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Ahh the paradox. We are living it. 2012 in Chinese Astrology is the year of the Water Dragon. Anything that is birthed has a gestation period. Heart energy always prevails.

We have collectively birthed Water Dragon that is about Feeling the YIN of our true Emotional Nature - Water and Earth of Soul.  The Dragon transmutes negativity with its fiery breath (fire/air) which is YANG (Spirit).


The Water Dragon is another symbol of the sacred marriage of the Yin (Soul) Yang (Spirit) partnership.  The Dragon’s body is the composite, the manifestation, of the five elements or Chi energy.


“Chi is a sound. The sound of Chi reaches beyond audible frequencies for it is the sound of the harmonious vibration of the Universe that reverberates within. It is the life energy of harmony, which is a quality that creates beauty and originates in Love for it is Love that creates harmony. So Chi is a power of Love.    


The motivating essence of Chi is what breaths life into all things, linking Sprit with Substance (Soul) and generating awareness from within because Life itself is manifested outwards from within.” Kenneth Meadows


It is about letting every day be new: true humility having dropped judgment and all story. Therefore Water Dragon is about Spring, renewal. A rose always remembers it is a rose even when it is cut back every fall. Each spring the rose bush not only grows back but is fuller and stronger. We can see where thinking inside the box has gotten us.

It is the time of the Water Dragon!  There has been a long gestation of lifetimes to get to the point we are living now - this Age of Aquarius. Having the courage (heart) to question all and everything that is not Justice for all. To walk our own talk.

Many as they are waking up across the globe are adding voice and are standing up for more justice in the world. They are remembering they are a Rose. Ending the litany of others words in any ideology or any religion.

We have remembered who we are enmass. We are actualizing. This is being done through activism or from our armchair through daily meditation and visualization. Every change we make internally to release the beliefs we hold that have contributed to our own limitations we are adding to the Morphogenetic Resonance (see Rupert Sheldrake).

We are seeing people, all those gorgeous Water Dragons, standing up in greater numbers across the world first East Berlin, then Tiananmen Square and all across the Middle East, and eight who first stood to occupy Wall Street and ignited a world wide response.

“Each celestial body, in fact each and every atom, produces a particular sound on account of its movement, its rhythm or vibration. All these sounds and vibrations form a universal harmony in which each element, while having it’s own function and character, contributes to the whole. Pythagoras (569-475 BC)

It is a time of reflecting that Music.Seeing ourselves as we really are.

Maslow was wrong. It is not about Safety first. Some us would rather live free or die.  Darwin was way wrong also about his theory of survival of the fittest. Best selling author Greg Braden reports that there are over 400 peer reviewed studies that show Life is about support – contributing to the welfare of the whole not competition.

America has had an ethic of “every man for himself” and we can see where that has gotten us. We have learned from contrast. Pain has been a good teacher.

We can infer that numbers do count as we have seen the results (without control) from any election ballet or petition or the many who stand for more Justice in one form or another across the planet as we are witnessing its escalation now. Power to the People.

It is time for A new Spring....of our daily creation. Things can be different because they are.

So mote it be and so it is. AMEN.

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Absolutely wonderful Nancy you've made a sister waterdragon very happy. I only had my intuits and read a little about how we are mellower than some dragons.

My feeling is that all lifetimes are converging in this one, each lifetime holding a piece of the puzzle for the picture that is unfolding now. Many think of looking back at past lives as escaping the here and now,

where as I see they make sense of now, empower it for each was both a window from and a window on spirit. From each we crystallise something of the essence of who we each and collectively are,

like beads on a necklace.

 Once I made a window necklace from swarovoski chandelier crystals for a room I had painted purest white and the sun would fill it with rainbows that danced whenever the gentlest breeze passed. 

It was shown to me in vision that spirit will be coming so far down into our world that it would be visible to even our earthly eyes. 

Many moons past, I used a little spiritual magic when we were really needing to find a place to live and wrote some auspicious numbers, that related, around the edge of a postcard we placed in a shop window.

The person who answered was a treble Sag, I am double with mercury also there, who turned out was my father in China several lifetimes back. Our connection opened his natural psychism into a level where he could converse with inner plane teachers and much insight and wisdom was shared during our evenings together

30 yrs back now.

One message from the inner worlds talked about souls being known as a rose.

Thank you for inspiring the memories, that is key to these times, remembering why we are here.

First of all - your name reminds of when I had the great good fortune to live in China just after Tieneman Square - It was only for a month....but ohhh the gardens and the beautiful lotus pools.

I am so happy you shared your story of meeting your father ....lifetimes back in wonderful. I run into people a lot that I have known in other life times. 

And you like me are a bead stringer.....literally and figuratively.I am so glad you pay attention to the information you receive in meditation.

I love Spirit magic - it is the magic that brings us to more dominion. !!

Roses hold the highest healing vibrations on the planet. I make rose petal jam and do ceremony with rose petals where I consecrate the Earth....where there is density....and then in meditation I received I am the Rose and it is my vibration where ever I go that clears....I do not have to have a stash of rose petals.....but I am hankering for some Jam - you never tasted anything so fabulous in your life unless you have had rose jam!

The dragon in me loves roses.....soooothes the fire and increases the breath!!

You said, "My feeling is that all lifetimes are converging in this one, each lifetime holding a piece of the puzzle for the picture that is unfolding now. " You are so correct.

Good on you - dear LotusLakeDawn. Ever been to China?

We are the dragons that understand that Quan Yin was one - the water Dragon - as it is about compassion. It takes fire to transmute disrespect....compassion is the utmost in respect. I love you.


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