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A series of poems and writtings dedicated to understanding the spiritual journey you are on.

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Started by stephen. Last reply by anki Jan 12, 2015. 1 Reply

Alzheimer'sPlaques and Tangles Go Jingle Jangle Jangle JingleIn my mindAll my tomorrows Joys and sorrows Blown awayOn random wind All my story All my glory Blown awayOn a waking dream Jingle Jangle Plaques and Tangles Muddy WatersIn a crystal…Continue

The power of the pen

Started by stephen Jan 12, 2015. 0 Replies

Ink wells drying out, books march to their graves.Stationary evolving like cavemen in caves.Bibles on websites, there's no longer books of prayer.Electronic revolution's just too much to bear.Handwritten letters, that were sealed with a kiss.Signing…Continue

Tales of Scotland

Started by stephen Jan 12, 2015. 0 Replies

We climbed to the top of Ben LomondAnd stepped on to a passing cloudThen started to sing CaledoniaAnd by God! We all felt so proud We drifted all over the worldSinging the songs of days gone byRemembering the ones who had leftWho were far too strong…Continue

Sad know body knows who wrote this

Started by stephen Jan 12, 2015. 0 Replies

Sarah's PoemThere are thousands of kids out there just like Sarah.  There are thousands of fathers & mothers like Sarah's- read the poem as though either parent, or both, can be to blame.Take some time to reflect on this and acknowledge that…Continue

The entropy

Started by Aryia. Last reply by stephen Jan 12, 2015. 5 Replies

I am the way down and out of hereI am your escape, take me awayThis is not what I know, I am deliriousBirds I'll fly with you, birds I'll fly with youTake me down with you Into the underworldThis precious beauty is something to beholdSpiralling down…Continue

Do's & Wont's

Started by Adam Kadmon. Last reply by Simurgh Sep 22, 2014. 1 Reply

Didn't we protestDidn't we SingTo bring this wordTo a new beginningDidn't we ScreamDidn't we ShoutTo…Continue

Tags: we, didnt, unity, freedom, protest

Endless You

Started by Turukai. Last reply by lifecoach Apr 23, 2013. 4 Replies

Suspended in motion you captured my soulRevered you are in my eyesSurrendered I am by your touchWhere trust sleeps my weeping heartYou have…Continue

On Fear

Started by Andrew Houston Apr 19, 2013. 0 Replies

I now find myself gripped with an intense fear. But what is it? What is fear? What is it to be afraid?It may go like this:"I don't know if I will be alright. I might die."And now, there is a voice to end fear!"Everything will be alright. You will…Continue

Tags: love, direct, experience, fear, enquiry

O' Kali

Started by Adam Kadmon Dec 27, 2012. 0 Replies

 O' Kali I Love TheeIn Your Divine EnergyI Travel through the galaxyO'Kali I adore TheeIn your sacred BeautyI find SerenityO' Maha Kali Dance…Continue

Tags: Shakti, Kali

The Cosmic Roulette Wheel

Started by Stephanie Musarra. Last reply by anki Nov 15, 2012. 1 Reply

Spin the great cosmic roulette wheelRed or black take the chanceBorn into virtue or painYou must suffer to winThe gods must be insaneContinue

Tags: introspection, self-

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Comment by PrideEd on July 2, 2014 at 7:19pm

As Long as I Live

by Ayn al-Qozat Hamadani

English version by Andrew Harvey
Original Language Persian/Farsi

As long as I live I will eat and drink
The grief of loving You.
I will never give it up to anyone
Even when I am dead.

At the Resurrection
I will walk forward with this violent thirst
Still storming my head.

Comment by Being on April 3, 2013 at 10:53pm


We go round in circles
Perpetuity on the rim.
How does one get in to Kore  - out of The Fall
To the center spot- that dot, the matrix of All
Where the vibrating, neverending non-story of "now"
Is the Strength, The Power, The Glory, The Fortitiude of Who I Am.
The Power of Immortality unformed,
Chaos unbound - founded on Divine Principles of Truth.
*Ruthless without Reconciliation.
 The horizontal Merry-Go- Round.

Comment by Being on January 29, 2013 at 10:57pm

Hundreds of years ago, the Popes spoke Ex-Cathedra (from the chair). Truth came through and the Pope from this communion was able to speak as representative of The Will. This hasn't occurred for quite some time but many mystics in the silence, in the still commune with The Higher Self in private, quiet places. This is what I call the Inner Room, The Inner Sanctum. It is yours for the taking, for the making. Here's my story to share. (Didn't Christ call it the upper room?)

Inner Room*
Sanctuary *                                             

In this room
The silence is so thick
You can hear it.

