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This ritual is performed as a banishment to clear the mind and the place of working from unwanted Earthly influences. Owing to the virtues of the Names of Power and the Signs of the Art, the Master of the ritual is rendered proof against any distractions and obsessions that arise from the Earthly regions. This banishment is effective also over the elemental regions of Fire, Air, and Water where they are admixed with the Earthly. This banishment is effective in controlling forces corresponding to paths 10 through 7 and paths 32 through 27 on the Traditional Tree of Life. The greatest effectiveness of this ritual is in path 32.The Lesser Pentagram Banishing ritual is a suitable one for beginning and ending meditation of any sort.No warnings are indicated, besides the usual suggestion that such rituals be performed in a secure and private place. Special advance precautions to avoid interruptions are necessary. Such precautions should be considered a part of the ritual.It is advised that this ritual be performed without aids, such as elemental weapons (wand, cup, dagger, or disk) until the ritual is mastered.

The ritual is divided into three parts, with the second part being subdivided into three additional divisions.


First part. The Qabalistic Cross.
1. Stand facing the East, body straight, feet together, hands at sides.
2. Touch fore-head with right hand and say: "Ateh".
3. Pass right hand down as low over center line of body as possible withoutbending at the waist and say: "Malkut".
4. Touch left shoulder with right hand and say: "Ve-Gedulah".
5. Bring right hand straight across to right shoulder, touch and say: "Ve-Geburah".
6. Clasp hands flatly, palm to palm at heart level and say: "Le-Olahm".
7. Pause, say: "Amen" and bring hands back down to sides as in # 1.

Second part, the Pentagram to the Quarters.
8. Take three steps to the East. With the right hand trace the Earth BanishingPentagram. This may be accomplished by first, placing your right handbefore your body on a level with your left hip. Second, move right handdirectly to a point above your head. Third, move right hand to level ofright hip. Fourth, move hand to level of left shoulder. Fifth, move hand tolevel of right shoulder. Sixth, return hand directly to starting placebefore left hip.
9. Say "Jehovah", at the same time WILL that the God of the Israelitesstand between you and anything harmful from the East. Imagine thepentagram glowing with fiery and potent force.
10. Return to center. Turn to South. Take three steps. Trace the samepentagram. Say "Adonai". WILL that the Lord of all that existsstand before you and ward off anything that is harmful from theSouth. The pentagram glows.
11. Return to center. Turn to West. Take three steps. Trace thepentagram. Say "Eheieh". WILL that the God who Exists and whospoke to Moses from the burning bush stand before you and ward offanything that is harmful from the West.
12. Return to center. Turn to the North. Take three steps. Trace thepentagram. Say "Agla". WILL that the mighty and eternal God standbetween you and anything harmful from the North.
13. Return to center. Face East. Spread your legs and hold your armsparallel to the ground; assume the form of a pentagram.
14. Say: "Before me Raphael." Imagine a vast column of yellow light.Imagine a cool and refreshing breeze coming from the East. AnArchangel stands before you toward the East.
15. Say: "Behind me Gabriel." Imagine a vast column of blue light.Imagine a rushing of waters in the West. An Archangel stands behindyou toward the West.
16. Say" "On my right hand Michael." Imagine a vast column of redlight. Imagine a great heat and a roaring of flames in the South.An Archangel stands at your right hand toward the South.
17. Say: "On my left hand Uriel." Imagine a vast column of mixed brownsand greens. An Archangel stands at your left hand toward the North.
18. Still holding the form of the pentagram and facing East, say: "For Iam the flaming pentagram in the column of the six rayed star." Onthe words: "...flaming pentagram..." visualize a band of white lightconnecting the previously traced pentagrams in a circle about you atthe height of your heart. This is the magical circle. On thewords: "...six rayed star." visualize the variously colored columnsof the Archangels bending together above and below you. You are nowsurrounded by three mutually perpendicular circles.

Third Part.19-25. Repeat numbers 1-7, the Qabalistic Cross.

End of Ritual.

