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So today I purchased an exquisitely carved rose quartz skull and thought I`d share some information regarding the subject. I came across a website that had all the information I wanted to post and more so I will just share the link. If any one else has any crystal skulls or other information I`d love to hear about it!


Here is a picture of 4 skulls with my cat frolicing about, two are rose quartz, one aventurine, and the other is clear quartz. I am still seeking more although they are hard to find. The large rose quartz one and my clear quartz one are of a higher quality than the other two, and I feel a stronger energy from the one I purchased today, possibly because it`s larger, I`m not sure... Something compells me to collect them and pyramids so I do and I`m getting closer to learning the truth day by day I believe.  

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Very interesting link Dustin

thank you



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