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Welcome to my channel beautiful people.

Every Wednesday & potentially Sundays, will I be posting Videos on certain topics with their main focus on rationality. 

It is a pleasure to meet you here and I hope that we can contribute to each other and find an unbiased system of structuring and find our inner selves.

Superstitions, fanaticism, and irrationality are the builders of unstable realities and form a suppressant on the full human experience. There is always a healthy approach towards feelings, emotions and personal experiences.

Let us all explore our differences, our likeness, and ourselves together.

We are all great shining stars.

Rational Love

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Day 4: Faith and its Efficiency

Day 3: Morals and their Efficiency

Day 2: Rational Hate

Day 1: Introduction

Videos in the Making:

Violent Expressions

Unconditional Love


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Comment by sav on December 16, 2016 at 1:14am

It's our work/fun to discuss Love and indeed stir faith. The last sentence was written to respect your process - still new to you and very new to me - and intended to suggest that extemporaneous lectures are fine but that as you grow even your asides will be more finely tuned.

The question as put then is really good - when is less more? You begin as a very open person and sure of what you are thinking, so to conceal would be to arouse and induce the listener to want more, think more. But there's a fine art to this. Thinking back, the best example is in the first video where you introduce yourself from your room, getting used to the notion that from there you can speak intimately with any fraction of the www. Nothing wrong with this - it's honest, endearing, and  it's the introductory truth - however, to experiment with putting out 6-12 minute messages about the qualities of love, try practicing or recording one where you do not refer to yourself at all. or try another one where every time you refer to yourself, it is about love. Consciously tighten or loosen the scope of thoughts you are about to present. For these few minutes, your discovery is our discovery process. I'm going to keep on listening to you regularly for as long as I have nowhere else to go (on my end of the work, not the www!).

Comment by sav on December 14, 2016 at 3:51am

You've asked for discussion - here's a brief note about Day 4. The theme was really more about the balance of faith and disbelief than Faith and its efficiency. You touched on how faith works (and on how it can be shattered), still I reflect from having heard from a serious rational lover more than a man of great faith. The openness of the narrative process might have something to do with this...speaking of efficiency, confiding less in the listener about the process and so more demarcating the actual substance of the themes is a possibility. 

Comment by sav on December 6, 2016 at 6:54am

Thank you, Solomon. Will check out video at my leisure. Wilhelm Reich, the godfather of many advances some of us can take on more readily today, agreed that superstition is part of the "mechanico-mystico" armoring that by layers forms this civilization of form & order with so much separation from the cosmos as well as the potential of human (orgasmic) function.


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