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Graduating from the Third to the Fourth Dimension (The Triple Stranded DNA)

An Overview Of Man

We have come a long way as 3rd Dimensional, Earth grounded human beings evolved in an animal body. A body of flesh created for us in which to function for a short time in this plane, only to be discarded again and again on our souls journey thru time. But our immortal souls are much older than this; and for eons, each one of us has traveled the "Corridors of Time".

Souls are spawned in the Causal World, the home of God, as GOD goes from un-manifest to a manifest state. These are his children and they go forth thru out all the known Universes. They are given free will so they might experience in all levels of creation.
Sometimes they get lost and forget whom they are; but there are always "Brothers" helping them find their way back out of the darkness that binds their souls. To accomplish this, we have to recognize and acknowledge the immortal Soul within each one of us.

Souls are constantly being created by God, so of course there are "old Souls" and "younger Souls", each in their own stage of growth.
All energies are contained within the Soul, both masculine and feminine, as they are both aspects of God who is the formless center of creation.

Thru out space there are Beings with physical bodies on 3rd Dimensional planets. They don’t all necessarily look like Earthmen. Each is a product of their own evolutionary environment, and the intercedence by other beings as in the case of Earth. Many planets are advanced far beyond us; some have not yet reached our level.

4th Dimensional planets also coexist with 3rd Dimensional planets thru out space, the same as in the case of our own planet. All dimensions are interlocking and are superimposed – one over the other – in a multidimensional universe. The inhabitants of 4th Dimensional Worlds live in their Soul Bodies.

In 3rd Dimensional Worlds the Soul is cloaked in a denser form. 4th Dimensional beings are able to lower their vibratory rate to function or incarnate in the 3rd Dimension. The reverse is not true for 3rd Dimensional beings. 3rd Dimensional beings are only aware of their own dimension, plus the 2nd and 1st Dimension.

Space is not an empty void. It is filled with worlds within worlds. When we in a 3rd Dimensional World make it to the next dimension, we, too, will live in our Soul Body. But there are many levels within each dimension that must be traversed before the next dimension is reached. Reincarnation is the process thru which we work our way on a spiral upwards towards this goal. The Third Dimensional World we live in at present, however, will continue on with a new wave of souls replacing the ones who have “graduated” to the next class in our “school of life”. They will coexist with souls who have not yet “graduated”.

This continues on until a planet enters its own 4th cycle, as Earth is in the process of doing at this time. Then, only 4th dimension graduates will remain on its surface for a period of time until they have learned to cloak themselves from 3rd dimensional inhabitants. After a period of time, the planet will be repopulated with 3rd dimensional life. In the meantime those who are not ready to graduate into the 4th dimension, will be removed to other areas of space to continue their experience.

A new planet is at present being terra-formed in the image of Earth for this purpose. Those who will be transferred at the end of this Planetary Cycle, will have no memory of having been here, but on a very deep level within their being, they will feel regret that they did not make the effort to go on with their planet. Some among those on the planet, who will be graduating at this time, were transferred to Earth at the end of a similar cycle on their planets.

The difference for us at this point in time (the new Cosmic Golden Age) will be that as 4th Dimensional Earth people, we will inherit a more beautiful environment in which to continue our growth; along with an improved body containing a triple stranded DNA.

The change will be brought about thru the highest level in the Astral World. (See Story of Man, Part IV, Chapter 6 for description of the Astral World.) This will alter our current body and we will no longer need this present animal form. The triple Helix will be two-thirds feminine and one-third masculine.

Our approach to truth and understanding may be from many different views, but they all merge into one. The goal is the same for all. And just as parents love and guide their children, so do the more evolved Soulshelp those that are more immature.” “Hands reaching back” to form a chain of evolvement.

The first hindrance to man is a lack of knowledge. To obtain a new expanded understanding, one must be willing to "turn loose" the old patterns and reach out to receive that which is being sent into his awareness. (Stop identifying.) There is nothing new, it's just that we have forgotten, and it's time to "wake up".

Many great teachers who descended the scale of vibration to bring the Light and Knowledge back into our awareness have mapped out the way for us. The evidence is all around us. To understand what has been handed down from the past, and is still being brought to our sphere of consciousness in the present, all you have to do is open your eyes to see, and your hearts to understand.

Follow me on a little journey back thru time where a more enlightened man began to slip back into the darkness.

From Return to the Golden Age Of Man: Jerry Issa

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Awesome! ThaNks!
Hi Mental alchemist, I am curious about all these wild claims about super powers, God consciousness and enhanced this or that, that those interested in DNA activation assure us is about to occur. The reason being, there was a piece in the Daily Mail recently about a little boy in the UK, born with 3 active strands of DNA, the only one in the World with such activation. As you mention this 3 strand DNA in your article, as a positive thing I was interested to learn more, as on first seeing the headline, I thought wow, it's starting,all the fabulous cool stuff promised by new age thinkers and Ascensionists is upon us. Until I read further to find out this little lad, is severely disabled in Body and mind because of the genetic difference,The amount of things wrong with him was heart breaking, and since reading this, I am not so sure actively attempting to alter ones DNA or Genetic blueprint is a positive thing. I wondered if the folks here had any comments about the dangers in DNA activation.


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