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Hello felow seekers


for some time know i'm reading , listening and reflecting on the subject reincarnation and the wheel of life and death regarding to this subject. Although personaly most clinging to the teachings of the

"Lectorium Rosecrucianum" or " The International School of the Golden Rosycross " i'm open for other thoughts or remarks. Not debating the subect of reincarnation itself rases a question but with the number of Human vessals carying a soul, together with the predicted increse of the human population in the near feauture this keeps me busy!!


my question:


Is there an infinate amount of Souls avalible to keep up with the ever growing human population OR??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i'm looking forward to reponses on this subject,with love Michel

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I thought of this same question last week. What about the possibility of animal souls being put into human bodies after they die? If you think about things like endangered species, mass deaths of any type of plant/animal, etc. maybe that could be an answer?

Just a thought.
I have not thought of it that way before but it seems to me that there would be as many souls as the need arises. When it gets too overpopulated somthing gives in the form of a major catyclysm or... transfering all those departed souls to somewhere else in the universe. I always looked at Earth as a place to learn certain lessons, and when we have passed to a certain degree we get elevated to the next level of existence; if we die without learning those lessons we come back and try it again until we ae ready. As for all those truly nasty souls who murder rape and pillage without remorse, maybe they would come back as a slug ar something?? Don't the Hindu's have a theory that whatever vice or virtue we exemplifieid in one life we would come back in the coresponding animal/ plant life in the next? Interesting question, but I honestly have no Idea how that works; I will meditate on it.
The basic fact of reincarnation is a truth which can be, and eventually will be, proven scientifically. Science will soon make a discovery that will prove reincarnation once and for all on a scientific level. Then humanity will be unable to refute it any longer. It will have to do with atomic matter and the fact that there is a limited amount available for use in any given universe. This is the substance that is found in the male which is used for impregnating the female of the species and is the means whereby a spirit can find entry into the body when it is born.

This is quite complicated. The original genes, impregnated into the animal bodies in the beginning, insured the safe occupation of that animal body by a spirit. If that original gene is missing by some freak accident, then a baby born of that man’s semen will be uninhabitable by a divine spark. It will live a short time this way, but will eventually die and decompose to dust, and there will be no eternal life for that one because there was no eternal spirit ever in that body. This could be scientifically discovered if enough testing were done on deceased baby’s bodies, but it is very difficult to receive permission for this testing from the parents. Therefore, scientific proof of reincarnation is being delayed, but it will come eventually. When it does, reincarnation will be the first spiritual fact found ableto be proven by science.

When the forms are born without this gene, that means the reservoir of atomic matter is getting low. It means that it is time to give those who are ready, through much hard work and study, the opportunity to enter again. At the present time, large groups of people are starving to death on the earth plane. The energy being taken up by those inhabiting the starving bodies will be used to send back in more evolved souls. The reservoir of matter is being depleted. There is this limit of divine sparks and it is getting close to being reached. Remember that the inner planes are filled with past incarnations who are still in time and space, but cannot return. They are there, but they are like a barren woman and cannot conceive on their own. They were begotten by the seed core, but cannot beget another personality for themselves. Only the seed core can do this, and there is a limited
number of seed cores, even though there are millions and millions of entities on the inner

When too many physical forms are born, an automatic process begins that makes some of those bodies uninhabitable. There is this law of checks and balances on everything in the universe. The only way to accomplish this is, as just discussed, through a depletion of the divine gene in the human male. All else may be perfect in an impending birth, but if there is not enough atomic matter to sustain life in this form, the form is destroyed before it is understood why in such cases. There is always much weeping and sorrow with miscarriages and still births and even crib deaths, and this is understandable. If they could only understand the consequences if these forms were kept alive, they would not grieve so much.
When the original explosion (big bang) happened all souls were born. The picture of their progress through the universe is a very complicated one. The souls coming in are not brand new souls, but recirculating souls who have been on other planets learning the lessons of that planet.

All souls are the same age as far as time goes. All were “born” at the origin of the universe. Some never took on bodies at all, they stayed in spirit form, others went to all parts of the vast universe and are still circulating and learning from all inhabited planets. Think on the highest level of overview that you can. All souls are the same age! They may have been through the lessons on earth once – traveled on elsewhere and have come back to earth to experience it again. This is possible – to return to any planet you think will serve to further your own particular growth.

As the one cell amoeba grew, at one point some of them split the sack so that each half had a single stomach. This split happened hit or miss. There was no pattern, so to speak. It was known that it would happen but they would not all split; only a certain amount of them would. But it was hit or miss as to where this split happened. It couldn’t be planned right down to this one cell amoeba is going to split and this one is not. The ones with this single stomach also split other factions, other genes. They split the internal organs exactly evenly and because they had only half of the internal organs they did not grow as large in size, they just grew differently. Also, the tails were not as long.

All of the animals that split the internal organs were artificially inseminated with genes from higher planets. The alteration that had to take place before the experiment could begin had to do with the internal digestive system. There are minute differences that perhaps our medical doctors and scientists are not aware of. These differences were very minute but necessary because the digestive system is the processing plant, you might say, for psychic energy; for the entrance of the spirit and the disbursement of the energies that the proper use of this divine spirit can bring. It is not, as everyone would like to think, in the brain. The energy center is in the digestive system.

It’s very difficult to explain this to someone who is not a scientist or an anthropologist, and does not understand the difference between the factory of a human and the factory of an animal. But if you were to study it you would see very clearly why what we call the ape family developed differently. They were the ones that developed as a result of the split. This minute difference that took place at a certain stage was a random happening. The separation of humans from animals was actually a very simple matter. The animal kingdom cannot become as humans because this minute difference in the digestive system did not take place in them.

We did not want all of the animals having this capability because I would not need that many forms for my spirit to live in. I knew exactly how many sparks were going to drop off of me and I knew exactly how many forms I would need. I always know what is needed and will provide it. Yes, I am Michael, the oversoul, coming through. Excerpted from the Chrysalis Teachings by Norma Hickox -
life is a universal force. Therefor Earth isn't the only populated planet. Some souls come from elsewhere. Rightnow, the earth is in a time/space that is favourable for sentient life, so it is attracting souls from all over.


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