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We are just getting started and many have been offering some excellent ideas, please let us know if there are any guests you would like to see on the show, or subject you would like to hear discussed.

Mystic Radio will be great because of the community as a whole, and we value your ideas, so please feel free to leave your ideas as a reply to this discussion - Thanks for you input and we hope you enjoy the shows.

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I would like to hear more information about neurofeedback or biofeedback technology and the various health issues that have benefited from it.

Hey there iGirlTech, wow the synchronicity - I have been doing a lot in those areas lately, and was thinking I might know just the person to have on along on the show as well.

Thanks for the suggestion, would be an exciting show

You may be interesting in these great group if you haven't already joined

and we are going to start discussing the technology with initiation here soon


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