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The time has come, as we grow and expand outwards, more assistance is needed in order to maintain a great experience and benefit for seekers here and beyond.

We are interested in some new hosts, to bring new perspective to the shows and balance out the energetic signatures. Because of this, we are looking especially for a female host to come into the show management and assist with hosting our broadcasts on Sunday evenings (sorry guys out there, no offense intended).

If things go well moving forward, we may begin to either extend show broadcasts, and/or begin including additional one on different days.

Some information on the show:

  • Broadcasts occur on Sunday evenings currently, at 8pm Central Standard Time. The vast majority of seekers online here live in the USA, so this is a matter of convenience, the most convenient for most potential live listeners.
  • Mystic Radio uses the BlogTalk system, this currently provides the greatest feature set for our needs, and seems to handle well everything the show provides, as well as some features we still have yet to implement.
  • Full training can/will be provided, complete with information and test show runs.

Required/recommend aspects:

  • It's recommended to have a decent broadband connection, and Skype for providing host capabilities in broadcasting.
  • A usb headset should be used, this allows for a more interference free operation, giving hosts less background noise and a clear voice.
  • Hosts should be willing to study up on upcoming show content, to have a working knowledge at least of the subjects being discussed.
  • Distraction free environment, at least for the hour of the show. This has been taken for granted in the past, but it really does help maintain trouble-free operations.

If this is something you may be interested in, please contact myself or one of the show hosts (Ken or Shadowsenshi) to see if it would be a good fit for yourself and the community.

To learn more about BlogTalk, feel free to check out their site:

Thank you for your consideration, I hope there is a good match out there, and we can help make the shows more informative and exciting to our listeners.

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I might be your cup of tea, where do i fill out an application :)


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