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I have had a desire and/or inner calling to familiarize and enter into the mysteries of the Kabbalah. The issue that arises for me is that I have acknowledged how there are different belief systems within the Kabbalah. I have acknowledged how a lot of provided resources on the Kabbalah are just people's interpretations and versions of it. I do not want a watered down version of the Kabbalistic information. I do not want to read misinterpretations of it. I am curious if people are aware of a source of it that is very pure and extensive in how much information of Kabbalah uncovered. I am beginning to wonder if really the only real way to introduce oneself into entering into the truth of the Kabbalah is through direct experiencing rather than reading.

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I thank you a lot :]

Hi have you made a glyph yet? It helped me a lot I made a big one and used string to mark out the paths, that allowed me to place things on the tree that I wanted to meditate or do active pathworking on. You should find a way that feels right for you. to put it simply in my view if it can't be placed on the tree, then it can't exist. Hopefully bearing this in mind you will find a workable system that resonates with you.

draw your own tree


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