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Kingdom. The physical. The atomic structure. Earth. 10. Malkuth.

Foundation. The astral. The realm of dreams and desires. Moon. 9. Yesod.

Majesty. The conscious. The intellectual thinking mind. Mercury. 8. Hod.

Eternity. The passionate. The emotional force. Venus. 7. Netzach.

Harmony. The soul. The beauty in being. Sun. 6. Tiferet.

Severity. The judgemental. The power of law and karma. Mars. 5. Gevurah.

Mercy. The forgiving. The expansion of loving kindness. Jupiter. 4. Chesed.

Understanding. The receptive. The perfection of rational thought. Saturn. 3. Binah.

Wisdom. The application. The direction of incorporated will. Zodiac. 2. Chokmah.

Crown. The spirit. The source of time and space. First swirlings. 1. Keter.

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