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We just wanted to thank everyone for tuning in to Mystic Radio this evening, we (hosts) were both under the weather a bit, not only physically and but also quite literally, so we appreciate everyone's understanding and support of the show.

In a few days we will announce the winner(s) of a $25 Amazon gift card we have decided to anonymously extend on this occasion in connection with our show and its support by the community. This was not announced as we don't want people to compete or attempt to receive them under the wrong reasons, but simply would like to occasionally show our appreciation where we feel it's due. We will be doing this through-out the community, not just concerning shows, we know those of you who have provided extended support of the shows through thick and thin, and want you to know "we notice your efforts".

We wish to express again, that neither one of us are asserting we are some sort of "expert" in all of the amazing subjects we discuss, we are exploring subjects that our listeners are interested in, and are seekers just as any or many one of you. Some subjects we may have some previous and personal path experience, some shows we are exploring for the first time along with you as a community.

We are working to integrate some new and exciting changes for the show, including potentially moving the shows from 1 hour to 90 minutes or possibly 2 hours, and we sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding as the show matures.

Thanks again for your continued support.



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