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   Hello everybody!

   The purpose of this thread is to go through a general visualization meditation that will help certain people to start or become more aware of their energetic field in order to implement barriers, and such, more effectively and smoothly.

   If you already know your meditation routine, do what you do to get into that state and close your eyes to get ready to visualize. Skip the next three paragraphs if you already have your own way of reaching your meditative state that is appropriate for closed-eye visualizations.

   For those that are newer to reaching meditative states, this paragraph will be a very basic way of reaching this state. To reach a meditative state(i.e., increasing the rate at which you send and receive energy),just find a place comfortable to lay or sit inclined, so long as you are able to just relax all muscles in your body. Make sure there will be no distractions or abrupt sounds to make it easier, Doing a few stretches before doing this can help, and can even go as far as to use scented oils or light a candle with the lights off if you do this at nighttime. After feeling all muscles relaxed and body is motionless… breathing Naturally in your comfortable position, start to focus on your relaxed breathing for a minute or so, and just keep relaxing. Then, slightly pay attention to your exhale, while also allowing your inner self to feel all the emotions you are feeling at that moment, no matter what they are at the time. Try let out a NATURAL vocal expression every time you exhale, and remember, relaxed breathing should be calm, mostly deep breaths in and out. Never intentionally overexert in any direction when doing this exercise. Take a few minutes to simmer in that state as you relax, 5 or so minutes.

   For me, I start to feel tingles in my hands, like pins and needles, but noticeably different. It ascends up my arms and into my chest, while the feet and legs do the same but aren’t as noticeable. Eventually, it reaches my upper chest, my neck, face, ect. You can let it go as far as you want it to go or as far as you can go. For me, when it gets to my chest, I am already feeling like there is actually electricity running through my body. The higher it goes the more intense it is, but it’s hard for me to concentrate when it gets to that point. As I said, when breathing out, you want to let out your Natural vocal expressions ;) , and so when I am feeling really good, you can imagine how that can sound (giggles). Some people may experience moderate to extreme sexual stimulation, but it depends on the person. I don’t experience energy in that way, but I know a female friend that does. I usually stop the vocal expressions and try to remain relaxed while the bodily vibration slowly goes away. Once it’s not as intense, while I close my eyes, I visualize things without even trying to… it happens for me automatically when I reach this state, making it the perfect pitri dish for high-focus energy work.

   If this meditation isn’t for you, try to do some research and practice methods that are more suited for you. Eventually, You’ll take what you like about what you come across and leave what you don’t like, and through practice, you will develop a techniques that is specific to you, and the Nature of your energy.


   …close your eyes and try to feel and visualize with your mind the following:

   First, simply imagine only yourself in an empty space. I suggest using the first thing that pops into your vision when you try to do this. It could be anything, so long as you will be assigning all that is you to whatever you feel is the best representation of you. For most people, it’s best or more Natural to imagine their physical self, or former physical selves sitting or standing. Depending on what they see first, others may see something else, and it’s okay to use that as well if it is more Natural for you that way. I feel using this encompassing method helps express a better now you… or, what you consider yourself to be in this current state at this current time.

   After receiving the image, do a soft focusing on that image as you continue to relax in your meditative state. Details of the image that is you, should be increased at a decent rate as you continue lightly focus on yourself. Allow a small amount of time to pass by. Gazing at that image, this step should be a completely Natural thing.

   After a moment, hopefully you’ll feel that you have a clearer, detailed and more complete constitution of your self-image in your mind. The next step is a kind of self empowering. If you’re not viewing your physical human self within you mind, imagine your actual human face there for a moment. Take a moment to imagine how your face would look like when you feel confident and strong… how you feel when you succeed, or when you simply feel you can do absolutely anything. lightly focus on this for a minute or two, and try to feel that sense of self control. You are very capable, and you must feel it.

   Once you feel that confidence… once you feel that strength, try and zoom out of this self-assigned image and change back, if needed, to view the whole image of yourself you were focusing on before. Remember, it’s a soft kind of focus, not something you force or grill intensity into, but something you simply allow. As you’re looking at yourself within your mind, try to backup the image to where it appears smaller in the distance, or more in the center of your mind’s vision. Continue to lightly focus on yourself, but also try see what’s around you with your mind’s side vision. Like how you use your peripheral vision with your actual eyes. You should become aware of a sphere encompassed around you. If not, keep at this part of the meditation and continue to lightly focus until you do.(could take a few attempts to accomplish) This, is your energetic field.

   While still feeling that sense of capability, try to recognize and become aware of this surrounding energy and attempt to slowly feel every corner or edges of it, while simultaneously continuing to focus on yourself in the center of your mind’s vision. Go around slowly and feel the edge of this field that is you. After doing this for some time and after you feel you got a good familiarity of your field and especially it’s edge(could take a few meditations for newcomers), softly center the most of your focus on your self-assigned image from before once more, and spend some time embracing the entire thing… both you and your field sphere as a whole. Still feeling that vat of utter confidence and capability, FEEL and say to yourself repeatedly, “I have full control of what enters and leaves my energetic field,” while continuing to allow soft focus onto yourself.

