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   I originally wasn't going to post this in any group, but I feel this is relevant to this, as I am someone who is openly admitted to being affiliated with these beings AND being in a human body, perhaps it's relevant perhaps it's not. Here it goes!


   You know how everyone talks about these things... Black, unmarked helicopters, and it's supposed relationship with ET's. You ever have those moments when watching videos and reading articles, that you've said to yourself "I'll believe that when I see it?" Well, it wasn't quite about the helicopters itself that I had a hard time believing, but my connection to ETs, and the possibility that I would ever get to see one... well, lucky me, I didn't just get to see one, it was dispatched strictly because of what was being detected from ME. Yes me. I'm sure you're laughing and muttering the question, "hahaha, why you? YOU?! That couldn't possibly be true!" ... but it is, it happened, and without question it was there for this reason, with my own blood brother as my witness.

    Lets begin.

    I always have valued psilocybin (psychedelic mushrooms) for it's psychic potential and prominent experiences which have helped my spirituality so much throughout the years. Usually, around once or twice a year, I'll take a significant dose of mushrooms outside in a field across from my old house in the morning and have my experience with my brother until sun down. We're surrounded in plants and birds and sunshine and it's always a miraculous experience, and me and my brother always have telepathic experiences these days with them. It's great!

    Before I begin about what happened, let me start first by saying I've had experiences since I was a young child, I've always felt connected to ET's, specifically reptilian consciousness. I grew up loving these beings, and eventually discovered over 4 years ago, that I have soul lineage with these beings, but I knew of them since I was a child, and again, loved them with everything in me since the beginning. If you'd to like read more, the link in my signature below will guide you to a more detailed version of how things came about in my life regarding my early and ongoing experiences, and my spiritual growth.

--- Here's what happened! ---

    So, me and my brother get our dad to drive us out to the field we normally have our mushroom experiences in. We picked our spot, and we laid our blankets out, put the cooler in place, and commenced to eating the goods! Normally and eighth of good shrooms would do it for us, and is usually both enough and not too much... but this particular strain was more potent, and an eighth was far too much. We didn't have a bad experience, but we couldn't stay in our bodies. We kept leaving our bodies and coming back over and over, and this lasted a while. Eventually, maybe and hour or two or even longer had passed since we started feeling the effects(about 40 mins is what it took to start feeling the major effects), and finally we were able to stay in our bodies.

    My brother was particularly effected by the substance, and wasn't even able to speak... however, me... I'm able to handle extreme experiences with a lot more stability, I'm still able to speak and make rational thoughts and despite this level of self control, I still have very intense and positive learning experiences.

    With our ability to now be in our bodies, I suggested to my brother that he move from the spot he was in (because he was there since he started feeling them and I thought he should move around), and I also suggested he lay on his back and that I would do the same, so that we can look at the sky and the clouds and see what we can see. At this particular point I was feeling so in-tune with everything around me, I could see and feel physical things that were located far far away from me. I could feel the plants through the air, the trees rustling through the wind and every leaf upon it. I was able able at one point, to close my eyes and reach out to the edge of my energy field (as I'm able to do in my meditations), and it was so expanded, it was extending passed the nearby road and also way up above me!

    We lay on our backs and try to make fun with the clouds, and I see a chem trail among all the beauty, and it made me cringe a bit. In my past experiences, I remember these god-like beings manipulating particles with themselves... was able to separate and combine compounds and elements, and I was thinking how neat it would be to do such a thing... to be able to make an otherwise polluted area not polluted. I used my open hand to extend my focus waaaaay up into the sky and I could feel the particles. I tried to manipulate them but for the most part I could feel I was quite unsuccessful, and I laughed a bit.

    Around 10-15 minutes or so later we hear this chopping sound coming north of us. We thought it was maybe an ATV or a dirtbike at first, because in this wooded patch of land, which is about a 10acre by 10acre field located in a local suburban neighborhood, there is also dirt trails that were occasionally used in this area when we were young for this type of thing. As I lay on my back, the noise gets louder, making it clear it wasn't what we thought it was, and I suddenly get this feeling like something very threatening is coming. Where our spot was, there is a ditch north of us close by that had tall grass blocking our view. At this point the noise made it obvious it was a helicpoter of some kind, but as it approached I could feel it penetrate my expanded energetic field I was speaking of earlier. The best way to describe it is if you had felt an ant crawling on your hand or arm... it was as if the entire area was my body.

