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Thank you to all who were able to make it out to our very first Mystic Radio broadcast, it was a great success! We will be pressing on and continuing with this every week from now on, eventually moving into individual shows and subject matter.

Mystic Radio has the capabilities of a single, 2 hour show per day, with a maximum of 50 concurrent callers/guests, and unlimited online listeners, with integrated text chat as well. Regular shows will continue to be broadcast at 7pm Central Standard Time on Sunday's following our standard lesson time, even as we move into more detail oriented shows.

We want to remind everyone that all past episodes will always be available here, in the show widget to be accessed at any time. Mystic Radio shows have also been submitted to the bureaucracy of iTunes for your convenience, we will announce when those shows have been approved there so you can begin to access them from that platform as well.

Thanks again, and we hope that you enjoy Mystic Radio.

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awesome thank you.


good to hear its going so well.


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