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This is a place to share your own music and let us all enjoy it with you. Would be great to see everyone's art. 

Share ahead!!!

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wow sav that is great!!! u have awesome voice

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(i wrote the text to that. Gabor the vocal and music) was a collaboration

sav reload: "Ballad of the Art School Grad"

Guitars and bass: Anthony Wilson

Drums: Bill Dobrow

Engineer: Doug Ford

Piano. Singer, Writer: John Savlove

circa late 90s

 Creative Commons  approved


It feels like time to share again, but my sound files are not mp3 and they are not worth converting. For instance, the latest small run CD used backing tracks from other albums, so the lyrics to the following have one set of music when I was at the piano, another when I taped it with a "trip-jazz after hours" track, and on the John Savlove CD, the Rolling Stones "Dance (part two)". The quotes are different on the record too, so this "Taming Oscar Wilde" is EO's own extract tom my lyric files, as stand alone poetry with imaginary performance. To balance it with something sunnier, I'll pick another title to follow on its heels.


                                                     Taming Oscar Wilde

Some people get so smart that they can see through everything
And unless they're saints this will kill their sincerity
A vow of silence cannot work when you're born to have your say
Tommy's mother smashed his mirror - there wasn't any other way

Wilderness was queen

Ritual was king

Dreams were full of meaning

When there was no such thing

"Diplomacy is like making salad dressing - you have to know how much vinegar, how much oil"

"A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it."

We loved Oscar Wilde in the 20th century
Everybody loved his way with words and irony
Even the very dull, sincere, straight men he put down
You laughed with him, laughed at the words, Oscar won another round

"A man can be happy with any woman as long as he does not love her."

Men developed nylon and sold women hosiery
Theater in the stadiums soon broadcast on TV
RuPaul looking in the mirror worshiped Dorian Gray
Would just as soon burst into flames as look ugly for a day

"If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh. Otherwise they'll kill you."

Anyway anything goes y'know, since 1983
Like little tugboats little books of quotes have pulled his celebrity
Point of purchase items, not Wilde's biography
Threw the dandy into prison where he renounced all luxury

    "The longer I live the more keenly I feel that whatever was good
enough for our fathers is not good enough for us."

                                                                    STAY SWEET

The goddess has you on the edge

One day you’ll write of beauty again

Remember how the angels spoke through you

You’ve been knocked around a lot since then

Don’t ever get bitter

Stay sweet, stay sweet, stay sweet

No need to be a player

Stay sweet, stay sweet, stay sweet

In your heart and mind

Stay kind, stay kind, stay kind

Keep above, react with love

Stay sweet, stay sweet, stay sweet

Used to be you spoke your heart

Wrote the lines a woman traced

Now you know how faith will pull you through

Let us never feel abased

Don’t you ever get bitter

Stay sweet, stay sweet, stay sweet

No need to be a player

Stay sweet, stay sweet, stay sweet

In your heart and in your mind

Stay kind, stay kind, stay kind

Keep above, react with love

Stay sweet, stay sweet, stay sweet

                                                                                                               John Savlove

                                                                                                     SaveLove Music 2015

                                                 Better Tomorrow

You can ride the Internet without concern, without regret, there’s nothing like

A little time to borrow

‘Cos Mom and Dad won’t show their face, they left you to this empty place

They got fear ... of a better tomorrow

World War II was fought for you – There’s no enemy for World War III

Except fear ... of a better tomorrow

Let all the martyrs fight it out – they forgot what it’s all about

And you feel … a little bit more sorrow

Fear of a better tomorrow, fear of a better tomorrow, don’t need no fear ... of a better tomorrow

[ No one understands me

I’ve got the seed! I’ve got the seeds, baby
I want to show you

Show you the evolutionary miracles encoded
How good it can be! ... with my seeds … ]

(instrumental madness)

My girlfriend’s of another race – You can’t escape United States

Just dream ... of a better tomorrow

Going to free my dead and heal the gaps, feed my head and spring those traps, and feel...

Better tomorrow

Breathe through pain, relax the flow, and what remains is love, you know

You’ll feel ... a little better tomorrow

The united states of you and me is our only hope for liberty

I wanna feel ... better tomorrow

Feel a lot better tomorrow, feel a lot better tomorrow, make me feel... better tomorrow

(Weave verses and chorus together; last verse becomes “the united state of you and me is my only hope for ecstasy – we’re gonna feel ... a lot better tomorrow”)

It's John Savlove reposting the anthem from 2000, produced in 2003, and languishing in the alchemical fortress of personal transmutation. Still my last song to be heard with guitars and drums wailing away. One of a series of reposts in honor of giving up in july 2017. SaveLove Music, Inc. (ASCAP)

© SaveLove Music 2002 (ASCAP)

The www.savlove domain is finally over. 

This place is better anyway - more in the moment as well as home to two old tracks, the one here and "Buddha" on my page. 

The Visionary's Almanac link deserves its place here now that the site is down. A few of these are already posted around Esoteric Online. 

Other portions that haven't been copied to here or Temple Illuminatus include the proposal and the manifesto. They have both outlived their usefulness. The status of this project is good. Some things are a long time in the making.



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