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I found this really interesting article in a page for Hindu Ayurveda knowledge. The name of the author was not presented. There are some weird ignorant assumptions of the ancient Egyptians being demonic at the beginning of the text, which is complete bogus, but I left them there as I decided not to edit the content of the text, but to leave it as the person who wrote it made it. The only that I have added myself are the images. For discussion on the accusations about "satanism" see below in comment wall.

Was Kundalini yoga practiced by Pharaohs?

The pharaohs were the rulers of Egypt, having colossal responsibilities taking care of Egypt. The Gods (Satan and his fellow Demons) trusted them to rule their earth. The pharaoh is the connection between the gods and humans. He was a demi-god and would receive his full god status once he reached Duat. He had divine blood through the bloodline of the gods. This bloodline of course died out during Egypt's final years as their consciousness fell with every succeeding Pharaoh. Satan(Cosmic Delusion) and his fellow demons had control over the Earth at this time; thus the popularity of the snake icon (one of Satan’s symbols represented by outgoing consciousness) in Egypt. The snake is seen on pharaohs’ headdresses, in temples, and even in a group called the brotherhood of the snake. The snake in Egyptian times also had relevance to the Kundalini Shakti or Dynamic Prana. The snake on the pharaohs’ headdress represents power and protection and also the Kundalini, which empowers the 3rd eye for psychic use. This relates to the power and protection we get from all mighty Lord against Darkness, Satan(Ignorance-Cosmic Delusion). This is integral as to why Egypt so readily flourished. The Gods instructed the pharaohs in what they needed to do and they complied in higher Spiritual Practices Of Probably Kundlaini Yoga, until the time of Akhenaten (1350 - 1334). Akhenatem’s belief in a monotheistic deity (Aten) disrupted the entire Egyptian civilization. After the fall of Akhenaten, there was an attempt to revert to normalcy but Akhenaten had already destroyed temples and images of the gods and goddesses everywhere, leaving Egypt with the burden of rebuilding itself. This took quite a bit of time and they never fully recovered from Akhenaten's wave of destruction that he and his god created.

Akhenaten and his family adoring Aten the Sun God

The Snake Dance uses this symbolism in India. It's the Dance of Life, of the twining strands of DNA, of Creation, bringing rain and new growth to the Earth.

The Cobra as an Egyptian Symbol - UraeusThe cobra was a symbol of upper Egypt. Cobra was the symbol of the Pharaoh. The cobra was used for the low g in hieroglyphics. The cobra was also on the double crown of Egypt.

(An ancient uraeus on the mask of King Tutankhamen. This object is about 3400 years old.)

Cobras(Awakened Kundalini Energizing Atomic Structure) were a sign of new life and resurrection. The cobra was almost always portrayed rearing up and with its hood dilated. The Greek word uraeus is typically used to describe the cobra in this pose. The word may have its origins from the Egyptian words which meant she who rears up. The species of cobra represented as the uraeus is the Naja haje.The king is portrayed wearing the royal nemes headcloth, the royal beard and the double crown, symbolizing his rule over Upper and Lower Egypt. The royal uraeus on his forehead protects him against all evil. The uraeus was a symbol for various things from early times including: the sun, Lower Egypt, the king and a number of deities.Ancient Egyptian Dynasties .The snake is also a symbol of transformation and evolution. The snake finds its place in the human body in the spine. The spine is most important as a nervous center but as a carrier of spiritual energy too, called by some oriental or Indian people as Kundalini. The uraeus is a rearing cobra that connotes protection. The uraeus was associated from as early as the predynastic Period with the Delta region, or Lower Egypt, and was featured prominently above the brow on the royal crown or the royal head cloth.

The warrior goddess Sekhmet, shown with her sun disk and cobra crown

The uraeus is often combined with the sun disk. The cobra, with its dilated hood framing the disk of the sun, was said to represent the fiery eye of Re. The two symbols were also depicted with various solar-linked deities, in particular Sekhmet
, who is represented in the exhibition as a lion-headed goddess carrying the solar disk and uraeus above her head. The uraeus in its protective function is often incorporated into scenes from the Book of the Dead, associating uraeus with the underworld. The uraeus is a symbol of kingship in Egypt represented by a cobra in an upright position worn as a head ornament or crown. The symbol protected the king and was an agent of his destructive powers, spitting fire and associated with the goddess Wadjit. According to the Story of Re, the first uraeus was created by the goddess Isis who formed it from the dust of the earth and the spittle of the sun-god. The uraeus was the instrument with which Isis gained the throne of Egypt for her husband Osiris.As the sacred creature of the Delta city of Buto, the reptile was known by the same name. She soon became an emblem of all of Lower Egypt.

