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Hebrew isn´t sacred :)

though It´s origin Aramaic is indeed sacred and magic

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This comment is hardly worth responding to and I have no particular interest in Hebrew as opposed to any other language, but I would humbly submit that a seeker cannot afford to view issues like this through such limitation.

So let us divide all things into 'sacred' and 'non-sacred'. That is a great way to increase separation, not heal it.

All language is sacred. It's our ability to use various fundamental principles to cause an effect both outwardly and inwardly.

That being said, it is my opinion that certain languages emphasize certain qualities or concepts. Alas I have little grounds for such an opinion but I attribute this idea to the way Spanish and Italian are 'romantic' languages. Some are more vague while some are more discrete.

Ancient Hebrew (22 consonants before vowels and vocalizations were added) is used in western esoteric traditions because the letters of the alphabet are ideograms, numbers and sounds. From the perspective of practice (whether meditation, prayer or magic) the better you are able to visualize the greater the effect. Aramaic has the same characteristics but since it was not used in the Judaic scriptures, it wasn't as well known. It would do nicely, also.

Ancient languages have special efficacy but I agree completely, all languages are sacred.

Great responses to this post.  I don't think I need to add too much here.  I would just suggest to the original poster that they focus on the functional and elemental use of Hebrew or whatever ancient language.  Its not a contest as maybe some with a religious bent might try to promote.  As stated above, the latter leads to the illusion of separation, which is the cause of pain and suffering in this realm.

Paul , my name is Matthew. do you believe it possible that there is a hidden language with specific sounds,symbols?shapes, and numerical attributes that is "self existent" so to speak? perhaps that has always existed but just has not been discovered or assembled in the proper order yet?

Perhaps the older proto-cannanite, hebrew and even aramaic ,and sanskrit could be later forms of an eternal language that has been lost but ready to be rediscovered?

if I may place my small input in terms of eternal language; body language,  in the midst of being rediscovered the way I believe it once was. if you were trying to speak of the language pre babble, I would say it is body language. if you had been speaking of say 1 language everybody understands perfectly as a primordial hive mind then telepathy would be in focus but we (most) are not only in the wrong density but also the atmosphere around us is not ready based on aura (vibration radiating from us at around 13hz and from earth at around 10hz) Delta mind is where I believe that is more feasible.

I digress however, and to keep this a as simple as possible, body language is understood by all to some degree and is being taken more seriously in todays age (studied/acknowledged).

Makes sense what you say. When you see someone, you read their stance, their posturing, your using sensory organs to take in data and cross reference it with the vocabulary of body postures. It scales up too reading someone's emotional stance, their posture of emotions, thoughts about their environment. You can observe their flow of feedback from their environment. As awareness and consciousness increase you start to see their stance their posture towards life and bigger concepts, as well as things that weigh on their subconscious.

It is weird that you mentioned the term "pre babble", because that is what I thought this forum might be discussing. While I am not specifically trying to induce religion necessarily, that fabulous record of times long past does make mention of a time when all people spoke one tongue before God scrambled things up a bit. Now I freely admit I do not know what that common language was, but I'd be making an educated guess that it is the same language used by Hermes Trismegistus in his time. Therefore, that might allude to its usefulness in esoteric and alchemical purposes. If anyone knows of any studies done in an effort to discover what this language was I would be interested.

I've seen that a few languages claim to be the language of God, or being the fundamental sounds of the universe. Sanskrit is supposedly based off of the natural sounds of the internal human body.This is particularly why I enjoy Sanskrit. However, I think what you're describing is something a bit more profound than just a language. Perhaps of a cosmic nature?

Math... Lol, like music theory math, along with all harmonies and overtones, octaves, etc. Interference patterns being like the words we consider.


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