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By Madhuri Dey
According to the sources, Google is all set to unveil another “mysterious logo”. The ongoing changes that is being in the Google homepage has reportedly stirred a fair amount of speculations amongst the Google aficionados, who are finding it quite difficult to come to terms with the ongoing changes.

The Google homepage which has witnessed a considerable amount of changes in recent times, such as the change in the text font, is now probably undergoing another change in order to unveil it’s new logo. Sources reveal that Google has reportedly put up a special “crop circle” logo, which can be seen in some of the “Pacific region” countries, that are currently in the time zone i.e., September 15th.

The logo portrays a “flying saucer” flying over a field with the “Google logo” being spelled out. The related countries that are witnessing the newly transformed and renovated homepage are Japan, UK, China, Taiwan, Australia and Korea.

What made the aforementioned shift more interesting was that each of the countries that Google used its new logo, had it linked with that to a search for that specific country’s word for “crop circles”. For example, in Japan, the link gradually went for a search termed “mystery circles”. However, not all of the Pacific region based countries are using the newly transformed logo. Countries like Vietnam, Singapore and Philippines have been reported to have stuck to their standard Google home page.

The Google logo comes soon after the company had a logo of an UFO on its international homepage that was linked to a search for “unexplained phenomenon”. It is yet to be known about why Google is using a crop circle logo.

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I read that it is something to do with the anniversary of the birth of H.G Wells on Sept 21.

Anyway, just thought I'd let everyone know that Google sucks and that you should use Scroogle:

I only use Google to search for images, as that site doesn't have the function to do that.

thanks for that tip AbZu


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