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Interesting to see how all these languages have striking similarities. Just as in some Asian languages one would use a different style when talking to an elder or a loved one, I can imagine how some very similar tongues such as tamil, sanskrit, punjabi, could be used for different purposes or simply when speaking to certain persons. The phonetics of the languages are so similar, but perhaps the variance in writing was purposeful as well. Maybe to indicate that a certain text was intended for political, religious, or public usage. This is all my own speculation.

Let's discuss this.

I've wondered if there are connections between Hebrew/Aramaic and Vedic Sanskrit. Perhaps a secular difference of their intonation for chanting? I'm very certain these ancient cultures were aware of the physical nature of sound as well as its effects on the mind.

Because it's so easy to misinterpret one word for another, I like to remain open that perhaps we are somewhat incorrectly looking back on the sounds their letters make. According to the Sanskrit Wikipedia, there are some letters which may have lost their original sounds. This leads me to believe that Vedic Sanskrit is much different than the succeeding language and script.

NOT TO MENTION ALL THE WARS AND TUMULTUOUS TIMES BACK THEN. Perhaps languages were adopted and we have yet to find their errors in assimilating other cultures.

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