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The Apotheosis of Humanity: The Great Work & The Sacred Marriage

Here is my newest video discussing The Great Work of Alchemy using many pieces of classical Esoteric artwork.

I hope all of my fratres and sorores will enjoy this visual treat.

The Apotheosis of Humanity: Part 1

The Apotheosis of Humanity: Part 2

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The circumpunct is a symbol of the sun.  One AU is one astronomical unit, the distance from the earth to the sun.

AU is also the symbol for Gold.  The precessional cycle contains 9,360,000 days.  The distance of the sun is 93. 600,000 miles.  Precession is the crucible for the transformation of consciousness.

hello frater Mem thank u for making this video i enjoied it alot, verry informative for a Neophyte like me


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