   The point of this meditation is simply to increase awareness of a field of energy that has been around you your entire life, including everyone else. I posted this article in the psychic self defense group because in order to learn the basics on how to begin blocking and or allowing energies, you first need to become aware of the boundary that those energies have to pass through. Becoming aware of your field is the first step to understanding how to keep energies from invading your field, or to even keep some internal energies from making it out of your field.

————This next part is a continuance of this meditation(a technical add on), to practice implementing a general repel barrier to your field, and also deconstructing it.—————-

   Once you feel you feel that you’ve gotten a grasp on the concepts and practice above, while STILL feeling that confidence, push this aside the whole thing for a moment and think of something, anything that you wouldn’t want near you, or something you wouldn’t want to allow into your field. Something that you’ve already felt before… like a specific person’s energy, or just general bad intentions towards you is a good start.

   Lightly focus on that energy and pay attention to how it makes you feel if it had gotten close to you or was projected at you. Embrace and acknowledge that feeling for a moment. Once you’ve spent a few minutes feeling this and familiarizing yourself with this, try to concentrate for a moment in order to fathom and create an energy from within that would repel this energy away… a polar opposite feeling to what you’ve been focusing on while concentrating on this unwanted energy. In order to succeed at this, you must use your feeling and understanding of this unwanted energy. Try to spend as much, or more, time creating this repelling energy as you did focusing on the energy you’re trying to repel. Once you feel you have created this energy… once you FEEL it and are confident that this energy you created will interact with the unwanted energy as you desire, return to the entire image of yourself and your energetic field.

   Take a small amount of time to refocus on yourself and your field as a whole once more (your self-assigned image and the spherical, energetic field surrounding you), while simultaneously putting aside, but still feeling the repelling energy you’ve just created. Once you feel you have a grasp on both you and your field, and also this repel energy, all at once, shift your focus slowly to the entire EDGE of your energetic field… visualize and feel the energetic sphere that surrounds you, because it IS you. Take a few minutes or longer to use your energy and focus to apply this repelling energy you created, to the edge edge of your energetic sphere. Simply take the time to feel everything out until it becomes one with your field’s edge… ALL AROUND. Make sure it surrounds every milk and cranny… your entire field, as to not allow any weak spots. It will take more time to do this if you aren’t as experienced or gifted in these areas. Just remember,, practice makes perfect!


   Deconstructing the barriers is easy, but mostly, people forget to do at least weakly barrier deconstructions and reconstructions for barriers that take up a lot of energy (if the barrier is connected to self that is, if it isn't and it works for you, well done! I personally prefer barriers connected to the self though ^ . ^). This can lead to spiritual draining especially if something is eating away at it. Self-attached barriers generally regenerate It’s contents at all times unless implemented to do otherwise. For self-made/attached barriers, it is important to understand this basic part of barrier work.

   To deconstruct all barriers, reach a slight meditative state, close your eyes and focus, try to feel the energy that is you when doing any self-focus meditation, no visualizing. With the intention of clearing your shields in mind, imagine and feel a burning hot energy from within your mid-belly, and feel it rushing outward throughout like a ball of fiery energy exploding. Let it reach the edge of your field where your barriers are and imagine it penetrating them from the inside out, and releasing all remaining energy and attachments to all intents behind their construction. I generally, temporarily keep a non-attached barrier to prevent all out exposure while doing this, but it isn’t really needed if you aren’t paranoid like me. Haha!

   The amount of focus and energy you put into creating a barrier, how much you understand yourself energetically, and how much you understand the energy for which you are trying to repel, will determine its effectiveness and energy consumption rate. You’re energetic capability will determine its effectiveness too, as well as how often this unwanted energy tries to reach you. Barrier work is very broad and many things can be done with it, not just to repel energy. Some implementations can be instilled to attract energies, or reactive/programmed energetic sequences can be instilled as well. The possibilities are practically endless. It is a fantastic skill!

   This thread is simply a very vague, basic and general description for those that are fairly new to this, but can also help already avid spiritualists gain a different perspective on methods described in this thread. Hopefully, practicing this will help with energetic self awareness, field awareness, and general energy focus, self confidence, and hopefully incline you to become more practicality involved in visualizations and energy work!

   Also, I would like to say that the more you do self focus, familiarize yourself with your energy, access your field and instill barriers, the easier it will become to do all of this. This whole thing may seem like a lot, but if you practice enough or are already knowledgeable or gifted in this area, this will all be second nature, and it wont take very long to instill barriers that are accurate in intention and mighty in strength. It will be as easy as one-two-three once you get the hang of it.

   I hope this helped!

^ . ^

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