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The Great Positive Reptilian Awakening" is here and now it's time for everyone to stop feeding into the media hype about all Reptilians are negative. The controlled media is purposely doing this to keep all of you in the dark about the positive Reptoids.There are a great many positive Reptilian contacts with Humans now. Some of these people I know and have learned of their positive contacts. I myself am a positive Reptilian starseed. There are trillions upon trillions of positive Reptilians just in our galaxy alone. Please people wake up and do your research we are now entering "The Great Positive Reptilian Awakening" Raise up your positive consciousness vibrational level now open your minds dont let the fear and confusion blind you to the truth. There is much more we need to talk about I have a great deal of information and experiences for all of you

Reptilian humanoids are intelligent, supernatural, or highly developed reptile-like humanoids Some authorities refer to them as reptoids, dinosauroids or lizardmen.

Several ancient peoples all over the world have described reptilian beings, and some have described reptilian humanoids. reptilian creatures (usually not humanoid) who are hostile to human beings. Also rather common are the myths of "Serpents of Wisdom" who enlightened humanity before the dawn of civilization; but it has been noted by mythologists that here "serpent" may only have been used to symbolize strangeness.

The Mayan god Gucumatz was described as a "serpent of wisdom" who enlightened humankind, as was his Aztec counterpart Quetzalcoatl.

The Hopi refer to a race of reptilians called the Sheti, or "Snake-Brothers", who live underground. The Cherokee and other Native American peoples also refer to reptilian races.

In pre-columbian mythology from Colombia, Bachue (the primordial woman) transformed into a big snake. She is also sometimes called the "Celestial Snake" (Serpiente Celestial).

In Europe,
Cecrops, the legendary first King of Athens was said to have been half man, half snake. The ancient Titans and Gigantes were sometimes depicted as winged man-like beings with serpents instead of legs, for example on a fresco on a temple in Pergamum. In these images from Pergamum, some of which depict the gigantomachy, one sees the giant Klyteios with huge serpents in place of legs.

Boreas (Aquilon to the Romans) was the Greek god of the cold north wind, described by Pausanias as a winged man with serpents for legs.

The European dragon dates back to ancient depictions on various archaeological artifacts. An early instance in literature was the dragon that guarded the Golden Fleece in the Voyage of the Argonauts. In the Middle Ages, tales of dragons seem to have become even more common. The dragon in Europe, as a rule, was not conceived as having a humanoid form, and would not qualify as an instance of a reptilian humanoid unless explicitly described as humanoid.

In the middle ages down to modern times, the Devil was often conceived as a humanoid with reptilian characteristics, as were demons in general. The serpent from the Garden of Eden, associated by Christians with Satan, is often portrayed in Western art as a humanoid (woman) with a snake's tail, and sometimes lizard-like feet, as in a detail from Bosch's Last Judgement.

In India,
In Indian scriptures and legends the Naga (Devnagri) are reptilian beings said to live underground and interact with human beings on the surface. In some versions, these beings were said to have once lived on a continent in the Pacific Ocean that sank beneath the waves. Indian texts also refer to a reptilian race called the "Sarpa" (Devnagri). The Syrictæ (Greek : Skiritai, Latin: Sciritae) of India were a tribe of men with snake-like nostrils in place of noses and bandy serpentine legs.

In East Asia
The Chinese, Korean and Japanese speak throughout their history of Lóng (Yong in Korean, Ryu in Japanese) or dragons, conceived of in both physical and non-physical forms, but rarely depicted in humanoid form, though they may assume a non-reptilian human form. The Japanese have tales of Kappa, a basically reptilian humanoid.

In China, Korea and Japan, underwater realms where the Dragon Kings and their descendants live are referred to, as well as the lineage of humans from a race of dragons. This lineage was often claimed by Asian Emperors, who were believed to be able to change from human to dragon form at will, much like the modern concept of shape-shifting reptilians. It should be noted, however, that the dragon is seen as good rather than evil in Eastern tradition.

In the Middle East
reptilian beings ranging from certain Jinn to dragons and serpent-men have been spoken of since ancient times. In one of the apocryphal books purporting to be the lost Book of Jasher, a serpent race is described.

In Africa, the shamans claim to bear extensive esoteric knowledge of a race of reptilians called the Chitahuri, whom they say control the Earth. They also claim to have accounts of a reptilian race who created blacks and used them to work their gold mines, extremely similar to the accounts allegedly described in the Sumerian tablets.

The ancient Egyptian god Sobek was portrayed as a man with the head of a crocodile.

Even in modern Times,
some claim to have encountered reptilian humanoids. In many of these cases, a UFO is part of the encounter, alien abduction narratives sometimes allege contact with reptilian creatures.

Ashland, Nebraska police officer Herbert Schirmer on December 3, 1967 claims to have been taken aboard a UFO that appeared just outside of Ashland, where he encountered humanoid beings, 4 feet 6 inches to 5 feet tall, who wore close-fitting silvery gray uniforms, boots and gloves. Their heads were thin, and longer than a human head. The skin on their faces was grey-white, the nose flat, the mouth merely a slit which did not move, even when they spoke. Their eyes were slightly slanted. While not especially reptilian, the beings bore a "winged serpent" emblem on the left side of their chest. Schirmer alleged that the beings are from another galaxy, and have bases on earth.

Lizard men have allegedly been seen in India, Superstition Mountains (Arizona), "Dulce Base" (New Mexico), and Mount Shasta (California). In addition, lizardmen-human hybrids carrying staves have been spotted in India and Mount Shasta.

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