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I am glad to be here. learning so much. I do have a question about the LBRP.

I have been doing it every rising, same time. OMG, shyt is coming out the wood works. 

I had to address a lady using my copywrite material for her retreat, that she earlier said she could not afford to pay me this year to speak and teach at her event. She rescheduled it, found lesser fee base speaker, but included my spell cards in the gifts. She didn't use MY Cards. She took the words from my cards, and then put it on a basic cut-out and inserted my website (spelled wrong).

I addressed her kindly. She removed the cards.

Then, 2 more issues have presented themselves. I took care of it. It is as if the LBRP illuminated me, and presenting me to close (squash) stuff that I did not know what happening behind my back!

What is your experience with this activity?

*Note* Reading and going through Kabbalah Magick (Lyam Thomas Christopher)

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There's a short answer to that question that cannot possibly reflect the hours and hours of parsing people's behaviors and the patience and compassionate analysis this rocknroll taoist has put into stuff happening behind people's backs at the level of ---- educational communities, theatrical communities, political communities, neighborhood communities, musical communities....and yes, spiritual communities. The intention to conform to spiritual "laws" does not translate into a turning away from that which motivates a particular set of emotional achievement patterns. No one is immune. The Creative Commons of the Internet has also helped make laughable the concept that anyone has copyright over anything, but that's a different discussion. Figure out how you  helped encourage behavior you don't like - even if it isn't immediately obvious - forgive them, and grow your Tree of Life, dear heart.

Love that expression! Perfect for today, as it is my 50th Solar Return. Blessed be and Ashe!


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