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The meaning of being alive

Care held inside is meaning
in the eternal life force - chi.

It is with us.

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The Constitution of God

Started by Eleonora Feb 15. 0 Replies

Each and allGod is made up of Spell Particles. Spell Particles are the dimensionalities that defines the orbitals to the generations of infinity in God. God is made up of an infinite potential amount…Continue

Tags: I am, What it means to be free, What makes us free

All in All

Started by Eleonora Feb 11. 0 Replies

God has always been, and in all - both the past, the present and the future of it, in all its variations. That is God - as the possible past, present and future all, in all and of all, now. It was…Continue

Tags: What is God, What God is, I am

Becoming Divinity

Started by Eleonora Oct 3, 2018. 0 Replies

Divinity exists in all of us. The divine, by being benevolent, creates by the care we possess. It is the lightest and easiest whim we can have - making creation a natural process. Both negative and…Continue

Tags: Finding divinity, Jotting out reality with care, Love transforming us

God Inside

Started by Eleonora Sep 28, 2018. 0 Replies

Everything exists in relation to it fulfilling a meaning. God fulfills its meaning by being in a wholly quickening acceleration, allowing for simultanously finding itself present in everyone. The…Continue

Tags: All in all, The source of everything, Goddess of Divinity

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Comment by Eleonora on September 2, 2018 at 12:49

To be an observer in any context is to have a soul. To have a soul is to earn divinity within the context of being an observer. The contexts within which we are observers are defined by how long the moment of it is, how intricate living in that moment is and what is demanded of the observer for it to be defining love. Once we define love within the context of being an observer, we deserve divinity - being. Divinity is the freedom to define the focus there is, taking us to any possible state of living. With divinity, all states of living are possible and a state of living is the stand we have with focus amidst all other possible states of living. There is a free state of living for every possible way that focus is defined and every possible way for focus to be defined is an observer. Focus is the way that consciousness is defined for information to be processed in any certain way and consciousness is the way information feels when information is processed. Information is the process of focus between all the different observers involved in any given outcome. The state of truth between us is information. Any current information defines the state of the soul.

Comment by Eleonora on August 29, 2018 at 14:00

Inner Space

With the speed of light, all stretches becomes infinitely short, because through that, time passes in a holy stretch of the light's potential with a smallest possible unit of spacetime per moment, which is why all stretches are travelled simultaneously as a single unit of time; as the moment - focus that shifts between different moments. Every possible moment exists now, in the timeless space. Focus can shift between them, through divinity. All focus that shifts is through divine mercy. Divine mercy is that focus shifts as we believe. All moments consists of focus.


Outer Space

Concepts are how energy is formed through our focus. We can invest in our eternity's time's moments, spread across the concepts as we want, in every moment. The world takes form after how we invest them, and all relationships are formed after that. The inner space meets the outer in the focus we have on that investment. That is divinity.

Comment by sav on December 5, 2017 at 9:01

You speak the truth. It is not TOO easy - just so easy!

Comment by Eleonora on December 3, 2017 at 15:34

We, the living, are the only ones that cares and experience. Since we must put up with it, we should also fairly own the right to create reality to our own delight. Reality is in itself unchangeable, although the way that we captivate each moment in it needs to be up to us, in order for it to make right for that we are in it.


I believe it is as easy as that we all have a say in whether reality is magical or not. Whenever we are ready, it will be ready too. Whatever constitutes readiness though, can only be truly defined by each of us alone.


What we all have to agree on in how it works, in order for it to work, is simply that it works. It's a hard bargain, but in the end it falls on us just loving each other. Then the say on how it works falls on the sole fact that everyone has the say purely for themselves.

Comment by Eleonora on January 9, 2016 at 9:20

Here are a few points to consider for your own divinity – the focal points of joy.

  • Focus all belief into care. It is the quantity of power.
  • All creation is personal. What is made is individual measures.
  • Be benevolent. Benevolence is a pure return of all creation.

Take them to heart and own them as your own. The consideration of them is victory.

Comment by Eleonora on September 23, 2015 at 9:28
A will in unison is true.
A will in opposition is tethered.
A will in honor is free.

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