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Michael Scot, The Wizard (1175-1234)


Michael Scot or Scotus Michel

l start the last quarter of the twelfth century, sees the light of the world who became a renowned scholar, astólogo, alchemist, occultist and accomplished magician. Would the time of Stupor Mundi , that is, the first third of the thirteenth century, during theMiddle Ages . 

   ichael Scot , born in the lowlands(Lowlands) ofScotland , in the year of the Lord 1175, belonged 
to the clan of 
who lived in 
the border areas, 
hence its name. 

                                         ichael attended as a student at the school attached to the cathedral of Durham .Then 
he went to Oxford and the University of Paris 
where he studied mathematics.
Surely also studied 
theology reaching 
the clerical 
being then 
what does not 
preclude devote 
to the study of the occult. 
then spent some time 
Bologna .

n the 1200s Michael Scothad no qualms 
in addressing the splendid 
of the 
Emperor Frederick II 
inSicily ,
getting a job there as a translator. 
Due to its brilliant erudition 
won the title of 
Imperial Tutor 
after joining 
wise alcirculo 
surrounding the 
in Palermo 
Likewise was 
of the Lord Emperor, as 
stated in some 

n the year of 1209 went towards Toledo , correlating scholars there with Arabs. A year later he finished writing a work entitled De Abbreviatio avicennae .Likewise studied and translated many treatises on astrology, philosophy and alchemy Arabs, as well as comments on the philosophy of Ibn Rushd (Averroes)

n 1220 returns to Palermo, where he engaged in the practice of medicine, achieving imperial and papal recognition . Thus in 1223, the wizard also PopeHonorius III repairs on it making him Archbishop of Cashel in Ireland , but Michael declines to accept because they know the language of Ireland. Then the same Honorius appointed him Archbishop of Canterbury and later the infamousGregory IX in 1227 named in the same archdiocese, but this time he was opposed by the unwillingness of the clergy of the place. Honorius III

Gregory IX

According to Roger Bacon
Michael visited Oxford 
about the year 1230 
certain books of 
and comments 
from scholars about 
physics and mathematics. " 

to date of his death 
is uncertain, but as 
good science adept 
was hidden, is accepted 
generally as occurred 
1234 , a number of 
very curious cabalistic. 

iertos his literary works dealing with astrology, alchemy and occultism. 

mong his works are:

  • Super Auctorem Spherae
  • De Sole Et Moon
  • Theatrum Chimicum
  • From Chiromantia
  • From Physiognomia Et De Hominis Procreation

to legend credited with stone become a coven of witches, identified as the Stone Circle Long Meg and Her Daughters . His most famous feat that used to have parties for your friends where you endlessly viands and delicacies were served from the royal kitchens of France, Spain and other European courts which were transported there by spiritual and invisible entities. 

was reputed to mage shortly after his death, appearing in The Divine Comedy of Dante .Boccaccio dedicated his thing and also the even more famous occultist Pico della Mirandolahad to also work on astrology attack.Sienmbargo, Michael Scot was defended byGabriel Naud é in his Apology .

Pico della Mirandola

Gabriel Naudé 

go Walter Scott tried to identify with his namesake Sir Michael Scott of Balweariewho was sent by the crown as ambassador to Norway in 1290, but historians agree that it is very doubtful, (come on man, be an ambassador for 115 years, something big boy, for more magician out to those matters, right?) while not denying that they can have some kinship. 

See The Lay of the Last Minstrel
by Sir Walter Scott. 

              It is said that he died and was burried at Melrose in the scottish borders after completing several important works on the subject of Alchemy. In one rather curious event concerning scott it is said he invited friends to dine but failed to provide any cooked food and instead caused spirits to bring dishes to the table, insisting that they had been brought from the kitchens of the Pope and from various sovereigns of Europe, including of France and Spain. It is also said he sailed in a demonic ship and rode through the sky on a demonic horse. In Dante's inferno, Scot is one of the Magis condemned to eternal torture.

fiction as modern works also have dedicated space:

  • James Hogg - The Three Perils of Man
  • Allan Massie - The Evening of the World and Arthur the King
  • The Lord of Middle Air -  Michael Scott Rohan , who claims to be a descendant of the magician ... (the same as me, look at you ...:-D)
  • Jane Yolen - Tartan Magic
  • Shoebox Zoo, a children's TV program.
  • Katherine Kurtz and Deborah Turner Harris - The Adept
  • John Bellairs - The Face in the Frost.
  • John Buchan - The Three Hostages
  • Erik Fosnes Hansen - Falketårnet "(Inglés:" The Falcon Tower ")
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