The peace so profound
You sink blissfully
Into its depths

In this room
I come before my Self
And know my value
I enter into these chambers
Clear my  mind
And fill my  heart

Here in these chambers
Love predominates
And is ALL

My heart speeds and swells
To GODLIKE proportions
While my fears subside and pass away

In my inner room
I come to terms
With my SELF

Comment by Being on January 29, 2013 at 10:53pm


“Outside” all around me is a roar
Of people, places, things, happenings.
Here in my  upper room reigns
A peace filled serenity
That   is so thick that visitors come and touch it lightly
Not understanding but sensing its reality -
“How peaceful this room, this house.
What sweetness.” Is all they say...
But sense more than they can explain or understand
Nor do I - more than living in  it
When I allow those moments, the best moments
Calling to be with me eternally and taken out fully,In and as me,
Constantly in my perceived  World of Earth

As a Blessing to All-As One inclusive
The Inner Upper Room becomes ALL -
The World!

Comment by Being on January 29, 2013 at 10:51pm

"You went through shifts and spans
And now we're holding hands
You are coming HOME.
LOVE  and BEAUTY fill you.
I AM working through you.
Have Faith in me and you will see
The Shadow of the Clouds
From the 'other side'."

Comment by anki on May 20, 2012 at 1:27am

that was beautiful Kris

Comment by Being on May 3, 2012 at 5:14pm

      I AM
          Special person
                  Imbued with powerful
                        Imagination propelled
                               By GOD
                                          BY SELF
     Fairyland opened, beckoning entrance
     Stepping through the Magical Gate, I tripped
     Fantastically landing, quite by chance
     Soft upon a billowy cloud I flipped
     Little Fairies danced about me wildly
Singing, laughing, winking, quiling, childly
Joining in, great joy permeated through
Frenzied state uplifted, balanced mildly
A Fairies Queen, special creature (envoy)who
Exchanged humanity for Magical
Entrance to a land gay, not tragical
Joyful songs, enervating dancing trips
Wisdom, Prophecy, Voice most magical
Guidance light tips direst from Wisdoms lips.
Free Verse
Ceres, Mother Nature
Bounteous Lady creates richness in Earth
All things grown, now harvested
And all things growing with limitless potentiality

Harvest of crops, colors, winds, songs
Harvest of clouds, crystals, willows, ponds
Harvest of Sun, Moon, Earth, Air
Harvest of light, insight, manifest, Spirit
Bountiful Goddess-fertile family framer
Bless this garden and all who live in it

Tail Rhyme Stanza
Ah, mercy stranger of the darkness
Give me freedom, release this starkness
I cry for liberation
Eternally I've walked in freedom
I'll die for freedom
Pray-death now, or FREE THIS NATION

Terza Rima
Life is like a circus, 3 ring tent, 10 acts
Focus in the center, the watchers all around
Multiple activity, fascinating tracts

Worth the effort. Rewards, joys, riches abound
Horses, lions, tigers, elephants perform
Jumping up, crouching down, climbing up in mounds

Impossible tasks, as if it were the norm
Trough the fire hoop the tiger leaps bravely
Triple trapeze tumblesaults, my heart is torn

Performers risk their lives, perhaps too naively
When will it end? Is it worth doing the show?
Owners rake in money and talk so suavely

Audience loves its Magic, I know
The performer loves doing the show itself
The applause is FOOD and why they love it so

Life is 3 rings, 10 acts, audience and Self
Getting the acts together, proceeding on
Forward with focus or left upon a shelf

Select life, high vitality- doubt begone!
Time to be causal of life circumstances
Moldy, dusty, dead- away- I am long gone (beyond)

Low circumstance of circus reality
Reaching for the stars, the moon, the sun. I am
Transcending, striving toward Immortality
Beautiful sights
Exciting vistas
Unending awe
Brothers, sisters-all

Insist upon reception
Listen and look willingly
Hear and see fulfillingly
And know in your heart it's RIGHT

Proceed to projection
Give out truth upon the land
Neer stop until ALL MUST KNOW

Be able to affirm
Be sure you can be able
Nor stop until you am
Are able beyond Earths story fable

To go up a table
To reach the top of the world
Beyond manifest Universes
Banners unfurled

Beyond limitation and
Beyond the ban
And willing to be as I AM
Yes, WILLING TO BE AS I AM           

Comment by Being on May 3, 2012 at 5:13pm

 Exercises in Poetry forms
     The distant star
     Embedded deep into sky
     Signals. Winking eye

     Long have I yearned for
     Superb distant melodies
     Desiring deeply
     Traveling through foreign lands
     Embracing fulfillments tune

Comment by Turukai on February 22, 2012 at 6:35pm

Wisa I love these

thank you for Posting them. xxxx

Comment by Being on February 22, 2012 at 1:20pm

Abundance,Wealth, Perfection               

The fields are ripe, not too late.
The stomach is full of what it ate.
Hearts are now in wondrous State
The Sun shines bright . S/he - Fire’s mate.
The Rain nourishes  wet and right
The Rivers run clean and fast  with all their might while...
The Air smells pure and sweet at last

At last, Perfection is in the Air
Spirit its Self soars up and declares
All Is Well, All Is Richness. No more “stealth”.
All-Is Wealth.  
All arises to its place in the Sun.
                        All-Is One


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