The uraeus was often depicted with the vulture Nekhebet who served the same function for Upper Egypt. Together they symbolized the unification of the two lands. The creatures also appear together in the pharaoh's nebty or 'Two Ladies' name.The cobra was also called the 'fiery eye' of Re. Two uraei were sometimes depicted on either side of the solar disk.A gilded wooded cobra called netjer-ankh ("living god") was found in the tomb of Tutankhamon. It is representative of the cobra's associations with the afterlife. In funerary works, the cobra is often depicted spitting fire. Two cobras doing just that were said to guard the gates of every "hour" of the underworld. During the Late Period, uraei were also shown towing the barque of the sun in funerary papyri. In all of these examples, the cobra's protective nature is clearly demonstrated.The cobra was also representative of various deities such as Neith and Ma'at and Re...


(note from Carol: the painting mentioned below was not included in the original article, so I dont know what it is supposed to be about, I have here not added an image as I have otherwise troughout the text)
"This painting/doorway is of the Kings Chamber, the pyramid of Cheops at the Giza Plateau, Cairo, Egypt. The energy in the Kings Chamber is beyond words, but what it does is unify your molecular structure and allow you to be who you are. When you have awakened this memory of your Being enough you will no longer need to connect to Source and the Earth in your meditations, alignments, day as you are that energy. You will no longer need protection, healing or guidance from without, as you are that within you. In other words you are a Whole Being. In the Sarcophagus is the initiation beyond death and birth and into Immortality not just of Soul but body as well. As the serpent, kundalini, DNA is activated within your charkas, up your central channel and through your cells, DNA and molecular structure.

For separate activation in Sarcophagus. Of course do not assume you have achieved any of this, you will know deep within yourself when you have and your life will show it, as the full initiation is how you are in your life, not your head. In the Kings Chamber there is a star alignment to Orion, which is the old initiation in duality, the wheel of karma and birth and death. When you have unified yourself enough you no longer deal with karma as now you take responsibility for yourself. The star constellation opposite Orion is Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer, the kundalini risen; the Body of Light the Physically Immortality Being. This is where we are now heading which is also the creation of the Fifth Root Race and the new initiation. The God in the painting is Osiris - Orion, the Goddess is Isis - Sirius, in the Kings Chamber Orion is aligned with Sirius as it enters into the chamber and merges where Osiris sits, at his phallus. The sacred union of Goddess and God creates the divine child Horus, the Sun God and Serpent Bearer. The serpent moves through the Sun, and the Sun in our Solar System now has is it's Twin returned as they merge to create the New Earth, Heaven on Earth"

The ancient Egyptians were into Immortality that is why they mumified the Dead in the hope probably that time will come in future when the Ascension of kundalini(Revival Of Lost Knowledge Of Kundalini Yoga or Kriya Yoga)) will rejuvenate the Dead Pharos , and the Guardian of the Soul Anubis the Dog or Jackal God took the person over to the other side and on their journey through the lessons of the Soul. Then to the final judgment with Osiris (Orion) and then on the Solar Barque down the Celestial Nile to the Great Spirit RA, the Sun union with the immortal KA ascent, and identification with the Supreme Being RA. In this activation we move beyond Death and Rebirth and into Physical Immortality the next step; being our Body of Light in a physical body on Earth as we become the Creator Goddess God we truly are creating Heaven on Earth. In the activation painting we have the Great Pyramid, Cheops with the sarcophagus, which is in the Kings Chamber where the initiate had the initiation and went through the doorway of Orion (Osiris). In the painting Orion is on the left side, the Hunter with Siruis at his feet Sirius aligns through the Kings Chamber as well as Orion. The Great Pyramid being aligned to Alnitak in the Belt of Orion, the other two pyramids align to the other two stars in the Belt.

The pyramids were built 13,650 years ago aligning to when Alnitak was the furthest from Earth now it is the closest. The doorway through Orion is closing as we unify ourselves, merging light and dark within as we then move through the next doorway which is Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer which is in the heavens exactly opposite Orion, and as we unify the Serpent Kundalini rises in us and we become our Body of Light. The brightest star of Ophiuchus (Ras Alhague) is at his Crown of the Serpent Bearer, as the kundalini has risen there. At his foot is Antares the brightest star in Scorpios and stargate that many travel through to be here on Earth right now to anchor these higher energies. So the painting has the old initiation of Orion; going through life and death in the painting through the flame of purification and into hells of the soul which are only its fears, as each creates their own hells. Then purifying in life again through the Blue Flame, the Etheric Blueprint is cleansed as we are born
again and purified through the Violet Flame of the emotional and mental bodies to become 5th dimensional and able to merge with the Sun in life. Moving through the Sun and onto the Solar Barque journeying down the Celestial Nile and coming to the Temple of Physical Immortality where we are our Body of Light fully in our White and then Gold Light Body.

