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It's that time again, to set up a new sections and themes of podcasts shows for Mystic Radio and we would love to hear your input and ideas.

If you have any suggestions in the following areas, we will take them into consideration, and perhaps they will end up on a future show!

  • Subjects you would like to hear discussed
  • Themes for shows, "Orders and Societies" for past example
  • Special Guests to have on the show, interviews
  • New show features

We look forward to constantly improving the show experience, and in the same way all participate in making the community awesome, we all have great ideas for making Mystic Radio move into its full potential.

Thanks for your time, and we look forward to your ideas

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well there are a few topics that seem fun to me.

- paganism/wicca

- afterlife/reincarnation and the soul path

- eastern alchemy and philosophies

- multiple parallel reality theories

- esoteric symbolism in everyday life

- cymatics/ how sound effects and forms life

- balance/ying yang/middle path etc

- tarot

- psychology of human behavior and why we act the way we act/ what triggers behavior and how the mind body and spirit are connected

- what is a soul? difference between soul and spirit.

 if i think a few more will come back and add them.

Nice Nice!...Infact brilliant!...There is much to learn from eastern alchemy and guide people to the middle path!

I've thought for awhile that maybe I could do something on "The Science of Music" and how music can interact with 7 different sciences. I wouldn't want it to get stuck on just how music is used for healing - I would want the scientific possibilities addressed. Maybe not right away - I don't know if I'm up for it yet or not unless you could do it  without me Tris. You have all the information on it.

Here are my suggestions:



-The Book of Enoch

-Pineal Gland

-Magnetic Fields

-Segment on Books




Very quickly as I am going on vacation and back in April.

The topic of ETHICS is noT discussed in the West. And we need it very much!

The topic of : Why Duality is the foundation of chaos?

The condition of "Inner Joy" derived from perfect "atonement" could be discussed from a deep spiritual point of view. 

The fundamental sentence; " Father, forgive them because they don't know what they are doing!" should be seriously meditate upon.

More in April!


I am with Antonieta on the need to discuss ETHICS.  I would like to see Ethics and Pranic Integrity of the body/mind discussed.  Manley Hall calls it Magnetic Field of the body.

dark mirror scrying

water scrying

pore breathing

and some other 'stuff' I will most probably think of later....when I'm trying to sleep.

also philosophy and kyballah

-Egypt- The Alignments of pyramids accross the Globe their significance and energy grids

- Hermetic mysteries - kybalion and other related funamental laws & principles

-Astrology -Astrotheology and how its effecting our aquarian age

-Ancient Civilizations mysteries of how vast intelligence was buried, DNA, Architecture

-Vedic philosophy of the universe and scientific explanations of the Sun, Sanskrit language

-Philosophy in general & Religion- Science- Spirituality, differences corelation and future

-Divination - prophecy, time, mind and how it works

Wow, totally awesome guys! It is great to be seeing such great and timely interest in the context of Mystic Radio.

Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions - please, keep them coming!

Lost and/or peaceful ancient/modern cultures. Speculation on pre ice age advanced civilizations

Evolution of consciousness


Intuitive spiritual development / channeling

I'd be interested in an exploration of what the future of Thelema might be, how it sees itself in the bigger picture of a planetwide awakening.  Particularly it's relation to the Caliphate OTO, and whether Thelema is being helped or hindered by that current relationship.


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