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God has always been, and in all - both the past, the present and the future of it, in all its variations. That is God - as the possible past, present and future all, in all and of all, now. It was fulfilled in Christ at the time for all the times' expanding midst. The three extremes of time in an infinitely large circle, moves in relation to each other in accordance with all, to fulfill the moment of us wholly in all parts of the multiverse - three extremes that are simultaneously the same, but fulfilled in all different ways to be three unique individuals; in the exoteric as the sensible, the esoteric as the innate and the ephemeral as the connection between the exo- and esoteric. Everyone is a specific feature of that fulfillment, that is in three generations, each containing a duality separated with an infinite amount of potential orbitals, stabilised as twin souls for each variation of the trinity; two between which a flame of that potential exists - and twelve dimensions that fulfills the twin flame's specific feature of the stabilisation in a definition of the orbitals as either or non of the dimensions for each orbital. Everyone is intricately in its specific feature, a life as everyone's specific features together, among an infinite amount of generations, orbitals and dimensions. Everyone's this way, potential for life, together is God.

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