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Thanks. Very interesting.

"The Gods (Satan and his fellow Demons) trusted them to rule their earth."

The Gods in Egypt were anthropomorphism's. lol
Hi Tris!

I have not written this article, I found it and have no clue of who wrote it (which is what I stated in the beginning of the text). No, I dont agree with the assumptions made in the beginning of the text as you already know, but the text is full of ideas/interpretations/assumptions/opinions. I posted the article with all its bullshit with it, not to "educate" but to just show one opinon - so that we could have a discussion here... like the one we are having now lol. Did I mean to provoke with the complete ignorance of the "satan" assumptions? Of course not , but I decided to leave it in the text because I thought it could be interesting to have a discussion on why there seems to be so many groups of people (specially Christian groups in the US for some reason) that claim that the ancient egyptians all of them were the "seed of the demons", satans little helpers (the serpent always being wrongly interpreted as symbol of the devil due to the Eden myth) etc
Egypt-envy perhaps?


I can take it away if it irritates you too much, let me know what we can edit away. I don't like it either no.

No, the preface you added is definitely sufficient in my opinion.

It doesn't "irritate me me too much". I know you didn't write it, you sent me the link last night. BTW, the church has been calling the ancient Egyptians followers of satan long before the US was even founded, we are a fairly young country.

I find it interesting that a Hindu site is saying the Egyptian serpent symbolism is akin to satan, when they have just as much serpent symbolism of their own lol.
yes I know lol, but it was not a Hindu site, it was like a sorts of forum with articles on Hindu ayurveda, yoga etc.
I know the Church's interpretation of the serpent, but that actually started with Judaism!Although the Jews dont go about persecuting or so, that is more the style of the Catholic Church, but that view has mostly been that of the inquisition, not so much a clerical one. I know lots of priests fascinated by ancient Egypt and who know that the serpent is just a symbol of many aspects and not representative of Satan just because it was so in the Genesis account. The Jesuits who are the most learned group of the church would tell you that it has always been the same God, the One true God, that constructed the Great Pyramid - "who do you think imparts on men their wisdom and knowledge"? It is always God that leads humanity to great deeds... "Satan" is just Darkness and Darkness will never lead you to anything - only to destruction and suffering.

Have you read Gopi Krishna ? He says that the Ancient Egyptians knew about kundalini .

On the West (Royal Portal) Facade of Chartres Cathedral: the central portion is called the Mystical Body of Christ.  One day a Hindu Priest was visiting and pointed out that this section coincided perfectly with the seven chakras, which points to the knowledge of the Kundalini in Christianity.

Furthermore, my own research has shown that the Kabbalistic Tree of Life depicted as a graphic image in the first chapter of Genesis esoterically has a very sophisticated calculation denoting pi as the diameter of the circle, which pi when analyzed in this graphic image of the tree points to knowledge of the Kudalini. 

There are 32-Elohyms(Gods), which in the first chapter of Genesis makes up the graphic image of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.  The aggregate of 32 is 528 and placing these 32-Elohyms sequencially, from first to last, in a circle than 3.1415 times 528 the quotient is 168 (hours in a week).  By the way the Gematria of the word Elohym produces the formula for pi: 3.1415 though I know the pi formula goes out infinitely.  Now when you look at the first four days of creation, which has 207-words in them, which is the same Gematria count as in the word LIGHT in the first and fourth days of creation.  When you total the aggregate from 3-18 the aggregate is 168.  When you analyze the Sefirahs (2 x 24), Mother (1 x 24), Single (2 x 24) and Double (2 x 24) letters the pattern of three and one half develops inferring the Kundalini up that central column or diameter of the circle.  By and By you would be interested to know that there remains 360 from the count of 528 when 168 is subtracted: which tells us that the scribes were using the formula for pi.  Pi being the diameter of the circle, which is 360-degrees.  I thought this was an extremely concise way of storing knowledge infused into just a small amount of data and they even gave us the formula for pi.

Since the first four days of creation produced one LIGHT CHAKRA, I counted out the words to seven chakra and found that it goes out perfectly to the end of the fourth chapter of Genesis (1449 / 207 = 7), which in another work I will demonstrate is a graphic image of the Zodiac/Calendar year.  Dead center to the Zodiac/Calendar year is the Star of David another graphic image make out of those 32-Elohyms.

There is one other examples of the Kundalini in the bible, which is a bit more complicated to explain.

In the mean time I am working on new theory on exactly what you are discussing here, which I should be able to post in a day or so on a new blog.


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