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The above title spells out; Natural-Law, and the last three letters which are LAW. to me

stand for, love, acceptance, and willingness, I have been a very keen observer of natural law for well over forty years now, and this has run parallel with the same time practising meditation.

I use the word practising because there is always fresh observations to make, and therefore

am continually learning. I am assured by the title of this forum being natural law, and not using the plural of law(s) because there is in my personal experience just one law, and that is basically unconditional love. I can understand how several other law(S) "seem" to exist, but if you trace them back to their origin, you will find only ONE.

Thanks for accepting me onto this forum, hope we can each teach each other the way out of the plurality and accepting the singularity.

Yours in the reflection of self, Michael.

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