    I'm overcome with something I can only speak to as being my higher self... I hopped up from laying on my back to being on my feet like something out of a martial arts movie, and before the chopper was even in the line of sight, I had my right hand, palm facing upward, pointing in the direction of this fast-approaching vehicle. It was a fully decked-out ATTACK helicpoter, all black, no markings, with a very thick hull and guns on the side, and it was flying very VERY low to the ground. Unmarked meaning, no "Army" no "Airforce" no "Navy" words on it, and no country affiliated color scheme to it's appearance. It was sort of older looking, and I could smell death on this air vehicle, as if it was used to kill people in the past already.

    Once the thing was in sight it slowed it's fast approach to crawl... it was flying so low, I could feel the wind from the propellers, the chopping noise was so loud it was hitting my chest with intensity. I felt like a warrior, standing there with my hand out with no fear or worry. Somehow someway and for an unknown reason, I focused on the area beneath the helicopter, it felt as if my vision somehow pierced the area beneath it, and I was able to reach extensions of energy through it, up and around the helicopter. It felt as if the heli was in my hand.

    After it halted, it began a very slow oval-circle around us, clearly checking us out... us... two people in the middle of a field with nothing but themselves 2 blankets and a cooler. It felt so threatening, it felt as if they had guns on us and that I knew it. Feet planted, as it made it's way around us, my hand followed, again, palm facing upward. I don't really know what I was doing at the time, I felt very different, but with this going on, it felt as if I could do something and I was choosing whether to do it or not (whatever I was going to do I don't know, but realistically I couldn't do anything to a heli in the air above me with just myself... right?). For some reason, it was halfway through it's oval around us, and I felt an inclination of "diplomacy," (best word for it), and I chose to put my hand down as some kind of gesture of non-hostility, and afterwards, I vigilantly watched as this thing completed the other half of the helf-oval-shaped path around us, then it inclined significantly in altitude, and very fast mind you, started heading south... I watched it until it was completely out of sight.

    Afterwards I had dropped the warrior-like disposition and couldn't shake the feeling of being "found out" or "unveiled." I toiled about it and theorized why they would send that thing to me, and could only make connections between my particular state and expanded energy field. You see, the kind of aura I had around me was the equivalent to that of a creature much physically larger than myself... somehow, where we were at. That is quite literally the only explanation.

    Soon after we called our ride and I simply watched the back window to see if anyone's following us home, which is only about 10 minutes south of where we were at.

    --- The End ---

    To those who will rationalize this in other ways, I will help subside some questions that come to mind. First, if it was a training OP, no way they'd use a helicopter like THAT, and definitely wouldn't fly so low to the ground like that, to the point to where it rattled the entire neighborhood. My cousin lives north of where we were at and heard the chopper that day, and said that from inside the house, it sounded like bombs going off, and he and his wife and 4 kids went into their backyard and saw it. A chopper like that is only dispatched for very good reasons, and whoever has the authority to ride a chopper around like that with no military affiliations marked on it, must have a lot of influence in the US government.

    Second, there is no doubt, it took it's time out to observe us very carefully. Assuming my previous point is true, if it was dispatched for another reason, it would never take the time out to slow down after approaching fast from the north, and go around us slowly and then leave with increased altitude and speed. Tt was flying so low to the ground, that if it was just a little bit to the left or right of it's flight path south, it would have missed us entirely because of the surrounding trees. If it was being transported it would have been flown way higher than that too. There is no other explanation, it was there because of me, the only questions are why and how were they able to know that there is an abnormal energy flow coming from someone that is so concerning to them, that they felt it necessary to send the most intimidating helicopter in existence to our specific spot in this field,... and to add to that, coincidentally while I'm having a massive experience and being in a state that would most definitely show to have extreme psychic potential. Sure, it was just conducting a training OP right? hahah!

    This all happened in September 2017 on the hottest day before winter started here in Michigan, and I don't deny, the following couple weeks I was expecting my door to be kicked in at my house and to somehow be taken and interrogated or something, though it never happened. I assume since then I've obtained some military profile on their end and I'm sure I'm being tapped even at this very moment, because no way they are to approach us and leave saying "naww it was a false alarm" and leave it at that. What really scares me is that this shadow government is so privy to energetic things... I can only think they have some sort of technology that allows them to monitor the energy flow of the humans on the surface. If anyone else has any theories I'm willing to hear it.


    So what do you all think? Did this chopper come because of my state of being? Did it somehow pick up affiliations with ET's through whatever technology that found me? Do you feel like my suggestion regarding energy-flow monitoring through some technology to be a fairly accurate assumption given this experience? Feel free to answer these questions and comment below!

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