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I'll start it off with American English. This language is an adapted and devolved form of English which hails from Europe. The language of Europe has its roots in the language of the Anglo Saxons known as 'Old English, Anglisc, Englisc, Anglo-Saxon'.

I'll leave this portion as is so another person who, either knows how to google and verify sources, or, wishes to share their speculation/educated guesses regarding the history and foreign relations of this language.

Please add info ASAP that regards any post. The ultimate goal is to understand the relationship each language shares with another! Even if it's about how a slang Californian term is derived from a Spanish word.

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I can read Biblical & Rabbinical Hebrew & Aramaic pretty fluently, and have more than a passing grasp of Modern Spoken (Israeli) Hebrew.

I can work my way through written Latin, & a large part of the Romantic languages descended from it. I can read Greek, but need a dictionary.


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