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As always, we would like to give everyone an opportunity to ask any questions you would like to hear covered during the show. Our next show will cover the topic of Freemasonry, please let us know if you have anything in mind for the show.

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As we draw to a fantastic close of our Exploring the Self series, we embark on a wonderful journey through Orders and Societies. We begin this exploration with Freemasonry, the ages old fraternity of brother hood, carrying symbolism dating back to at least ancient Egypt.


We hope to discuss a wide variety of masonic aspects, and that listeners will come away with a greater understanding of it's tradition.

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I am not an expert on Masonry, but am an initiate who has gone through all three degrees of the Blue Lodge, and through the Order of the Temple in the York Rite.  I would be happy to try and answer any questions that the listeners have or that you might have.  I have studied Masonry for quite a while and have a lot of good insight.  Freemasonry is an esoteric system of morality that is highly misunderstood and even more highly persecuted.  I would love to shed some light if you would like me to.


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