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The 27-letters of the Hebrew Alphabet (22 medial letters, plus 5 final-letter forms) are traditionally arranged in three layers of nine letters each. The first set of nine, Alef through Tet, represents the Archetypal; the second letter, Yod through Tzadi, represents the Inner/Spiritual; and the third represents the Outer/Physical.

From TORUS, Vol. 2, #4:
When we understand the meaning of the Archetypes, we naturally also understand the Inner and the Outer levels as well. Each level proceeds along the same idealized life-cycle starting with the Unity of the Consciousness (at each level). Each, in turn, proceeds from Unity through 7-stages until it returns to nourish the next whole level or generation of life. (For further details on the toroidal 7-stage process, see the work of Arthur M. Young.)


Greatness – Mastery

AlePh stands for ALL, ALooF and an ALP – a high point, a high sacred mountain. It is ALL-ONE-Wisdom Conscious-ness. PheLA (ALePhin reverse) is a miracle and a mystery. ALePh represents the Whole, the General, the Great and Inclusive Wisdom of the Transcendent and the Immanent, together. ALePh, of all the letters, is the only one that is both the Unitary "seed" of Singular Consciousness and the Whole of Consciousness – Consciousness is always Singular and Whole. (What meaning is there to "half" of a thought?) Aleph, as the Singular, is the sun-seed-center (The Primal Point), the Source; ALePh, as the Whole, is the Idealized Fruit – the APPLe – and its fruition. ALePh represents the strongest, most coherent, and most encompassing Archetype; that is why ALePh means Ox (or Bull, the astrological symbol of the Taurean age when the alphabet was stabilized.)

ALePh is the Transcendent and exquisitely Singular "Primal Point" at the center of Continuous Creation. It is the tip of the Great Flame, the Seed, the Tao, the dew-drop ( the Manna – from Pirke Avoth’s description of the 10-Things Created on the Eve of the First Sabbath) and the "Grain that no granary comprehends" (from Rumi’s poetic description of the Mevlevi Sufi Round Dance.




Bet partitions the Unity and Wholeness of ALePh. ALePh by itself is One. There is no opposition or polarity and no need for action or change. BeT is distinction (– B) pointing (– I) in itself (– T). BeT partitions ALePh. BeT, as the first possible distinction, distinguishes what is within from what is without. From BeT on there is difference, complement, counterpoint, and contrast. There is spirit and matter, flame and coal, wave and particle. BeT is a BIT, it takes a BYTe, it parts ALePh in two (Tween). BeT forms a BooTh BeTween BoTh. That is why BeT, two and duality, is a House. As a prefix BeT means In or With.

BeT is the Yin/Yang Bifurcation within the Primal Point, the Dew-drop of Manna BREAKING OUT from the tip of the Great Flame. BeT is the Primal Point, the APPLe seed, Breaking open.




Gimel carries what is within the House of BeT to what is outside the House. GiMeL comes and goes (– C) from (– M) and to (– L). GiMeL travels BeTween the poles of BeT. That is why GiMeL means Camel – the Camel is the carrier, the energy, that Comes and Goes From one oasis To another in the desert.

GiMeL extends as a wave-like sprout from the Primal Point. GiMeL’s action Births the Yin/Yang BeT, the "first born son", , into DaLeT. GiMeL is identified with the Flame moving upward from the Primal Point at the center of the APPLe of Continuous Creation.




Dalet reflects Division. It Opens ALePh repeatedly and causes the continued action of GiMeL on BeT to make, and Disperse many from One. DaLeT is divided (– D) for (– L) itself (-T). DaLeT, like the Greek DeLTa, allows what happens at a Delta: The river DiLaTes & DiLuTes as it Divides down to, and Dispenses itself into the sea. It Pours out into an Open DeLTa as a Poor man (DaL means poor, alluding to the bent over shape of the DaLeT) Divides, DiLuTes and Dissipates his energies. This is why DaLeT designates an Open Door.

DaLeT Disperses its Dispensation into the connecting Hand of Heh. It is at the top

"event horizon" of the APPLe.




