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Poll results are in, thanks to everyone that provided input into future shows.


We wanted the ensure that moving forward, we can not only continue to expand the opportunity for anyone here to participate in the process if they wanted, but also provide the ability to plan and schedule out many shows into the future if possible, to provide greater opportunity for both Mystic Radio (hosts/guests) and also yourselves to be as prepared as needed and avoid inconvenience where we could help it - by improving our scheduling as well as show interaction and communication.


We asked the community as a whole for ideas on some future Mystic Radio shows, and recently had taken all of these suggestions here, were gathered into a poll and we've had 55 votes over the past couple weeks.


The show will begin to be scheduled approximately based on this, and will stay dynamic and available for a continuous capability to let us know your thoughts on the show - proceeding each episode, we will record and reset the poll results so everyone has a chance to vote again, vote on newly added items, add new ideas as "Other", and everything can stay as fair and transparent as possible.


We will also begin taking these ideas, and creating more "themed" sections of Mystic Radio episodes as we've done in the past, as well as begin to integrate some show enhancements we have planned for our listeners.


Of all of these in the current round of voting, here are the top results:

  1. Parallel/Multi universe theories
  2. Hypnotism
  3. The Middle Path/Way
  4. Re-incarnation
  5. Science of Music (probable Special Guest!)
  6. Subtle Energies
  7. Atlantis
  8. Eastern Alchemy
  9. Electromagnetism
  10. Soul and Spirit
  11. Scrying
  12. Telepathy
  13. Wicca
  14. Cymatics
  15. ESP / Clairvoyance


In an effort to create more transparency (and democratic per se) in this process, we also enabled a field for "other", which allowed the addition of ideas not previously thought of or listed - the additional suggestions shown below that will be re-integrated into the poll next round - these were:

  • Is there any chance to repeat Randy Masters - Music of the Spheres??
  • WalkIns.....
  • gender in religion, the female godhead
  • DMT N,N-Dimethyltryptamine
  • Ethics


Thanks again to everyone who has participated, and feel free to still vote if anyone hasn't yet had the chance.



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awesome!! thank u tris


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