Notes on Ritual:Lines 1-7, the Qabalistic Cross. This first portion of the ritual may be performed separately. The rite of the Qabalistic Cross is used to stabilize the Master of the Rite in the pattern of the Tree of Life. Such stability brings all subsequent parts of the Ritual fully into the system of the Tree. This rite of the Qabalistic Cross is derived from a similar "Sign of the Cross" rite still used by Roman Catholics. The Catholic practice is very old and signifies a belief in the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A simple use of this Catholic version is found in exorcising or banishing evil thoughts and manifestations. Catholics also employ their version during all prayers and sacraments. This is used as a rite of entrance into a holy place.The occult version used here is adapted with minor changes from the method given by Eliphas Levi in his Transcendental Magic, pages 233-244. Levi probably originated the occult version, although he claims that it is very old. Levi states that this Qabalistic Cross is an enactment of the so-called Occult Versicle of the Lord's Prayer. This refers to the versicle that is sometimes added by Protestants and Catholics at the end of that Prayer: "For Thine (line 2) is the Kingdom (line 3), the Justice and the Mercy (or Power and Glory, lines 4 and 5) in the Generating Ages, Amen (or Forever, Amen, lines 6 and 7)." Some of the Hebrew words used in the Qabalistic rite may be translated in this fashion. The actual origin of the Roman Catholic Sign of the Cross is found in the ancient Sign of the Hammer of Thor.The Hebrew words that are found in lines 3, 4, and 5 are names of the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life. The other Hebrew words are also well known:Line 2: Ateh, HayTawAleph, meaning "Thine" or "unto Thee".Line 3: Malkut, TawVauKafLamedMem, meaning "Kingdom". Sephira 10 on the Tree of Life.Line 4: Ve-Gedulah, HayLamedVauDaletGimel-Vau, meaning "and the greatness". Alternate            title of the 4th Sephira, Chesed.Line 5: Ve-Geburah, HayReshVauBetGimel-Vau, meaning "and the strength". Title of            the 5th Sephira.Line 6: Le-Olahm, Mem-finalLamedVauAyin-Lamed, meaning "for eternity" or "for all that exists".Line 7: Amen, Nun-finalMemAleph, several translations, "I believe", "the truth", "I Trust".The pentagram: For attributions to this figure and a discussion of its significance, see Appendix A. The Earth Banishment is accomplished by tracing the figure starting at the Earth point (lower left) and going toward the Spirit point (uppermost point of the pentagram). This is going from Matter to Spirit. Invoking goes from Spirit to Matter. Banish to clear interference. Earth invocation is accomplished by starting at the uppermost or Spirit point and going down to the lower left or Earth point. Invoke to receive vision in meditation on earthly matters. It is usually wise to banish before and after invocation.Lines 9-12: These Divine names are all from the Bible (except AGLA, AlephLamedGimelAleph, which is obtained from: YodNunDaletAleph Mem-finalLamedVauAyin-Lamed ReshVauBetGimel HayTawAleph, Ateh Gibor Le-Olahm Adonai, "Thou art mighty forever O'Lord", by a process of abbreviation called Noteriqon. Jehovah, HayVauHayYod, "He/She IS", is the most frequent name for the Deity in the Bible. Eheieh, HayYodHayAleph, meaning "I AM", is part of the name of God mentioned in the passage about Moses and the burning bush. Adonai, YodNunDaletAleph, meaning "Lord", is a very common Biblical name of God.Lines 14-17: Except for Uriel (or Ariel) these Archangelic names are found in the Bible. Michael, LamedAlephKafYodMem, meaning "likeness of God", corresponds to the element Fire. Gabriel, LamedAlephYodReshBetGimel, meaning "God is mighty", corresponds to the element Water. Raphael, LamedAlephPehResh, meaning "God heals", corresponds to the element Air. Uriel (pronounced "Ariel"), LamedAlephYodReshVauAleph, meaning "light of God", corresponds to the element Earth. It is interesting to note that "Uriel" has nearly the same meaning as "Lucifer". Also "Sir Urians" was a medieval name for the Christian Devil. The Archangel of the North is none the Star of the Morning and the Peacock Angel. This is our old friend the Devil as Lord of the Earth and focus of the might of God.Line 18: This portion identifies the Master of the ritual with the Pentagram and associates the Pentagram with the Hexagram.Lines 14-18 derive directly from a Hebrew night prayer found in the Siddur for Sephardic Judaism. This full ritual is easily changed and elaborated. The Hebrew portions should not be altered until fully understood. The way of tracing the pentagram should not be changed until well practiced (see O.T.O. Newsletter #4 for all 24 pentagrams suitable for use.) The vertical and horizontal motions in the first and last part should be retained, and the general pattern of circular motion should not be changed. All else is subject to alteration. Almost every writer has an individual version of Line 18. Lines 4- 5 are often reversed in in order or "handedness". One can elaborate as: "By the name and in the Name of Jehovah the gates of the East are closed and sealed," or simply say" Jehovah". An elaboration for the Archangels could take the form: "Be thou O'h Raphael a warden and a guard to the East. Let nothing pass which is not for this place and this time." The order of the Archangels is often changed to reflect geographical location and special purpose. As given here, the Elements are appropriate for the Northern Hemisphere West Coast prevailing winds. The order of the pentagrams and divine names is appropriate for the Northern Hemisphere, but can be reversed for the Southern.In banishing, it is not advisable to name a particular thing to be banished after forming the pentagram. Such naming should be done before the pentagram is traced. When time does not permit the use of the whole ritual, a thing to be banished is visualized or imagined to be some distance away; and a pentagram is traced between oneself and the thing to be banished. The pentagram need not be actually traced with the hand, but only imagined. Will the dissolution of the thing to be banished, and visualize it melting away behind the pentagram.Visualizations change as proficiency improves. The pentagrams should eventually appear to astral vision without being deliberately imagined.There are several other rituals which employ the pentagram and hexagram for banishment and invocation. Books by Crowley and Regardie in the short list below contain such rituals. Among these, the Hexagram rituals may be studied with the Tree of Two Hexagrams found in Appendix A of this work. All the component hexagrams except that of Water may be traced on that Tree. The Water hexagram is very similar to one that is traceable on the Tree of Two Hexagrams.

Bibliography of the Ritual:
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There are many other examples of this ritual to be found in other books beside the ones mentioned.

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Wow...amazing great job thus,was very helpful as I soon plan to begin ritual work as a beginner I hear thus is where u start.thank you freind as this is a good reference for me.

I must give credit where it is due, this was written by Bill Heidrick, from 


The Road to the Sun: A Record of Self Initiation to Tipheret


Thanks again only now for your honesty I will definitely look into that book next my long have u done ritual work?


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