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Shrovetide ( Forgiveness ) ( Prochka ) is an important winter-spring holiday in the folk calendar. The holiday is celebrated seven weeks before Easter (always a Sunday) and lasted one week in which to perform various rituals. On the table put milk and egg products. Every single man shoots a bow made ​​with primitive lighted arrow in the yard of the girl he likes. Throws are a cross in the yard of girls who like boys. During the week - on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays are tied cradles and lasses and lads swing health.

On Sunday, they light bonfires and burned once, jump over health. Then around them dance and sing to pesni.Obichayat oratnici are torches of straw that every farmer rotates around your head and thus drove the fleas from the house. Every single man with a simple shot made by him, lighted bow arrow in the yard of the girl that you liked. Usually it goes late into the night of Lent. The family of the girl stay awake to extinguish the flames, while she collects arrows. Which girl collect as many arrows from your yard, it is the most personal and most liked. For the table of Lent to prepare pastry with cheese, boiled eggs, boiled wheat, halva with nuts. It is customary to perform and custom hamkane: the red thread is tied and descends from the ceiling white piece of halva, or boiled egg. The oldest man turns thread into a circle and each member of the family, mostly children, trying to catch the egg or halva with their mouths. Whoever succeeds will be alive and well throughout godina.Na Shrovetide younger circling older relatives - father-in-law, mother in law, father in law and mother in law, best man, older siblings and ask forgiveness and kiss the hand of the hosts by uttering the traditional words of forgiveness: "Forgive", "simple" is obligatory response. So this festival is also known as Forgiveness (In some areas of the western territories populated with Bulgarians call Prochka holiday).

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