when the day crew came on duty.

Five days later, on the night of August 19 – 20 in the same field, a rectangle of about 100 by 200 feet appeared. The rectangle had a border of laid-down wheat and what is extraordinary about it is the image was in binary code. Normally, binary code is made up of ones and zeros. In this case the code was created in squares.

Diane: What did the code say?

Chet: This is what's interesting. This particular template was used by Carl Sagan, the astronomer from Cornell, and a team that worked with NASA back in 1974, to send out a radio message using this exact format. The message that was sent was about the Earth, the human race, and our solar system, and it was literally beamed out by radio telescope to the stars. That was done from Arecibo, Puerto Rico, which has the major radio telescope of the United States.

The message had different levels. One level portrayed the atomic numbers for what is considered to be the building blocks of carbon-based life — things like nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, etc. (click on photo to see diagram comparing the crop circle with the actual message).

Next, it talked about the molecular nucleic formula that is necessary to make up the protein that we have in our DNA, plus a graphic of our DNA, of the double helix. There was a graphic of a human being with a small head and fairly long legs, and a graphic of the number of people on the earth, which at that time was 4 billion at that time. All of this was done in binary code.

Finally, there was a picture of our solar system, and at the bottom, a picture of the radio telescope: a curved dish on a platform.

Now what came back in the crop circle was exactly the same, and in exactly the same format — but with certain changes.

In the series of elements, there were six elements instead five. Silicon was added in its correct place in the atomic periodic table.

The place where the human being was came back looking very different. Instead of having a small head, this being had a big head, and instead of being six feet tall, the being was about four feet tall and had long arms.

In terms of the picture of the solar system, again, it was different. The size of the sun was smaller and there were different planets highlighted. In the original message from Arecibo, the third planet from the sun was highlighted. Here, the crop circle showed three planets — the third, fourth, and fifth — with the 5th planet being highlighted.

Now, remember this was all done in binary squares in the middle of a crop field.

Under that, it had the number 7 billion instead of 4 billion. And down below, instead of a picture of the telescope, it showed a crop circle from the year 2000 that had occurred in the same field only a year earlier.

As you can imagine, the discovery of this image created a huge uproar, as soon as people realized what it must be. It's not just that it was done in exactly the same pattern and set up as the radio telescope of 1974 — it was like a direct answer.

Diane: Kind of like the movie Contact.

Chet: That's what people have said. And yet, it's very hard for anyone to believe.

Now, then, with this extraordinary news set to come out, suddenly what happened was September 11. No part of this phenomenon will probably ever get into the mainstream, because the whole world is focused on something else.

I'm not saying that there is a direct cause and effect here. But I do think it is interesting to note the relationship in time of the two events. And in Canada, where the season ends later than in England — sometime between September 11 and 14 — another symbol appeared, that was much simpler than the one in England but nonetheless was rectangular in shape, and looks like what they call the Seal of Solomon, which is a rectangular Star of David with 7 points that connect into two triangles and a big central circle. That one has not been reported very much.

So there has been a progression this year toward something. And then, of course, it stopped because the end of the season came. There are many of us waiting for next year to see what they'll do to top this one, and what additional information we may receive.

Diane: Wow, that's something!

Chet: What I say to people is that this is one of the biggest stories of the last 500 years — since the discovery of America — if it's true. And of course we don't know if it is.

Diane: But what an exciting mystery!

Chet: Now you see how something that started for me 10 years ago with the Hopi, and 15 years ago with my grandmother coming to me from the other side, has brought me into this marvelous mystery — one of the greatest of our time.

For me this phenomenon is like being on a rollercoaster ride with someone else at the controls. Until we are given the full picture, there is nothing much we can do except speculate and use our God-given human intelligence to piece things together.

And until then, it's a heck of a ride. Enjoy the pictures!

Diane: Thank you Chet!

Chet Snow, of Sedona, Arizona, is a member of the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group, and the main American distributor of their 2002 Crop Circle Calendar — the only one to feature large color photos of the 2001 English formations, including those at Milk Hill and Chilbolton.

For information on calendars and Chet's annual English crop circle tour, e-mail him at


1. Mass Dreams of the Future by Chet Snow and Helen Wambach, Paperback, ISBN: 1882530101, available from Dr. Snow, PO Box 1738, Sedona, AZ 86339.

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This is indeed a great article and i especially appreciate the mention of the famous 1974 radio broadcast and response. The only quarrel, if you will, that i have is that Chet describes how Saddam is "privy" to whoever is behind 2001. I'm sorry but at this point in time if you still think that 9/11 was performed by "terrorists" then I don't think the Ufology field(which encompasses crop circles) is for you. It is my opinion that as an author, researcher whatever; it's irresponsible to use the term "terrorism." Anyone who knows anything understands that"terrorism" and "terrorist"are manufactured terms that have no basis in reality, and are used to control the masses. Other than this one painfully obvious digression from the crop circle state of mind i enjoyed this interview. The most important aspect of crop circles in my opinion, which i was glad was mentioned; was sacred geometry. I love that chet said they are multidimensional. This is very true. Thankyou for sharing this information.
This was an absolutely fascinating post.  As a follower I knew about the circles but the information about the Hopi Indians was really great.  Having read the "Book of Hopi" many years ago, I totally believe in their predictions.  Thank you so very much for presenting this material, Carol.  As there is much information here, I have saved this post into my Crop Circle file and will reread it later.  Well done.  Thanks again.


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