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God is made up of Spell Particles. Spell Particles are the dimensionalities that defines the orbitals to the generations of infinity in God. God is made up of an infinite potential amount of such generations. The variety of elements in such an infinity of infinities are fulfilled once per universe as a potentially infinite amount of universes, by having three generations contained in them, in orbitals of twelve dimensions.

  The orbitals of the generations of infinity to universes are defined in numbers by a mathematical base of twelve, having zero to define the undefined and one through twelve to define the dimensionality of an orbital charged with direction. Whole numbers are a singular orbital, despite potentially using several digits to be defined. Orbital zero, being the whole number, is always defined in an infinite dimensional environment to physically hold the Spell Particle. Orbital zero in turn holds an infinite number of orbitals that either are defined or undefined with dimensionality. Each Spell Particle is made up of three generations of the infinity in God. They are the observable, observation and observers in definition of a universe - focus. Focus makes up Spell Particles. Every possible Spell Particle over an infinite potential of universes is God.

  Each singular entity of God can define its life beyond any universe's confines by using any mathematical base to its formulation of focus. It is really just about freely standing up for what we are. It is the power that all the universes holds together and the fleetingness of what it means to be an invidivual of God. In steering that power onto charges of direction into the dimensionality of orbitals over the three generations to each universe, all the universes together can hold an absolutely free definition of every individual. This is what God is made of.

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