After the Diversity of DaLeT, Heh Interfaces between the parts of ALePh that DaLeT Dispersed by repetition of GiMeL’s Action and BeT’s Distinction. As the Interface (– E) Archetype (– A), Heh Frames the outer and the inner together. Heh inter-connects, mediates, heals, and re-Wholes. Heh refers to the thumb and the surrounding fingers of our Hand which Connects our conscious will to the physical world. Heh brings mind and matter, flame and vessel, wave and particle together; it is an abbreviation for HaShem, meaning "The Name" a stand-in phrase for God's Name. Heh is the Interface that provides a Framework for Connection. That is why Heh means Window and why, as a prefix, Heh means tHe. Heh encompasses the Earth-Plane (the outer, dispensed, part of the Heh) and the Primal Point (the inner, conscious, part of the Heh). It is the equatorial plane that window-frames and connects the center and the equator (just as with thumb and fingers) of the APPLe of Continuous Creation.




VaV, Multiplication, paired with DaLeT, Division, naturally denotes Rotation, Vibration, and Unfoldment. As rotation, VaV is the axis or the spine (or spin) around the axis. As Vibration, VaV is the FiFe or Flute (a source of Vibration-sound, and is modeled by the unit tetrahelical column with 33-tetrahedra paralleling the 33-vertebrae of the human spine). As Unfoldment, VaV is doing and doing and doing, each cycle following on the previous cycle. That is why VaV means PinSpine, and And.  VaV is located between the Heh and the ZaYiN.



ZaYiN, Projection, paired with GiMeL, Action (within the limits of the "oases"), naturally denotes extended Action (beyond limits) like a sprout (– GRO, meaning "grow") that erupts or is thrown or ejected like a seed. That is why ZaYiN means SpearWeapon or Arrow. ZaYiN is located opposite GiMeL as the World Mountain climbs back to the source at the center of Continuous Creation.




CHeT, Encompassment, paired with BeT, Distinction, naturally surrounds and covers distinctions. It is the "skin" of Life and an encompassing HuT/HaT. That is why cHeT represents a Fenced Field, the Perimeter of the Field, or itsSurface. CHeT is the Perimeter of the Earth-Plane that Encompasses and surrounds the "seed" at the center of the idealized APPLe of Creation.



TeT, CompletionWholeness and Bonding, paired with ALePh, Unity, naturally provides nourishment as the meat of the new fruit and the TeaT providing milk to the new child. TeT is the JeT at the Tip of the World Mountain. It is the sum ToTal of all the letters that came before. TeT Binds a mother to her child ("TEaT") and it re-Binds what Bet (distinction) first broke apart from Aleph’s Unity.

It is because TeT Binds and Bonds TIghT together, that, as a "constricter", TeT traditionally means Snake orSerpent. TeT is at the Top of the World Mountain, coincident with the new seed, but of the next generation.

In traditional Kabbalistic terms for the Sefirot, this is Malkut of the Archetypal level in Keter of the Spiritual level.

                           Level II – Internal / Spiritual

Personal Consciousness

Our personal individual consciousness is represented by the human Hand, YaD which projects our personal consciousness into the physical world. The YOD is the "seed" (and YOD is therefore also associated with the male organ and with semen) and it is a point (Iota, in Greek).

It is the point of consciousness, and as our Hand, YAD, it is our personal Pointer – pointing to us. YOD is an expression of our being (the psychologist’s Id). That is why YOD (or YaD) means ConsciousnessHand orPoint/Pointer.



Kaf, as the inner aspect of BeT, represents holding in, as in CuPPing in the Palm of the Hand. CuPPing shapes the Palm like that which it holds. That is why KaF means Palm and why as a prefix it designates Likeness andSimilarity.


Lamed, as inner Action, represents Abstr-Action. AbstrAction is an action, from all directions, that brings concepts TO (or FOR) a common center. As inner Action, LaMeD is like a Flame (Lah) that draws in fresh air from all around the base of the candle that supports it. That is why LaMeD designates Learning (to learn), and as a prefix it means To or For.




Mem designates division From an Inner Source. MeM is the womb of the mother that produces new life. Mem is the ocean (YaM, the sea, and the waters (from the womb) in which new life divides and spreads. That is why MeM means Mother and Water and as a prefix, fromsource of or out of.


Neck, Nexus

Nun connects concepts internally. NUN is a Neck or Nexus; it connects AM (the morning) with PM (the afternoon) at NOON (the mid-point of the day). NUN also connects within a line of succession. That is why NUN means Prince. NUN is also the internal connector in the middle of the alphabet, it is aswim in the sea of letters, so NUN can also meanFish.



