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QBLH 101: the magic square and sigils.

In maths class we learned early on about secret squares. My mother of course was a child genius and her field was maths. I grew up with magic squares all around me.

The magic square itself is a common child hood thing. A square, with numbers in and all adding up to the same number in all directions.

In kabbalah we can use this through numerology, correspondence and meditation. Letters correpond to numbers. In hebrew each letter is a number. The same is for greek. In English we can use A1 B2 C3 etc. or...something else.

Using this we can "spell"out names. From this we get one form of meditaional glyph or sigil. We can activate this through meditation.

While each letter and number the corresponds to a qabbalistic path. And each path is a consciousness and a tarot card. Thus through meditation we can utilize

the tarot
the paths
the emanations

other work could include angelic contact corresoponding to the paths etc.

Once this mediation is then done, it is concentrated into our sigil.

Because with all perennial traditions

the simplest form is the most complex.

To you the sigil may be a squiggle. To the kabbalist.. it is alive.
The example image spelling out michael, the arch angel is just an example. In this system each card is a letter or consonant. All the vowels are something else.

This of course can be used with hebrew etc.

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sorry i dont see the correlation between qabala and magic squares

perhaps its 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 

Can we know more about the Magic square and its usages please?

Yeah, i think we need further knowledge on's interesting


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