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The Pillars of Enoch - Lost Legend of the Great Pyramid (film trailer)

The Pillars of Enoch - Lost Legend of the Great Pyramid

Here follows a film trailer for a 1hr film "The Pillars of Enoch - Lost Legend of the Pyramid by author Ken Klein and the "Enoch Thoth & the Pyramid" 1h 50 min interview by Coast 2 Coast AM from May 27/08 where Ken explains his research and theory on the Great Pyramid for his audience.


While the general historical consensus and traditional view holds to the belief that the pyramid was built by the pharaoh Khufu, The Pillar of Enoch unequivocally proves that the Great Pyramid was far to sophisticated and complex for people of that day to have designed, and was far beyond the knowledge of mortals.

The Pillar of Enoch Lost Legend of the Great Pyramid, while provocative and compelling is not over the top with wide eyed beyond belief speculation, but is highly entertaining and entreatable. In a carefully crafted and documented style it rips off the veil that has covered over the truth for thousands of years.

The most astonishing mystery that has long been hidden under the shroud of ancient mythology, legend, and outright historical distortions finally comes into the light of day in this astonishing and monumental 1hr and 4 minute ( made for T.V. 54 minutes) extravaganza. The film presents the real story, in dramatic conflict, into the real forces behind the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
With graphic CG displays, historical over laments, and on site exposition, the film proves that the confluence of architectural, astronomical, mathematical and cosmological knowledge had to have come down via a supernatural intelligence and source.

It's not only the long hidden emerging truth the film presents, but also the explosive spiritual life changing power that makes this more than just a documentary. Ken takes on life's greatest mysteries, rips the cover off, and exposes them through fascinating and riveting films and books. His new documentary film completes his trilogy and helps to unravel the mysteries of the remarkable pyramids.

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Have anyone seen this film? Or knows where it can be found? I would like to post it here in Esoteric Online for everyone.... Seems like a very interesting film!


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