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The ancient Zoastrians and magi who started a tradition of chivalry more than 7,000 years ago used fire as a symbol representing the One Light, the Truth, and the Will to Goodness or “Nobility” that is inherent in the fabric of every soul. They knew Dragons and the fire elementals as living conscious beings who represented primarily Truth and Annihilation.

Annihilation of what you ask? Of the false ego, the false self concept that is limiting the current possibilities of what you can become. The obstacle between us and what we are becoming is physical death. The dragon reminds one that ultimately what remains after an encounter with one of their kind is what spirit wills, that which is eternal. But often not the physical body which rarely survives this encounter.

To face the dragon means to be prepared to let go of the truly unreal, of the false. For it is the spirit alone which can prevail over the dragons.

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