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It's that time again, to set up a new sections and themes of podcasts shows for Mystic Radio and we would love to hear your input and ideas.

If you have any suggestions in the following areas, we will take them into consideration, and perhaps they will end up on a future show!

  • Subjects you would like to hear discussed
  • Themes for shows, "Orders and Societies" for past example
  • Special Guests to have on the show, interviews
  • New show features

We look forward to constantly improving the show experience, and in the same way all participate in making the community awesome, we all have great ideas for making Mystic Radio move into its full potential.

Thanks for your time, and we look forward to your ideas

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I think a discussion of druidry would be interesting, especially the topic of different Orders and the Celtic gods and goddesses along with the celebrations of the Wheel of the Year.

Life is such a simple beauty, and I want to keep it that way. What is always most important to me is what is most helpful. 

I would like to see a show discussing real abilities, modern and not-so-modern, but the kind of abilities that people have awakened within themselves recently or within the last 100 years. I do love some good literature and cinema, but the truth of the matter is that we cannot unfold without giving our lives to experiences. Wisdom is a life lived well. 

Humans can do all sorts of things by creating mental triggers, or exhibiting extra-sensory perceptions, while some are very intuitive and feel subtle energies. The human mind is a computer and we are free to re-program ourselves at will. Tibetan monks do some outlandish things with human bodies, it's really amazing what a Golden Mind can do.

I think this helps people most. No matter what Society or Order you walk with, human ability is human ability. As I have said before:

"There is no truth that is not truly doing." ~ Eben Mayim

We are amazing beings with amazing potential to do anything we please. We can stand on two fingers, or bend our Mind inwards to soar within Inner Space. Greatness is humbling, and it is a humble realization to face what human beings are capable of. 

Thank you for being a Lighthouse unto the World. 

Thanks a bunch to all of you who responded, we truly do value your input and look forward to implementing what we can moving forward.

You great ideas have now been assembled into a poll, so now everyone can have a chance to vote on show ideas, or add new one that may be thought in the future.

Thanks again everyone, it really does help out and is great appreciated.

Some topics I would like to see covered are:  Zachariah Sitchen'S Books..  Dead Sea Scrolls esp: The Book of Enoch.... Quantum Physics in relationship to the Kabbalah...... Secret Libraries in the Vatican.....Life After Death.....Opening up your Third Eye/Pineal Gland.....   Thanks


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