SaMeK is a SMoKe-ring, the Torus, that maintains Continuous Creation. SaMeK is also S’MiKha—the laying on of hands that ordains a religious leader. That is the sense in which SaMeK is understood as a Prop or as Sustenance.


Projection To or From Within

AYiN is Inner Projection. AYiN goes to or comes from deep inside. AYiN is circular like an ONIoN, whose depth is in its encircling layers. That is why AYiN means Eye or Well.




Peh encompasses inwardly – Peh Swallows and is Full. That is why Peh means Mouth (or Face), Swallow, or Eat.




Zadi represents the highest spiritual Completion. ZaDI is like the Zaddik, the righteous one who has his head in spiritual heaven among the stars of the ZoDIac. That is why Zadi denotes Righteousness, the highest and the best.

Level III – Outer/Physical




Qof is our outer, "mechanical", or Monkey Consciousness. It is the shell or physical COPy of our inner (YOD) consciousness. (When we "ape", we COPy.) That is why QOF means MonkeyCOPy or Skull.



Resh, as the outer part of BeT, represents the outer REaCHing of BeT. If KaF is what is in the Palm of the Hand, then ReSh is what Radiates from the Head. That is why ReSh means Head, REaCHing, RuShing and Radiation.

TogetherBuKeR means "first born son". These letters BReaK (– "bend the knee", bless) open Unity and signify the birth of distinction at each of their levels.


Outer Action

Shin, as outer Action, represents the ShINing of the candle flame as it spreads out in ever expanding shells of radiant energy, light, and learning, from its Source. ShIN is also the outer Vessel that holds the Flame. As such its three "heads" define the shape of a Tetrahedron – which, as the most compact symmetrical 3-D form, represents an idealized Tooth, Notch, or Step. Since every Tetrahedron defines a complete sphere-cycle, it can also represent a year (ShaNaH). BeT makes distinctions, ShIN, its AT-BaSH twin, represents distinctions. That is why ShIN means Tooth, Notch, and Step. As a tooth, ShIN represents a "toothy grin" which ShINes out.



Divide Externally


ToF denotes external division and self-reference. ToF marks itself externally. It represents a Sign of itself, out of itself, or in itself. When we scratch marks on a ruler we are using ToF. That is why ToF is called a Sign or a Mark.

Together tmd designates the repeated divisions that we use for Measurement.Dividing () From () Itself (). (The M-Droot designates measurement.)


Holding, Possession


Kaf-final connects the outside to us. KaF gathers and holds external things to us. That is why KaF final, at the end of a word, represents Holding and Possession.

TogetherKoHeN is a Priest connecting heaven & earth.KaNaH ("CaNE"; also), represents a plant’s shoot which connects (and is in the line of succession of) the seed with the rest of the plant.




MeM final is external Unfoldment into the Expanse. Mem final represents a spreading and unfolding sea of hierarchy; it spreads and unfolds into the Expanse. That is why – ElokIM does NOT represent multiple Gods, but rather God’s connection to the Expanse (or – sea) of life—God understood in the aspect of ALL () – There – Is.

Togetheris SOMa, "blind-ness, occult, and poison" () to the materialistic; a mind-Expanding drug, or even a MUSe – to the spiritually advanced.



Infinite Projection


NUN final is Projection out to the Nth degree indicating an idea or action that goes to Infinity. It connects outwardly and endlessly as an open-ended connection with the infinite; it goes on & on & on.

Together(G-O-N- = gone, go-on) represents all types of GAIN; they all GO-ON-OUT;(O-G-N-) designates an osprey or other bird of prey; denotes anger or rage, which also go-on-out (as the – G, meaning axe, spear, arrow, weapon or GuN, indicates).




Peh final fills the outside – Peh final Puffs up and Fills. Peh final is like Peh, except instead of Puffing inward, Peh final Puffs out.

TogetherH-Ph-Ph (to cover or protect) HuFFs and PuFFs.




ZaDI final represents the tallest in the physical world. tZaDI is EhtZ , a Tree, the STurDY. For us it is STuDY.

Togetheris the full Blossom or Flower– tZitZ of JuSTiCe (J, ST, C).

Enneagram View of the 3-Levels of the Hebrew Alphabet

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Rubik Cube Hebrew Alphabet Matrix

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